Chapter 4-15 : The Birth Of A New Leader (part 2)


After spoiling the griffons for about an hour until they were all satisfied, Chloe asked the village chief to tell her about the griffons.

The village chief then called a woman who seemed to be knowledgeable about griffons. After that, Chloe, Mylia, the village chief, and the woman were talking while strolling around the village.

According to the woman, griffons build domes with earth magic as their nests.

Not far from the village, you could see the ones the griffons who protected the village had built.

Griffons seemed to like cleanliness. They are happy when the villagers come to clean their nests.

Griffons are magical beasts that have a lot of pride. They don’t normally let humans touch them, let alone ride on their backs unless they trust them. However, they sometimes unconditionally let innocent beings such as children touch them.

They seem to be highly intelligent and are able to understand the human language even though they can’t talk to humans.

However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate with humans at all. They make gestures when they want to say something.

(If they can communicate with humans, I wonder if they will be willing to make a contract with us. If they help us improve the development of transportation in this kingdom, we will give them delicious sweets.)

While thinking that, Mylia recalled when she took out a piece of cookie from her magic bag earlier. Hypnus, who was standing next to her, stole the cookie in a second.

At that moment, Mylia thought that griffons do love sweets and might be willing to do anything for sweets.

That was the reason why the village awarded them with honey for protecting the village.

(Talking about honey, I think I should make honey as our next specialty product when I become the lord. It’d be great if we can mass-produce honey in the Atwood Territory. We can feed the Griffons, and they will protect us. Chloe onee-chan and Jasmine onee-sama will be living in the Atwood Territory, so considering their safety, this idea is not bad at all… Producing honey as our specialty product and having the griffons protecting our territory… It’s like killing two birds with one stone!)

「By the way, how many griffons live in this forest? Are the ones that gathered in the village square all of them?」(Mylia)

While thinking about the future of the Atwood Territory, Mylia asked the knowledgeable woman.

「No. Some of them are staying in their nests. There are a total of thirty adult griffons and six hatchlings in this forest.」(woman)

「I see.」(Mylia)

「There are a lot of them…」(Chloe)

Learning their true numbers, Chloe put her hand on her cheek and thought for a moment.

She seemed to be wondering if she would be able to satisfy all of them with her stroking technique.

(I wonder if we provide them with their ideal environment, if they would breed fast and increase in number…)

While thinking so, Mylia imagined Chloe leading all the griffons in this forest.

Then, she realized something.

(Oh, right! Now that Chloe onee-chan has become their leader, those griffons will follow her, right? If so, then what about this village…?)

The griffons have been protecting the village for years. If they’re gone, then monsters and Baron Hansen’s soldiers can easily invade the village.

Mylia sped up her steps and pulled the sleeve of the village chief who was walking in front while talking with Chloe.

「Hm? What’s wrong, Mylia-sama?」(Popo)

「If the griffons are gone, is the village going to be alright?」(Mylia)


Chloe, who realized it after hearing Mylia’s question, glanced at the village chief with an apologetic expression.

「Honestly, I’m not sure, but if the griffons are gone, we have no choice but to protect ourselves.」(Popo)

「I see… Village Chief-san, I think you and the other villagers should move somewhere else.」(Mylia)

Hearing Mylia’s suggestion, the village chief stopped walking and shook his head.

「But I don’t know where we should go. Most of this region is monster territory…」(Popo)

「Yeah, but there’s one safe place in this region! The center of the Atwood Territory! I will soon become its feudal lord. Moreover, it’s quite far away from Hamanulle, so that perverted baron won’t be able to touch your people.」(Mylia)


The village chief put his fingers on his chin and thought for a moment.

「Mylia-sama, I appreciate your suggestion, but… We built this village from scratch, so we’re kind of attached to it. Besides, transporting thousands of our man-made beehives while crossing through the Demon Forest, which is the most dangerous monster territory in this region, is impossible… I don’t think we’ll be able to make it…」(Popo)

「Don’t worry, I’ll do something with magic.」(Mylia)

「Umm… I know you’re not just an ordinary magician, but even if you escort us through the forest, protecting hundreds of villagers by yourself is not an easy task…」(Popo)

The village chief did think that the Dragon Slayer emblems on Mylia’s chest were real, but he doubted that Mylia would be able to escort all the villagers through the forest.

「No, no. That’s not what I mean. You said that the villagers are attached to this village, right? It may sound a little absurd to you, but to solve that problem, I will move the entire village with magic.」(Mylia)

「Ho, Hold on… Do you mean…」(Popo)

「Yes, all these houses, the fields, the man-made beehives, and the other buildings. Literally the entire village.」(Mylia)


The village chief opened his mouth a little wide. He looked at Mylia in disbelief.

「…Is that even possible?」(Popo)

「Yup! By the way, there’s nobody in your house now, right?」(Mylia)

「My son is preparing for a banquet at the assembly hall with the other villagers, so yeah, it’s currently empty.」(Popo)

「Great! Let’s go to your house. I want to show you something!」(Mylia)

「A, Alright…」(Popo)

Thinking that showing him would be quicker than explaining, Mylia took the village chief back to his house.

Standing in front of the village chief’s house, Mylia began to circulate her magical power throughout her entire body.

(Magical power circulationーー Clairvoyanceーー Hm, hm… I see. It seems that I should separate the house from the ground first.)

First of all, Mylia used Clairvoyance to check the house entirely, and then she would separate the house from the ground.

「Village Chief-san, I’m going to make your house float. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. None of your furniture will break.」(Mylia)

「Eh? …Eh…?」(Popo)

The village chief was confused. He didn’t know what Mylia was going to do with his house.

While still viewing the house in its entirety with Clairvoyance, Mylia used gravity magic and carefully separated the house from the ground.

(Control your magical power… control your magical power… You can do it, Mylia…!)

Mylia kept trying her best to control her magical power while encouraging herself, and thenー


The ground started shaking and the village chief’s house started to float in the air.

「It’s… It’s floating!! My house is floating!! …Unbelievable!」(Popo)

The village chief couldn’t close his wide open mouth.

His house was the largest house in the village, and it was floating in the air like a giant balloon.

「Alright. Now it’s time to put it in my magic bag~!」(Mylia)

After Mylia said that in a carefree tone, the house was sucked into the small magic bag on Mylia’s waist as if it disappeared into thin air.

Seeing the phenomena that completely ignored the physical law, the village chief’s jaw dropped even more.

「…It disappeared!?」(Popo)

「No, it didn’t disappear, but it moved into my magic bag. Now I can pull it out anytime I want. With this method, the villagers don’t have to build their houses again, right?」(Mylia)

「I… I see…」(Popo)

Seeing the girl who had just done something incredible smiling brightly in front of him, the village chief swallowed nervously.

At that moment, he swore to himself to never anger Mylia, the future feudal lord. He also swore to tell the villagers the same thing.



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  1. Huh good thing Mylia hasn’t tried the life of a bandit! Because with those kinda skills Mylia doesn’t have to worry about the messiness of a village raid when she can just steal the entire village! 🤣

  2. Even though Mylia is genuinely being courteous and thoughtful of her magic, she’s still somewhat intimidating just by casting it; and everyone with reason can see it. I know this has been one of two running gags since meeting Titania, but it never fails to be funny every time a new character sees her in action.

    Ty for the Chapters!

  3. What would the female equivalent of a chad be? Because I feel like the following meme template would suit a lot of Mylia’s actions:

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