Chapter 4-35 : My Sister Is Not Suited To Be A Messenger (part 3)


Mylia hasn’t been to Baron Hansen’s mansion before, so she can’t teleport there. She had to go there manually.

As soon as she landed in front of the gate, she was greeted by the young guard standing by the gate. He was surprised to see a young girl descend from the sky all of a sudden.

「W, Whoa… Miss, are you a witch?」(guard)

「Yeah. I’m Baron Mylia de la Atwood. I came for my sister, Baronet Chloe de la Atwood, who came yesterday.」(Mylia)

「So you’re Lady Chloe’s sister, Baron Mylia.」(guard)

「Yes. Can you please let me in? My sister needs me.」(Mylia)

「I’m sorry, but can you prove that you are really Baron Mylia, the rumored Dragon Slayer?」(guard)


Mylia just realized that she was wearing her simple dress pajamas because she was in a hurry. She left her Dragon Slayer emblems in her room.

「Umm… Please wait a minute.」(Mylia)

To prove herself, Mylia took out her noble certificate with the queen’s signature from her magic bag and then handed it to the guard.

「Is it enough to prove myself?」(Mylia)


The guard read the certificate and looked at Mylia with suspicion.

The certificate should be enough to prove Mylia was a baron, but the guard still couldn’t believe it mostly because the image of the little girl with a simple dress in front of him didn’t match with the famous young baron and the rumored Dragon Slayer people know.

「Hold on a second.」(guard)

After looking at Mylia and the certificate alternately, the guard called a butler, showed the certificate to him, and checked it together.

Seeing the two men looking at her with doubtful gazes, Mylia became impatient.

「Excuse me! I’m in a hurry!」(Mylia)

「Please wait a moment. We can’t let unknown people get inside the mansion.」(guard)

「Ugh… Will you believe me if I prove that I’m the strong, rumored young Dragon Slayer?」(Mylia)

「Well… yeah. Probably. But how are you gonna do that?」(guard)


Mylia stretched her arm up and started concentrating her magical power on her palm while the guard and the butler were looking at her with puzzled faces, wondering what she was going to do.

(Perhaps they will believe I’m the rumored Dragon Slayer if I show them one of my strongest spells… Here we go! Explosion!!)

Mylia released her spell into the sky and then it exploded about five hundred meters above the town.


The dazzling flash of light coming from the explosion turned the surroundings into a pure white world for a split second as the ear-tearing explosive sound echoed throughout the town.

「Holy mother!!」(guard)


The guard and the butler flinched and screamed at the sudden explosion in the air.

Not only them, but the other townspeople were surprised too. Some of them got out of their houses and looked at the sky to check what just happened.

The people in the mansion including Chloe, Baron Hansen, and the two sons, were shocked as well.

Mylia turned her gaze to the guard and the butler who were still shaken by the shock.

「Do you believe that I’m the rumored Dragon Slayer now? I killed dragons with this powerful spell.」(Mylia)

The two immediately replied to Mylia by awkwardly nodding their heads.

「Great. I’ll go inside then. I’m sorry to startle you.」(Mylia)

Leaving the guard and the butler shaking by the gate, Mylia used Gravity Magic to fly toward the second-floor window that was connected to the room where Chloe was.


「Eh? Mylia!?」(Chloe)

Seeing her little sister floating in the air outside, Chloe hurriedly opened the window, allowing Mylia to get inside.

Chloe looked so happy to see her little sister as if her savior had arrived to save her. She hugged Mylia as soon as she got inside, and Mylia hugged her back.

「Onee-chan, I’m so worried!」(Mylia)

「I’m sorry, Mylia. I knew you were here the moment I heard the explosion.」(Chloe)

「Ahaha… Did I startle you? The guard didn’t let me in, so…」(Mylia)

「Eh!? You didn’t hurt him, did you?」(Chloe)

Chloe let go of Mylia and looked her in the eye.

「Of course not.」(Mylia)

「I see. Anyway, I’m sorry I couldn’t go home. These men are stalling me off.」(Chloe)

Mylia turned her gaze to Baron Hansen and his sons and squinted.

They seemed to stop arguing with each other the moment they heard the explosion.

Mylia stepped forward and faced the men.

「So you’re Baron Hansen… I’m Baron Mylia de la Atwood, the new lord of the Atwood Territory.」(Mylia)

She half-assedly greeted the three by just nodding her head once as she introduced herself. She thought she didn’t need to properly bow like a noble lady normally should do to the likes of them.

「So you’re the rumored little girl, huh?」(Baron Hansen)

「I still can’t believe the Atwood Territory’s new lord is a little girl like her.」(first son)

「Yeah, it’s hard to believe…」(second son)

Mylia was twelve years old, but she looked younger than her age, so it was understandable that they didn’t believe it right away.

「Gentlemen, this is my little sister, Mylia… Mylia, this fatー Ahem! …This man is Baron Hansen, and these two younger men are his first and second son.」(Chloe)

「It’s nice to meet you, Lady Mylia. I welcome you to my territory.」(Baron Hansen)

Baron Hansen bowed to Mylia and smirked.

「She is more beautiful than me, but, gentlemen, I warn you not to ask my precious little sister to marry you because she already has a fiancé.」(Chloe)

Chloe didn’t want the three pigs in front of her fighting over Mylia, so she warned them with an intimidating face.

The three men looked at each other for a moment and then turned their faces toward Mylia.

「More beautiful than Lady Chloe, huh? Hmm…」(Baron Hansen)

As Baron Hansen said that, he and his sons slightly lowered their gazes to Mylia’s chest and sighed for some reason.

(H, Huuhh!? What’s with those sighs!? Why did they let out a sigh the moment they looked at my chest!? I don’t know why but they really pissed me off! Should I destroy them along with this entire mansion with my Explosion!?)

Mylia’s right hand tingled as the desire to shoot another Explosion spell at the three fat men in front of her started to fill her chest.



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  1. Uh oh these 3 Ugly Ba**ard hentai protags have committed a grave sin against Loli’s and that sin is that you NEVER and I mean NEVER look at a Loli’s chest and express disappointment! Now they’ll have to be burned at the stake for their crimes against all things cute and wholesome!

    1. I didn’t know what Crucio was before I just looked it up. Now that I know, I can confidently say “Hell no!!” That spell is an Unforgivable Curse for a damn good reason, and it doesn’t take a vivid imagination like Mylia’s to understand why.

      Plus, the story has made it extremely clear that Mylia’s magic is purely for her survival and combat purposes and only when it’s absolutely necessary (Thanks Titania!). It’s bad enough that she had to shoot a second sun into the sky for a second just to prove her name. If Mylia were to make a habit of casting hexes on people, that would induce fear among the nobility which would ruin her chances at her dream yakiniku party. She is not the law; that’s Queen Kushana’s job.

  2. Welp! Mylia has some VERY thorough explaining to do for Her Majesty after causing that nuclear racket! Still, I’d rather have to explain that than the Hensens’ disappointment at the cause of said explosion over her body shape.

    Like seriously, this girl JUST showed off other literal assets for these pervs to be impressed with; yet they couldn’t be bothered to respect that. I swear: brains are wasted on some people because their nethers do all the thinking for them…

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