Chapter 4-4 : I’m So Confused!



「……….」(Cardinal Copel)

Mylia and Cardinal Copel fell silent after watching the footage. They were having a hard time understanding the situation they saw in the footage.

(What is going on!? There are a lot of people gathering and there’s a meteor-like object falling from the sky!? There’s too much information without any explanation…)

Wondering if the Future Sight function of the Sage’s Crystal worked properly, Mylia glanced at Cardinal Copel who was looking up at the statue of Goddess Celis, trying to digest the information he got from the footage.

「Baron Mylia, do you know the man who threw the stone in his hand?」(Cardinal Copel)

「Yes. He’s my former father, Aaron de la Atwood…」(Mylia)

Mylia didn’t want to call Aaron “father” anymore, so she added the word “former”.

「I see… I have a feeling that the huge object falling from the sky has something to do with the stone he threw.」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel put his fingers on his chin and thought for a while before turning his gaze to Mylia.

「The Atwood Territory is the most remote land in this kingdom, but… Baron Mylia, I heard that you will become the lord of that territory in the near future. Is that true?」(Cardinal Copel)

「Yes. The queen ordered me to govern it.」(Mylia)

「As I thought. Actually, I heard about it from the nobles. It seems that it has become a hot topic in aristocratic society. As an important member of the Church of Celis, I think that it would be great if we could renovate the church in the Atwood Territory or add a new one.」(Cardinal Copel)

「Eh? Hold on… It has become a hot topic? But why?」(Mylia)

Mylia didn’t expect that the rumor of her becoming the lord of the Atwood Territory would become a hot topic among the nobles.

She thought that nobody cares about the remote region like the Atwood Territory, so she thought that her becoming its governor was not a big deal.

「Baron Mylia, you are a Dragon Slayer. Everyone thinks that if a Dragon Slayer governs a territory, that territory will develop much faster than other territories. After all, everything can be done with magic. You can exterminate nearby monsters and develop the land in no time. That’s why everyone is talking about it. They’re expecting that the Atwood Territory will become a highly-developed region in the future.」(Cardinal Copel)

「I see…」(Mylia)

Understanding the reason, Mylia nodded, but she felt a lot of pressure at the same time because she still wasn’t sure if she would be able to govern a territory well.

「I’m guessing that the people we saw in the footage are immigrants.」(Cardinal Copel)

「Immigrants…? So they come from other places to live in the Atwood Territory?」(Mylia)

「Exactly.」(Cardinal Copel)

「It’s hard to believe that there are people who want to live in that rural area, but you may be right.」(Mylia)

「The Future Sight of the Sage’s Crystal is absolute. What we saw in the footage will definitely occur in the future. That long line of people. And of course, the object falling from the sky too.」(Cardinal Copel)

「The meteor…」(Mylia)

「Yes, the meteor…」(Cardinal Copel)

Thinking that something bad would definitely happen, Cardinal Copel couldn’t help but frown.

「The bad omen that appeared in the priestesses’ dreams is probably that meteor. Therefore, we, the Church of Celis, will fully cooperate with you in developing your territory.」(Cardinal Copel)

Mylia tilted her head. She didn’t understand why Cardinal Copel wanted to help her develop the Atwood Territory after learning that a meteor would fall into that area.

She stared at Cardinal Copel but his face looked serious.

「I’m grateful that you want to help me but… You know that a meteor will fall into that place, right? Are you sure about it?」(Mylia)

「Baron Mylia, it seems like you have the wrong idea.」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel slowly shook his head and looked up at the statue of Goddess Celis.

「The future doesn’t stop at the point where the footage stopped. We believe that the future exists only after we overcome difficulties. Facing troubles and hoping for peace and development for mankind is the Church of Celis’ creed. That’s why we want to help you.」(Cardinal Copel)

「I… see.」(Mylia)

Cardinal Copel explained in a solemn tone but Mylia didn’t fully understand what he said.

(We can think about developing the territory later. Now that we know something bad will happen in the Atwood Territory, maybe it’s better to tell people not to come to that place.)

It might be strange to tell people not to come to the Atwood Territory all of a sudden but Mylia thought that there was no other choice.

(Also, I can create a magical barrier to defend the area against massive damage in case a meteor does fall.)

Mylia was curious about the meteor but she was also curious about her former father, Aaron. However, she didn’t want to get involved with that person too much.

Believing that Cardinal Copel would do something about him, Mylia looked up at the statue of Goddess Celis as well.




After praying together in front of the statue of Goddess Celis, Mylia and Cardinal Copel moved to another room and had tea together.

「Say, Baron Mylia, I’m sorry to ask you this all of a sudden but do you already have a fiance? If you still don’t have a fiance, I would like to recommend my grandson. He likes to eat oubri just like you, so I think you might like him.」(Cardinal Copel)

(Oh, no. I hate this kind of conversation… Should I use ‘it’…? I don’t want to use ‘it’ but…)

「Umm… I’m sorry, but… I just got proposed to by Chris-sanー I mean, Chris-sama from the Griffith Family, so…」(Mylia)

「Ah, I see, I see. That’s too bad. I don’t think my grandson can compete against that good-looking and talented man, hahaha!」(Cardinal Copel)

(Ugh… I didn’t expect I would use this ‘trump card’ this soon… I really didn’t want to use it but I guess I had no choice…)

Mylia couldn’t help but feel as if she was dancing on that black-hearted man’s palm.

(I wanna go home…)

Mylia didn’t feel bad that Cardinal Copel liked her but he talked too much.

It had been almost thirty minutes since he started talking.

He mostly talked about his grandson and the church.

It wasn’t that listening to him was boring. Cardinal Copel was good at speaking. However, he reminded Mylia of the fire extinguishers and futons sellers who tried their hardest to sell their products to her in her previous life, and it made her feel uncomfortable.

「Umm, Cardinal, I think it’s about time for me to go home…」(Mylia)

「Ah, I’m sorry for holding you here. Baron Mylia, once again, thank you for coming and thank you for activating the Sage’s Crystal.」(Cardinal Copel)

「No problem. You can contact the academy if you need me. Well thenー」(Mylia)

Mylia stood up and bowed to Cardinal Copel but then the cardinal stopped her.

「Ah, hold on, Baron Mylia. As the reward for activating the Sage’s Crystal, I would like you to have my other grandchild to work for you.」(Cardinal Copel)

「Eh? But…」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry. She’s a girl. You can ask her anything to help you.」(Cardinal Copel)

「I see, but it’s okay. I don’t need a helper.」(Mylia)

「But, Baron Mylia, you don’t know much about the Celis religion, right? I’m sure you will be in trouble sooner or later with the gatherings and customs in the aristocratic society in this kingdom. You are a baron, so I think you are supposed to have at least an attendant who can always help you.」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel smiled gently and continued talking.

「My granddaughter is a bit strange but she is an excellent person. I’m sure she will be useful. I would like you to meet her. Of course, you can refuse if you don’t like her. What do you think?」(Cardinal Copel)

「Umm… Alright then.」(Mylia)

「Thank you. Well then, let me guide you to the exit. Please follow me.」(Cardinal Copel)

After the conversation was over, both of them left the room and went to the exit.

Mylia then parted with the cardinal and walked home.



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  1. Huh for once it would seem that Japanese author didn’t make the church to be some corrupt racist organizations and I understand it’s still a little too early to say for certain but I would say that’s a hopeful start and as a religious person myself I’m happy with this development. But we’ll see how it goes from here and I hope this author branches away from the usual church stereotype.

    1. I am also religious, so I also like this depiction of a church as sane and tolerant. Honestly though, i do not mind it in other novels if there is a corrupt religion in a particular novel since I think it is important to remember that there is always people that will want to impose their religion on others and take away the right to hold your own beliefs or lack there of. Or just take away your rights in general.

      The good depictions of religion in fiction i use to remind myself of the good religion can do to motivate charity and compassion. But the bad depictions i use to remind myself of the fundamentalist factions of religion that we must do our best to resist and not let them create a theocratic cesspit in the unfortunate event that a fundamentalist comes to power in a country.

      Such a reminder is especially important to me since I live in America and well… I am pretty sure everyone and their mother by now knows that we have a bit of a fundamentalist pest problem in our government.

      Anyways, sorry for rambling.

    2. Well to began with, there aren’t many races that have made their appear in the story, we only have Elves and Driads and they are all have human apperance (and rarely interact with human society too), we haven’t encounter any beast man or other races yet so I’m not so sure this image will remain, but still hope the church is fair. I’m too bored of corrupted churches in fantasy.

  2. I can’t wait for another chapters. Btw, I don’t like this priest guy! He being pushy with his grandson to mylia! fiancee that, fiancee this! Don’t touch our innocent mylia or use her for your own benefits!!!!! Ugh!

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