Chapter 4-3 : Future Foreseeing (part 2)


「Here I go!」(Mylia)

Mylia touched the Sage’s Crystal and started injecting her magical power into it.

(This crystal is not only used to predict the future but it can also be used as a tool to measure someone’s magical power. If they have strong magical power, this crystal will glow. Now I wonder if she really is a strong magician who was able to defeat elder dragons…)(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel secretly intended to confirm whether Mylia was genuinely a Dragon Slayer or not because he still half doubted it.

He thought that even if Mylia couldn’t activate the crystal to see the future, he could at least learn if Mylia would be able to become a promising magician in the future.

As an important member of the Church of Celis, Cardinal Copel would like to earn relationships with talented magicians, especially Dragon Slayers.

The Sage’s Crystal was the perfect item to decide whether or not to give Mylia preferential treatment and earn her trust.

Of course, if Mylia could activate the crystal to see the future, it would be much better. She would become a very important guest for the Church of Celis for sure.

(The last person who was able to make this crystal glow was Dalia-dono. Will Baron Mylia be able to do it as well…?)(Cardinal Copel)

While remembering the face of Dalia de la Germell, the leader of the royal magicians, Cardinal Copel stared at Mylia’s profile.

The person herself didn’t realize Cardinal Copel’s secret intention. She was concentrating on injecting her magical power into the Sage’s Crystal while groaning.


(Somehow I can feel that this crystal is sucking a lot of my magical power at rapid speed…)

Mylia wasn’t expecting that the crystal would take so much of her magical power. She started to squeeze her stomach and frowned.

「Baron Mylia, are you okay…?」(Cardinal Copel)


Cardinal Copel worriedly looked at Mylia’s frowning face, but Mylia couldn’t reply at the moment.

(Khh! I feel like I’m barely making any progress… Alright, I’ll try to go with all my might at once!)

Starting to get tired, Mylia circulated an enormous amount of her magical power and transferred it into her hands which were touching the crystal, trying to inject it into the crystal at once.


The amount of magical power worth ten of Mylia’s most powerful explosion spell was absorbed into the Sage’s Crystal.

(…Oh? Somehow I can feel that this crystal is full now.)

Mylia let go of the crystal and turned to the Cardinal.

「Umm, it seems that I can’t inject any more magical power.」(Mylia)

「I see… It’s too bad that you can’t activate it…」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel dropped his shoulders, looking disappointed.

「But I put my magical power to the limit.」(Mylia)

「Yes, I understand. You have tried your absolute best. Please don’t be discouraged.」(Cardinal Copel)

「No, no. You don’t understand. It’s not my limit I’m talking about. It’s this crystal’s limit. It’s full and I can’t inject any more magical power.」(Mylia)

「…Hold on… So, you say that… This crystal can’t hold any more of your magical power…?」(Cardinal Copel)

「That’s what I was trying to tell you.」(Mylia)

「No way… It’s… full…?」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel looked at Mylia and the Sage’s Crystal alternately with a face of disbelief.

「Umm… Doesn’t it have to be full to activate?」(Mylia)

「No, it doesn’t have to be full. You just have to inject enough magical power to activate the Future Sight ability of this crystal… Why doesn’t it activate even though it’s full? It doesn’t even shine… This is weird…」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel pushed up the round glasses on his face with his finger and brought his face closer to the Sage’s Crystal.

(Hmm… Did I make some kind of mistake?)

Mylia brought her face closer to the crystal as well, wondering what was wrong.

「Hmm… Baron Mylia, did you reallyー」(Cardinal Copel)

Suddenly, a dazzling light emitted from the crystal like an explosion and hit the Cardinal’s face.

Cardinal Copel then quickly leaned back as if he was shot by an arrow, he then crouched down and put both hands over his round glasses.

「OOOOHH!! Goddess Celis, please show us your mercy!!」(Cardinal Copel)

「My eyes! My eeeyes!!」(Mylia)

Mylia, who was staring at the crystal with him, was also hit by the light.

(Gaaahh! My eyes are burning!!)

Mylia dropped to the floor and writhed like a worm while covering her eyes with her hands for a moment. She then immediately healed herself.

(Heal!! …Alright, I can open my eyes now. I need to heal Cardinal’s eyes too!)

After healing both of her eyes, Mylia quickly got up, put her hands on the Cardinal’s face and activated healing magic.

「Ohh, Goddess Celis, if this is our punishment, we will accept it but please forgive us! Goddess Celis! …Hm?」(Cardinal Copel)

Realizing that his eyes didn’t hurt anymore, Cardinal Copel stopped writhing and slowly opened his eyes.

「Cardinal, are you okay?」(Mylia)

「Baron Mylia, did you just heal me? Thank you very much…」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel thanked Mylia and smiled. He was happy that he learned that Mylia was genuinely a powerful Dragon Slayer.

He didn’t expect that the Sage’s Crystal would shine so brightly that it burned his eyes.

Right after the Cardinal thanked Mylia, the light began to dim and black-and-white images were reflected on the air from the Sage’s Crystal like a silent movie.

「There seems to be a delay but the Future Sight function has been activated. Baron Mylia, you’re truly a magician who will leave your name in history…!」(Cardinal Copel)

「Hehe, is that so?」(Mylia)

「Yes, you are amazing! Thank you! Thank you for activating the Sage’s Crystal!」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel looked so excited.

Mylia didn’t feel bad at all to be complimented but she was more concerned about the footage reflected on the air because she was shown on the footage.

(Onee-chan and I are in a lavender field… We look somewhat troubled… Is this the Atwood Territory? I wonder what we are doing there…)

The black-and-white footage showed Mylia and Chloe in their casual clothes standing in the familiar lavender fields with a long line of people behind them.

(What is happening? Why are those people lining up as if they want to buy lucky bags in the New Year season?)

*/TL : Lucky Bags (福袋/Fukubukuro) is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount (usually 50% off or more) to attract customers to shop at their stores during the new year.

「Baron Mylia, it’s you and your sister, Baronet Chloe, right? Do you recognize this place?」(Cardinal Copel)

「I think this is the Atwood Territory, but I don’t know why people are lining up like that.」(Mylia)

「It’s natural that you don’t know. It’s happening in the future after all. Let’s see what will happen.」(Cardinal Copel)

Mylia and Cardinal Copel kept watching the footage.

After showing Mylia, Chloe, and the long line of people for a while, the footage showed the lord of the Atwood Family, Aaron.

Aaron, who looked more like the boss of a bandit group than a landlord, yelled something and threw the stone in his hand.

After that, a large magic circle appeared, covering the sky, and then an object that looked like a meteorite came out of it and fell down.

The size of the object couldn’t be judged from the footage but seeing Aaron run away in panic, it seemed that the object was quite large.

Mylia and Cardinal Copel still didn’t understand what was happening but unfortunately, the footage stopped there.



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  1. Awwww, no meeting with the Goddess Celis. Worse still, that future footage of Aaron still being the landlord of the Atwood territory definitely implies that something either will happen or has already happened to the heraldic officer that was supposed to remove his title. Not good…

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