Chapter 4-1 : Fulfilling Desires Is More Important Than Managing A Territory (part 2)


While remembering the day Leaf enrolled in the school, Mylia was silently watching Leaf doing her thing.

「Mylia onee-chan?」(Leaf)

「Don’t mind me~」(Mylia)

Leaf tilted her head and returned her gaze to the seed in her hands.

(”Mylia onee-chan”, huh…? I’m half-dryad, so technically we’re like half-biological sisters. Even so, I’m her onee-chan.)

Seeing Leaf’s cute side face made Mylia’s heart feel warm.

In her previous life, the only person she could call family was her grandma. She had no reliable older sister like Chloe nor a cute little sister like Leaf.

(I wonder what would have happened if I had a sister in my previous life… Would my sister and I have tried to escape from our drunkard father just like Chloe onee-chan and I did in this world…?)

While fantasizing that she had a sister in her previous life, Mylia took her eyes off Leaf and used gravity magic to make the quill pen in her hand float in the air.

(Magic… That’s right, I couldn’t use magic in Japan, so what would we have done to escape from our father…? Would we have snuck out at night, gone to another city, and rented an apartment room like I did? Then we could have worked part-time together to make a living. On weekends, we could have gone to Jojoen with Grandma and our friends to have a barbeque party together. That sounds really fun~)

Mylia imagined herself having a barbeque party in Japan with Chloe, Aria, Jasmine, Leaf, Titania, and her grandma.

*/TL : In case you forget, Jojoen is one of the best BBQ restaurants in Japan.

(Oh, right!)

Thinking about a barbeque party, Mylia remembered that she had to do some planning before she became the new lord of the Atwood Territory in the future.

She returned the quill pen in her hand and opened her notebook which was made of thick paper and fastened with a string. By the way, she bought it for fifty copper coins.

(For now, the only specialty product in the Atwood Territory is lavender jam, but I wonder if we can produce something else as our specialty product… I also want to help Chloe onee-chan with her transportation project. If we can realize it, we will be able to distribute our products to other regions easily… However, the most important thing I need to think about is meat! Yes, meat! People in the Atwood Territory are always short on meat. That muscle-brain calls himself a hunter, but he rarely returns from the forest with a lot of game. He only gets one or two rabbits most of the time. That definitely won’t help the territory. Also, I need to think about producing seasonings. Ahh, there’s a lot to do…)

While thinking, Mylia wrote down the things she needed to do in her notebook.

・Find a way to increase meat consumption in the Atwood Territory (If possible, I want to raise cattle in the village.)

・Develop cooking methods and increase the types of seasonings. (I want to eat Japanese food…)

・Help Chloe onee-chan realize her project. (First of all, we need to get some Griffons.)

・Make fancy clothes. (I want Aria-san to help me with this. She knows fashion better than me.)

・Get better at Teleportation Magic. (For now, I can only teleport myself. I think it would be helpful if I could take someone with me using Teleportation Magic.)

・Produce something else other than lavender jam as the Atwood Territory specialty product. (I’m thinking of making Japanese food popular in this world. I wonder if it’s possible.)

It was eighty percent her own desires, but Mylia snorted as soon as she finished writing as if she was satisfied with the plans.

(Increasing the supply of meat should be easy. There are a lot of monsters to hunt in this world. However, the problem is the beef. I’ve been in this world for years but I haven’t found the perfect beef for my dream yakiniku party. There are dairy cows in this world but their meat is not tender at all. It’s not very good for yakiniku. I need to find wild cows or cow-type monsters that have tender meat.)

Mylia had a lot of things to do, so attending classes might be a waste of time. Besides, she enrolled in the Royal Girls’ Academy just to escape from the Atwood Family. Moreover, now that she had her own mansion and a noble title, she didn’t have to go to school.

However, she still wanted to enjoy her school life. She had her best friend, Aria, who just moved into the same dormitory as her, and a cute little sister who just enrolled in school. There was no way Mylia would miss this chance.

Besides, she wanted to graduate.

In her previous life, she died in an accident before graduating from high school and she kind of regretted it.

(I wonder if I can skip grades in this school… Wait, I’m a baron. Should I use my authority as a noble? It’s cheating, but…)

Diiingー! Diiingー!

Mylia felt that the time flowed really fast while she was thinking about a lot of things. The bell indicating that the class was over rang before she realized it.

As soon as she heard the bell, she closed her notebook and stood up.

「Aria-san, Leaf, let’s go to the cafeteria!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Calm down, Mylia-san. The cafeteria won’t go anywhere.」(Aria)

Mylia and Aria quickly put their notebooks and quill pens into their magic bags, and then the three of them left the classroom.

Heading for the cafeteria, Mylia and Aria were walking side by side. Leaf was following them from behind while still pouring her magical power into the seeds in her hand.


「What is she doing…?」(Aria)

「Beats me.」(Mylia)

「She’s mysterious as always…」(Aria)

「I know, right?…Hm?」(Mylia)

While talking with Aria, Mylia noticed a man wearing priest-like clothes walking down the other side of the hallway.

He stopped in front of Mylia after he saw the Dragon Slayer medal on Mylia’s chest.

The man who seemed to be in his forties smiled gently, made a complicated holy sign with his hand in front of his chest, and bowed to Mylia.

Myla stopped walking as soon as she noticed that the man bowed to her.

「Excuse me. You are Baron Mylia de la Atwood, am I right?」(religious man)

「Y, Yes, I’m Mylia. Is there anything I can do to help?」(Mylia)

「I’m very sorry for bothering you while you’re busy. I’m from the Church of Celis. We want to invite you to come to Celis Cathedral. Would you be able to come tomorrow?」(religious man)


Mylia didn’t expect she would get an invitation from the Church of Celis.

It was a sudden and straightforward invitation.

(Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this… Should I accept their invitation…?)

Mylia was confused. She looked at Aria, hoping that she would help her turn the man down.

However, Aria brought her face closer to Mylia’s and whispered, saying something that was far from Mylia’s expectation.

「Mylia-san, The Church of Celis is a big faction in this kingdom. It would be bad if you refuse their invitation.」(Aria)

「Ugh… I see… It can’t be helped then…」(Mylia)

Mylia lightly sighed and turned her gaze to the man.

「Understood. Umm, I don’t really know about the religious custom in this worlー I mean, in this kingdom, but I will come to visit tomorrow.」(Mylia)

「Thank you very much.」(religious man)

After hearing Mylia’s answer, the man in a priest uniform smiled in relief. He then bowed once and left.

(I wonder what the church wants from me…)



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  1. Oh boy I wonder how this is gonna turn out…. I sincerely hope that for once this Church isn’t full of religious fanatics who are also hypocrites who want to control our sweet Mylia as they seem to be in just about every JP novel in existence but as you can see I’m not placing much hope in that exception.

  2. Hmmm… An organization full of hypocrites want some donations and is now making contact with her. Unfortunately, it isn’t an organization she can just blast away with magic.

  3. Ah come on, she could have at least asked why they wanted to see her. She’s nobility for crying out loud, they may have influence but they can’t just summon a noble without being clear about their agenda. And I know she’s very naive but there are limits. I hate it because it feels too much like the author wanted to keep the suspense so he made it turn out that way.

    1. A low ranking aristocrat challenging a bishop? When a bishop equalled at least a count in power and influence? Not possible. Mylia would need to be at least a Marquess to hold that kind of authority. Ideally she’d need to be a duke

  4. Its kind of odd that Mylia knows so little about the church. Didn’t she work at the church back in the Atwood territory to earn money for enrollment? She should have had a good relation with the priest there…

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