Chapter 4-8 : Making Fancy Clothes (part 1)


Three days after the magic department practical training ended, Mylia finally got permission from the school director to graduate early.

She no longer had to attend classes and she could graduate anytime she wanted. However, as long as she doesn’t graduate, she is free to attend classes anytime as a student.

(Now I have the freedom to go to class whenever I want and graduate when I feel like it~! Honestly, I kinda feel bad that everyone else has to struggle for four years before they can graduate while I can graduate whenever I want, but I need this freedom.)

Mylia was free to graduate anytime but she decided to stay as a student for a while because she promised the school director to reveal the secret of the school using the Daemon’s Map.

She was okay with that because all she needed was the freedom to skip classes whenever she wanted.

(I will definitely reveal the secret of this schoolー No, this Daemon’s Fort. Or else, all the trouble we had gone through to open the Daemon’s Map would be in vain. Besides, Aria-san seemed to be excited to explore the secrets rooms of this school.)

Not just Mylia, but Aria had also been given the same freedom by the school director. She could attend classes and graduate whenever she wanted.

She was part of Queen Kushana’s faction, and the queen asked her to support Mylia.

To be able to do that, she also had to get the same freedom as Mylia.

Thanks to her talent, she was able to impress the school director and get his permission.

By the way, the only first-year students who were able to damage the boulders at the magic practical training were Mylia and Aria. The other students barely managed to even scratch them.

That’s why no one complained when Aria got the school director’s permission to graduate early just like Mylia.

Of course, Leaf could have destroyed the boulders easily too if she didn’t choose to skip the class and sleep.

(Now that I don’t have to attend classes, I think I should start to make a plan.)

Mylia took out a notebook from her desk drawer and sat on her office chair in her room in the mansion she got from the queen.

(There’s still time before the queen’s Heraldic Officer reaches that muscle-brain’s mansion, but Chloe onee-chan and Aria-san are now doing their best, so I have to start preparing as soon as possible.)

Chloe was currently working on managing the documents and other administration-related things in order to build her dream company while still attending classes.

She got the funds to build her company from the queen who regularly sends support money. Of course, Mylia also financially supported her since she had a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Aria, who no longer needed to attend classes in the school, had started to look for architects and civil servants to work under Mylia because the Griffith Family had many connections.

In addition, Jasmine, who was engaged to the second son of the Darelias Family, Gilbert, had been hiring chefs to work in the Atwood Territory that would be governed by Mylia in the future.

The Darelias Family was one of the noble families that had the biggest culinary business in the kingdom. They had many talented chefs and fancy restaurants in their territory.

When Mylia learned that fact, she became fond of the Darelias Family.

She thought that she would be able to step closer to her dream yakiniku party if there were talented chefs working for her.

By the way, Jasmine had started to learn to cook under a professional chef.

All she did was knitting when she still had poor eyesight, but now that her eyes had been fixed, she thought of doing various things, and cooking was one of them.

Gilbert, her fiancé, fully supported what she did. It seemed that Jasmine and Gilbert had been getting along with each other.

They planned to build a mansion in the Atwood Territory and live there together when Mylia became its landlord.

(Mmmhh~! This is gonna be fun!)

Mylia was excited. She imagined herself working together with Aria and her two kind sisters to develop the Atwood Territory.

The Atwood Territory had been poorly governed by the current lord, Aaron de la Atwood. Mylia promised herself to make it prosperous and turned it into a territory where its people will never starve.

(Alright. Let’s see if there’s something I can do for now…)

Mylia opened the notebook and read the to-do list she wrote the other day during math class.

・Find a way to increase meat consumption in the Atwood Territory
(Hmm… I do think meat is important but since I’m not the landlord yet, there’s nothing I can do about it for now.)

・Develop cooking methods and increase the types of seasonings.
(Jasmine onee-sama is still recruiting professional chefs, so I don’t think we can start with this now.)

・Help Chloe onee-chan realize her project.
(Chloe onee-chan is currently busy…)

・Make fancy clothes.

After reading for a while, Mylia’s eyes stopped at the fourth point which was “Make fancy clothes.”

(This reminds me… I haven’t visited the boutiques that were bothered by Robin a while ago.)

Mylia had paid off all the bills for the goods that Robin ‘stole’ from various shops in the royal capital except for two bills from two different boutiques.

It was a strategy to punish the Atwood Family.

In the agreement letter, if Mylia refused to pay for some bills, the Darelias Family and the Atwood Family had to pay for them.

The total bill from those two boutiques was sixty gold coins, which means the Darelias Family and the Atwood Family had to pay thirty gold coins each.

Because the Darelias Family was also a victim of Robin, Mylia covered the bill for them, but not for the Atwood Family. They had to pay thirty gold coins within ten years as punishment.
(chapter 3-23)

(Alright, I think I’ll go to one of the boutiques today. But before I’m going, I think I will make some clothes designs.)

The boutiques accept custom made-to-order. The reason why Mylia chose their bills was so that she could visit them herself and order custom-made clothes.

(I want the village in the Atwood Territory to be a fashionable place. For that reason, I want people to wear fancy clothes.)

When she was still in high school in her previous life, she didn’t have any fancy clothes because she didn’t have the money to buy them. Even so, Mylia had an interest in fashion. She sometimes read fashion magazines in her school library or in convenience stores.

(Alright. It’s time to use my memory from my previous life!)

Mylia opened the drawer on her desk, took a blank notebook, and started to draw some clothes designs while trying as hard as she could to recall the contents of the fashion magazines she read in her previous life.

(Some fancy kimonos and yukatas are a must. They will definitely look good on Chloe onee-chan and Jasmine onee-sama. As for Aria-san and Leaf, cute sailor uniforms and magical girl-like clothes will surely look good on them. We also need some cute dresses, skirts, and shoes~)

Mylia kept drawing while eating and drinking the cookies and tea that a maid prepared for her.

A few hours later, Mylia flipped through the pages where she drew the designs and nodded in satisfaction.

She thought that the drawings came out quite well.

After she was satisfied with her work, she put the notebook into her magic bag and left her room.

「Lady Mylia, are you going outside?」(maid)

The maid who brought Mylia tea and cookies, saw her coming out of her room and asked.

「Yes. I’m going to a boutique.」(Mylia)

「Shall we prepare a carriage for you?」(maid)

「No, it’s okay. I will just use Teleportation Magic.」(Mylia)

The maid smiled as if saying, “As expected from a Dragon Slayer!”

「Understood. Please be careful.」(maid)

「Un! I’ll be back soon~」(Mylia)

Mylia waved at the maid and came out of the mansion.



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