Chapter 4-1 : Fulfilling Desires Is More Important Than Managing A Territory (part 1)


A week had passed since Mylia was summoned by the queen.

Her life changed every time she was summoned.

The first time she went to the audience room, the queen gave her a Dragon Slayer emblem, and she became the rumored little Dragon Slayer. The second time she met the queen, she got a mansion and a noble title, and recently, she got the order from the queen to become the new lord of the Atwood Territory.

There were less than two months until the heraldic officer arrived at the Atwood’s mansion. It’s only a matter of time until Aaron finds out about this shocking news.

However, Mylia was trying not to think too much about that incompetent lord and his second daughter, Robin. She was busy thinking about what to do with the Atwood Territory in the future.

(Hmm… I wonder what I should do to manage a territory… I’ve never been a leader, so I’m kinda lost…)

Currently, Mylia was having a class in the Magic Department of Adrashelm Kingdom Girls’ Academy.

The subject was mathematics. It wasn’t related to magic but it was important. Not only the students in the Commerce Department, but the students in the other departments also had to study it.

(Ahh~ Aria-san still looks cute even when she’s seriously listening to the professor.)

As usual, Mylia thought about something else when the professor was explaining the lesson.

She turned her face toward Aria, who was listening to the professor while writing in her notebook with a good posture.

Aria was a student of the Rose Maria dormitory, but a few days ago, the queen ordered her to stay close to Mylia and transferred her to Aqua Sophia.

Of course, Aria was happy to follow the queen’s order. As soon as she transferred, she showed Mylia her blue ribbon, which proved that she was a student of Aqua Sophia, and happily said, “We’re now dormmates!”

(Aria-san said that the reason why the queen transferred her to Aqua Sophia was probably so that I would remain an ally of the queen since the Griffith Family belongs to Queen Kushana’s faction, but to be frank, I don’t really care about the queen’s motive. I’m just happy that Aria-san and I are in the same dormitory. We no longer have to sneak out if we want to see each other at night. Oh, I’m so excited~!)

「…What’s wrong, Mylia-san? Why are you staring at me?」(Aria)

Feeling Mylia’s passionate gaze, Aria lowered her feather pen and looked at Mylia.

「Hehe~ It’s nothing.」(Mylia)

「Hm? Are you paying attention to the lesson?」(Aria)

「Y, Yeah! Of course, of course…」(Mylia)

「Is that so?」(Aria)

Aria raised her long eyelashes and smiled at Mylia.

(Ahh~ Aria-san’s graceful smile really has a healing effect~)

Lately, Mylia and Aria’s classmates called them “LyaRia” because they were always together wherever they went.

Aria was a bit embarrassed when their classmate called them that, but on the other hand, Mylia was happy because she thought that she and Aria were like a comedy duo who had a group name.

The duo of a Dragon Slayer and a duke’s daughter stood out at the academy.

「Yup. L, Look. I’m taking notes.」(Mylia)

Mylia smiled back at Aria and pretended to take notes.

「Fufu. I see.」(Aria)

Aria then returned her gaze to the blackboard and continued taking notes seriously unlike Mylia.

Mylia also looked at the blackboard but she didn’t feel like taking the lesson seriously at all.

(Math, huh…? I don’t hate math, but… the lesson is too easy for me… I would fall asleep if I tried to listen to the professor seriously…)

The reason why Mylia didn’t pay attention to the lesson was not because she was lazy, but because the content of the lesson was too easy for her. She had learned similar things when she was in the sixth grade in her previous life.

Mylia shifted her gaze from the blackboard to her classmates that were paying attention to the lesson seriously.

「…Mu… Mumu…」(Leaf)

Mylia then glanced at Leaf who was sitting next to her after hearing her groan.

(I wonder what she has been doing since the class started…)

Leaf had been enrolled in Adarshelm Royal Girls’ Academy a few days ago by the queen’s decision. Just like Mylia, she was wearing a magic department uniform with a blue ribbon of Aqua Sophia.

She was expressionless but because she had a pretty face, the uniform suited her well, and the big leaf on her head made her look even cuter somehow.

(Unlike me, Leaf can’t hide the leaf on her head. I’m able to do it probably because I’m not entirely a dryad. I wonder if her leaf photosynthesizes and provides nutrition for her…)

Mylia has been living with Leaf in the academy for the past week, and sometimes she saw Leaf bathing in the sunlight while staring blankly into the distance.

「Leaf… what are you doing…?」(Mylia)

Leaf was pouring her magical power into a small seed in her palm.

「…Making something.」(Leaf)

Leaf glanced at Mylia for a second and immediately returned her gaze to the seed.

「Uhh… O… kay?」(Mylia)

(She’s full of mystery as always…)

Mylia started to get used to how Leaf acted. She decided to leave her alone for now.

It had been a week since Leaf enrolled at the academy but she always spent her time doing what she pleases during classes since none of the lessons in the school interested her.

(Speaking of Leaf, it was a disaster when she had just enrolled here. Everyone’s reaction was funny though. They were dumbfounded when they found out that the new student was a dryad. )

Dryads are a legendary race that people thought only existed in storybooks.

Naturally, all the students and teachers were very shocked when a dryad suddenly appeared in their school wearing a uniform.

The entire school was in an uproar the day Leaf enrolled. Everyone was interested in her and hoped that they could become friends with her.

Some of them thought that Leaf would take them to the World Tree if they became friends with her and some of them thought that Leaf might give them valuable items from the World Tree, but there were also people who didn’t have any ulterior motives and wanted to be friends with Leaf simply because she was cute.

However, no matter what their motives were, Leaf decided not to get too close to people unless they won against her in a magic battle.

Because of that, a large-scale magic battle occurred that day.

Everyone who challenged Leaf was defeated in just one move. They didn’t stand a chance against Leaf even though they teamed up.

Not only the students, but the teachers also challenged Leaf in a battle.

Still, they couldn’t beat her.

Even Professor Sabine, and the witch-like teacher, Professor Caroline, who were good at magic, didn’t stand a chance against her.

From then on, everyone decided not to interact with Leaf too much. They didn’t want to disturb her and make her angry.

(It was really a disaster back then… I’m glad no one was killed…)



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  1. Huh I don’t know what the author was thinking but having most of the student body ( teachers included) having a massive magic battle for the sake of friendship with a single dryad sounds like way too big of a deal to be relegated to background story….. I would have loved to have read that whole ordeal where Mylia brings a Dryad to school and everyone goes absolutely insane just to be her friend! Shame on you author-kun for just mentioning such a major plot development in passing as if it’s not important enough! Shame Shame Shame Baka!?

  2. >Lately, Mylia and Aria’s classmates called them “LyaRia” because they were always together wherever they went.

    Wow. It’s so rare to find a ship being named in-universe.

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