Chapter 4-32 : Protest Campaign In Griffon Village (part 1)


In the Southeastern part of the new Atwood Territory, there was a hidden village where griffons and humans were living together. Mylia named it Griffon Village.

Most of the villagers there were people who were hiding from Baron Hansen because they couldn’t stand that evil lord.

Mylia promised to provide them with a safe place to live when she became the lord of the Atwood Territory.

Therefore, Mylia planned to go there to tell the village chief.

After having lunch with Chloe and the villagers in the village square, she teleported to Griffon Village. To be exact, to the sky about a hundred meters above Griffon Village.

When she was about to descend, she realized something was off.

(Hmm…? Why are people gathering there…? I wonder what is happening…)

While slowly descending, she noticed that people were gathering in the village square, so she decided to land at the edge of the square.

When she landed, she saw about twenty people shouting while raising their arms in the center of the village square. They looked somewhat dissatisfied for some reason.

「We don’t want to leave!」
「No matter what you say, we will stay here!」
「We’ll never abandon this place!」(villagers)

Mylia wasn’t sure what was happening but she could tell that they were against the idea of leaving that village.

(Ugh… The last time I was here, the villagers seemed to be friendly to me. I was thinking of moving them to a safer place, but I never thought there would be some of them who were against it…)

The people who fled from Baron Hansen built this village to hide. It wasn’t easy for them to build it. First of all, they had to get rid of the monsters around the area, and then gather the food and materials, and build the houses little by little for months.

They went through an awful lot of trouble to build this village, and naturally, they got attached to this village as they lived there for many years.

Therefore, it wasn’t weird if some of the villagers didn’t want to leave.

They kept shouting, trying as best as they could to cancel the plan to move to another place.

In front of those people, the village chief, Popo, and some young people were trying to calm them down with troubled faces.

「Everyone, please calm down! I understand if you don’t want to leave, but please calm down first and we can talk about it.」(Popo)

Mylia was hesitant at first, but after she saw the troubled face of the village chief, she decided to walk slowly to the center of the village square.

The village chief then noticed Mylia’s presence and immediately ran toward her.

「Lady Mylia, thank you for coming! You come at the perfect moment. Please help me calm these people down.」(Popo)

The village chief bowed his head at Mylia once and then asked Mylia with an apologetic face while scratching his cheek with his index finger.

「Alright. But, first, can you tell me what is going on here?」(Mylia)

「As you can see. Some people don’t want to leave this place. Those people were the ones who were directly involved in the development of this village many years ago. You can say that they were the most enthusiastic in building this village. Most of them are peddlers and they always support this village financially. They were selling their products in other towns when you came to this village for the first time, so they didn’t know about you and about the moving plan.」(Popo)

「I see… Seems like I made the decision a little too hastily…」(Mylia)

「I think they will be delighted if they are able to work as merchants in your new territory. However, they put a lot of effort into building this village years ago, so they can’t accept it emotionally that we’re going to abandon this place.」(Popo)

「I can understand their feelings, but… I still think you should move to a safer place.」(Mylia)

「I totally agree. Some young villagers and I were trying to convince them, but they were too stubborn. Lady Mylia, since you came here, I reckon that you’ve become a feudal lord. Am I right?」(Popo)

「Yup. I came here to tell you that.」(Mylia)

「That’s wonderful! Congratulations! Now, as the lord of the new place they would live in, could you persuade them?」(Popo)


(Ugh… I knew he would leave such a troublesome job to me…)

Mylia crossed her arms, puffed out her cheeks, and started thinking.

(What should I do? Should I postpone the move? Aa-ahh, I should have brought Onee-chan along. She would know what to do… ーNo, no. I shouldn’t depend on her too much… Alright, as the lord of this territory, I guess I’ll try to handle it myself first. But…)

「I’ll try, but… I doubt they will accept the fact that their new lord is a little girl like me.」(Mylia)

「Ahh… I may sound rude but certainly, no one would believe that a girl like you is a feudal lord. But, Lady Mylia, I didn’t believe that you were a baron and a Dragon Slayer either the first time we met until I learned more about you. By all means, I think you should talk to them first. They might change their minds.」(Popo)

The village chief looked so confident that the problem would be solved if he left everything to Mylia.

Seeing the village chief’s expression, Mylia could only smile bitterly at him.

「Are you sure everything won’t get worse if I show up?」(Mylia)

「Of course not. You may look like a little girl, but I know how great you are.」(Popo)

「Umm… Alright then. I trust you.」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Lady Mylia. Please follow me.」(Popo)

The village chief guided Mylia to the center of the village square where the protesters gathered.

As soon as the village chief returned, those people started shouting again.

「Popo-san, if you want to leave this place, then we won’t stop you. However, we’ll stay here!」
「Yeah, we’ll stay in this place no matter what you do!」
「We’ve all put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build this village. There’s no way we would abandon it!」(villagers)

They were now sitting on the ground, showing their determination to never leave the place no matter what.

The village chief, Popo, could only sigh and shake his head.

「Come on, guys! We’ll have a better life in the new place!」
「You can still work as merchants there.」
「Baron Hansen might find us someday if we stay here!」(villagers)

Meanwhile, the young villagers and the people who took care of griffons were trying their best to persuade them, but none of the protesters listened to them. They kept arguing.

Thinking that he should calm the situation, the village chief stood in front of them and shouted.

「Everyone, please be quiet! The new lord of the Atwood Territory, Baron Mylia, is here!」(Popo)

Immediately, all the villagers who gathered in the village square fell silent and looked at Mylia altogether.

「Lady Mylia, it’s your time to shine.」(Popo)

While saying that, Popo stepped back and let Mylia stand in front of the people.

(Ugh… My stomach… Heal…!)

As always, Mylia’s stomach hurt due to nervousness from standing in front of many people, but she immediately healed it.

(I really can’t stand this pressure… I feel like fleeing with teleport magic now…)

She was nervous, but she clenched her fists, bracing herself to start her speech.



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