Chapter 4-32 : Protest Campaign In Griffon Village (part 2)


All the attention gathered on Mylia as soon as the village chief, Popo, introduced her.

Seeing all the people in the village square looking at her, she had no choice but to stand in front of the group of protesters who were opposing the relocation.

「Oi, oi. Is this some kind of a joke?」
「This little girl is the new feudal lord?」
「No way… She’s even younger than my daughter.」(protesters)

They were whispering to each other, doubting that the little girl who was standing in front of them was the new feudal lord.

(Ugh, I knew it! Village Chief-san, you see? I told you they won’t believe it! Hahh… Anyway, I think I should introduce myself first…)

「G, Good day, everyone… I’m Baron Mylia de la Atwood. I’ve been appointed as the new feudal lord in the Atwood Territory by Her Majesty Queen Kushana. Umm…」(Mylia)

(Uhh… I wonder what I should do after introducing myself… Should I persuade them to accept the relocation? But…)

When Mylia was thinking about how to start her speech, a dandy-looking middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader of the protesters stood up and greeted Mylia with a bow.

「Lady Mylia, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to our village. My name is Boul.」(Boul)

「I, It’s nice to meet you too, sir.」(Mylia)

「Lady Mylia, as you might have noticed. We are against your idea to relocate this village. We don’t want to abandon our houses we had worked so hard to build.」(Boul)

「I understand, but… It’s for your own good. Baron Hansen will eventually find you if you stay here, but you will have my protection if you move to my village.」(Mylia)

「Please forgive me, but I don’t think we need your protection. We can protect ourselves.」(Boul)


(Ugh… He looks so stubborn. How can I persuade him…?)

While Mylia was thinking about what to say, the village chief stepped forward and glared at Boul.

「Boul, you don’t want her protection because you still don’t know her greatness. Don’t you see the two Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest?」(Popo)


Boul opened his eyes wide when he finally noticed the emblems on Mylia’s chest.

「Y, you are a Dragon Slayer…? Moreover, you have killed two dragons…?」(Boul)

「Yeah, I did. And I did it by myself.」(Mylia)


「Boul, we don’t know when Baron Hansen’s army will attack our village. Moreover, the Demon Forest is not far from here. The griffons in this village may be strong, but if monsters stronger than them appear they won’t be able to protect us. It’s much safer to live under Lady Mylia’s protection.」(Popo)

「That’s true, but…」(Boul)

「Boul-san, I heard that you are a peddler. I’m planning to build many stores in my town. I can promise you a financially good life if you move to my town.」(Mylia)

「Safety… and a guaranteed good life, huh…?」(Boul)

Boul folded his arms and started thinking.

He then turned his face to the other protesters.

「What do you guys think?」(Boul)

「That’s tempting, but…」
「I have a lot of memories with my house and I don’t want to leave.」
「Me neither, but what she said was true. It’s not safe here.」(protesters)

Listening to what they said, Popo clapped his hands once as if he just remembered something.

「That’s right! Why didn’t I tell them that earlier?」(Popo)

「Popo-san, what’s wrong?」(Boul)

「You don’t want to abandon your houses, right? What if Lady Mylia can transport your houses to the new place?」(Popo)

「What? Is that even possible?」(Boul)

「With magic, of course. She is an amazing witch after all.」(Popo)


Boul turned to Mylia and looked at her with a puzzled face.

「Yes, I can do it. You don’t have to build your house from scratch again.」(Mylia)

「Hey, is she serious?」
「She defeated two dragons, so transporting a house with magic might be a piece of cake for her.」
「If she really can do it, then I have no complaints.」
「Me neither.」(protesters)

Listening to the protesters, Mylia and the village chief smiled. They were glad that the protesters started to change their minds.

Meanwhile, Boul put his thumb and index finger on his chin and thought for a moment.

「Hmm… Lady Mylia, you may be good at using magic, but do you have any idea how much effort and time it will take to relocate this village?」(Boul)

「Effort and time…?」(Mylia)

Mylia was planning to use her magic bag to move all the houses and facilities in this village, so it wouldn’t take much effort and time.

「It seems like you don’t understand what I mean.」(Boul)

Boul seemed to have the wrong idea as to why Mylia was confused.

He sighed and spread his arms.

「There are more than twenty houses, dozens of fields, ten griffon nests, hundreds of trees with beehives which were the food source for the griffons, and many other things in this village we can’t abandon. Although you can move the entire village with magic to the new place on the other side of the Atwood Territory, I think it will take at least oneー No, two years to complete.」(Boul)

「Now that he mentions it…」
「Even though she’s good at magic, moving this entire village won’t be easy.」
「Yeah. I doubt royal magicians can even do that.」
「Two years, huh? It’s quite a long time…」(protesters)

Hearing the protesters whispering to each other, Mylia shyly raised her hand to gather their attention and denied Boul’s guess.

「Umm, everyone, don’t worry. It won’t take years. I can do it in one day.」(Mylia)

「O, One day!?」
「Is she kidding?」
「She looks serious though.」
「There’s no way a human can do that in a day.」
「Right. Unless… She is a monster…」(protesters)

(Umm, guys? Is it just me or someone just called me a monster? Geez… How dare they call a cute little girl a monster?)

「La, Lady Mylia, you must be joking, right?」(Boul)

Seeing Boul’s doubting face again, Mylia pouted.

「I’m not!」(Mylia)

(These people… Alright, that’s enough. I’m not planning to relocate the village today, but who cares? I’m gonna show them how it’s done!)



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  1. Well darn that was anticlimactic….. It didn’t take them long to be convinced of moving! I was hoping for Mylia to win them back with her Cuteness…. >_> I WANT MY HOPE AND DREAMS BACK!!!!🥺

    1. She might win with her cuteness, but they kinda pissed her off which is very difficult to do but these idots did good thing chloe didn’t come lol

    2. I don’t know what you expected but this conflict was forced in the first place. To think the mayor conveniently forgot Mylia shocking them by storing their houses away with magic when it’s the perfect answer to the opposing group’s primary reason for not wanting to leave. I could understand if they didn’t believe him but this whole half of the chapter could’ve been skipped if they just asked her to demonstrate her powers…

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