Chapter 4-15 : The Birth Of A New Leader (part 1)


Twenty griffons were gathering in the village square and bowing to Chloe.

(Whoaa… What a sight… They are big and look intimidating, but the way they glance up at Onee-chan looks kinda cute.)

Mylia and Chloe were overwhelmed by the griffons. They couldn’t help but look at them with wide-opened eyes without saying anything.

A moment later, the griffon that had become friendly with Chloe, stood next to Chloe and faced the other griffons who were still bowing.

It then glanced at Chloe as if it wanted to be praised.

Chloe stroked its neck and asked.

「Umm… Are you going to introduce me to your friends…?」(Chloe)


The griffon replied with a nod.

The villagers and the village chief who were watching the situation were amazed.

「I see… I think I know why these griffons are gathered here.」(Popo)

The village chief muttered and nodded to himself. He seemed to understand the situation now.

Seeing the village chief, who was standing in front of her, muttering to himself, Mylia leaned forward and pulled the village chief’s sleeve.


「Village Chief-san, do these griffons sometimes gather here like this?」(Mylia)

「No. They never gathered in this village before, but I think I know the reason.」(Popo)

「Could it be… It has something to do with my onee-chan?」(Mylia)


The village chief nodded at Mylia and turned to Chloe.

「Chloe-sama, I think they gathered here to acknowledge you as their new leader.」(Popo)

「M, Me? Their new leader…?」(Chloe)

「Just as I thought…」(Mylia)

The village chief turned his gaze to the griffon who was standing next to Chloe and continued talking.

「This griffon isー No. ‘Was’ their leader. His name is Hypnus. His letting you ride on his back means that he has acknowledged your greatness! Although you are a human, he wants you to become their leader!」(Popo)

The village chief seemed somewhat excited by the fact that a human became the leader of a herd of griffons.

After listening to the village chief’s explanation, Chloe returned her gaze to the griffon called Hypnus.

「So… I’ll be the leader of your… herd…?」(Chloe)


「But why? …Is it because I defeated you in battle?」(Chloe)

「Kuu, kuu.」(Hypnus)

Hypnus nodded twice, telling Chloe that she was right. He then lowered his head and rubbed his face against Chloe’s waist like a dog.

「Ch, Chloe-sama, you defeated him in battle? Unbelievable… Hypnus is the strongest Griffon in this region if not in this kingdom, but you are stronger than him? Unless you are an incredibly powerful magician, I doubt you would be able to defeat him…」(Popo)

The village chief was trembling as he said that while looking up at Chloe with a gaze full of respect as if he would kneel down in front of Chloe at any moment.

Apparently, the griffon called Hypnus was the strongest griffon in the kingdom. That was why he was still able to stand up after receiving Mylia’s powerful spell counter, Anti-Magic Burst.

Seeing the trembling village chief, Chloe smiled awkwardly and shook her head.

「Sir, it’s not like what you think it is… I’m just a powerless girl without magical power. I can’t use magic, let alone defeat a griffon.」(Chloe)

「…Eh? Then… Why did he let you ride him?」(Popo)

「Umm… He probably thought that I was the one who beat him.」(Chloe)

「Wait, I don’t get it…」(Popo)

Seeing the village chief’s confused face, Chloe tried her best to explain in detail.

「Before we went to this forest, my sister cast a protective spell on me. That spell was a counter-type spell that can strike back at the attacker. When I met Hypnus at the pond, I tried to approach him, but he attacked me and was hit by the counterattack. He thought I was the one who beat him, but it was actually Mylia.」(Chloe)

「I see. So that’s what actually happened. Seems like our future feudal lord is a talented magician!」(Popo)

「Right~? Not only is she adorable but she is also a genius in magic! She will surely become the strongest witch and the greatest lord in history! I think we should build a statue of Mylia in every village in this region!」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, building me statues is just too much!」(Mylia)

「Do you think so?」(Chloe)

Mylia felt a little embarrassed by Chloe’s little sister boasting.

On the other hand, the village chief who was genuinely impressed by Mylia, looked at Hypnus who was clinging to Chloe, and crossed his arms.

「Griffons are smart creatures, and Hypnus is the smartest among his herd, so I think he realized that Chloe-sama doesn’t have magical power.」(Popo)

「Eh? Then why does he want me to become their leader?」(Chloe)

Chloe looked at Hypnus and stroked his neck while wondering.

「His sixth sense might tell him that there’s something special in you. So special that he thinks you’re worthy of being their leader.」(Popo)

「Something special… in me…」(Chloe)

Mylia glanced at Hypnus who was being petted by Chloe.

(Is that really so…? Hmm… Why do I have a feeling that Village Chief-san was wrong?)

While wondering, Mylia kept looking at Hypnus.

He seemed to be feeling good when Chloe’s hand was naturally wandering around his forehead, neck, chin, and the base of his wings, stroking all of his pleasant spots.

(D, Don’t tell me…)

Chloe’s hand movements were very gentle and comfortable. Chloe sometimes strokes Mylia’s head, so Mylia knew how good they were.

She started thinking that Hypnus submitted himself to Chloe because of Chloe’s heavenly stroking technique.


When Chloe stopped stroking him, Hypnus lowered his head, looking somewhat disappointed.

He was the strongest griffon in the forest but he looked just like a big dog in front of Chloe.

(Oh, god… Chloe onee-chan doesn’t seem to realize it but she has just conquered a herd of griffons with her petting technique!)

Before anyone realized it, the griffons that were gathered in the village square formed a line and waited their turn to be petted by Chloe.

Chloe was gladly petting them one by one. She thought that it was also an important task as their new leader.

For the time being, Mylia didn’t correct the village chief’s misunderstanding because she thought that it was troublesome to explain.



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