Chapter 4-2 : Celis Cathedral


The next day, Mylia asked the school director for permission to skip classes to fulfill the invitation from the Church of Celis.

Mylia took a horse-drawn carriage to the Celis Cathedral which was also in the royal capital. It would take her about twenty minutes.

The carriages in the royal capital were similar to buses in Japan. They run around the royal capital and stop by major locations in the city.

After traveling for a while, Mylia looked outside through the window of the carriage and saw a woman walking down the street while pulling her trade cart which was full of sweets.

(Hm…? Those sweets! I think I’ll get off here. It would be convenient if this carriage had a stop button…)


Mylia, who couldn’t resist the temptation of the sweets, immediately jumped off the carriage.

In this city, unless you’re an elderly person, a disabled person, or a lady with a long dress, you can jump off the carriage anytime without telling the driver. It’s safe because the carriages in the royal capital don’t run fast. There were a lot of people on the streets after all.

Mylia bought a full bag of baked sweets called “oubri” from the woman. They resemble the cones of ice cream cones.

It was like eating only the cone without the ice cream but the crunchy texture and the faint sweetness of the sweets called oubri made a beautiful harmony of taste in Mylia’s mouth.

「Mmm~! I wonder what it tastes like with ice cream. I should try it next time!」(Mylia)

Because the cathedral wasn’t far from her position, Mylia decided to continue on foot while enjoying her oubris.

(Chloe onee-chan and Aria-san told me not to make any strange promises with the church, but… That majesty of the cathedral makes me feel like I won’t be able to say no to them…)

Mylia could see the cathedral as she walked. It was so magnificent that it could be registered as a world heritage site.

Mylia looked up at the building with her eyes wide open as she put the third oubri in her mouth.

She was amazed by the exquisitely carved outer walls and the beautiful stained glass embedded in the walls and ceilings, forming complex patterns.

(I wonder if I’ll be able to build a fancy building like this in the Atwood Territory when I become the feudal lord… Oh, right. I’ll get some pictures for references.)

Mylia held the bag of oubris with her mouth and took out an emerald-colored magic stone from her magic bag. She then made a square shape with her thumbs and index fingers, looked at the cathedral through it, and activated her Camera Magic.

While taking pictures, Mylia thought of teaching Aria and Leaf how to use this spell, so that they could save every moment they didn’t want to forget in pictures.

(I wonder what kind of people I will meet there… Will I meet with the Cardinal? They are important people in the Church of Celis, right? If I’m not mistaken, the person with the highest rank is the pope, but… Uhh, I don’t really understand how the hierarchy in the Church of Celis works…)

While thinking that, Mylia continued walking toward the gate of the cathedral.

She had finished eating all her oubris by the time she reached the gate. After throwing the empty paper bag into a trash can, Mylia entered the cathedral and approached a sister who was sitting at a big table that looked like a reception desk.

「Good morning.」(Mylia)

「Good morning, little lady. Did you come to pray?」(nun)

「No, umm… Someone from the church asked me to come here. My name is Mylia.」(Mylia)

After Mylia introduced herself, the nun noticed the Dragon Slayer emblem on Mylia’s chest.

「Ah, pardon me. Baron Mylia de la Atwood, we have been waiting for you. Please follow me.」(nun)

Realizing who she was talking with, the nun immediately stood up and guided Mylia to the inside of the cathedral.


Just like the outer look, the inner part of the cathedral looked splendid. Mylia thought that this building was a masterpiece.

There were stained glass windows in the shape of a giant sword embedded in the inner walls and a huge statue of Goddess Celis in the big room that was illuminated by numerous lighting magic tools that were neatly lined up on the ceiling.

「The Cardinal will come to see you. Please wait here for a moment.」(nun)

The nun made a gentle smile and left Mylia alone.

While waiting for the Cardinal, Mylia looked around the room.

(I remember seeing a church this big in a book in my previous life… It seems that worshiping gods is a custom that exists in any world…)

Mylia recalled the time when she read a world history book in the library in her high school. There were many pictures of beautiful buildings across the world in the book. She found a picture of a big cathedral in the book, but she couldn’t remember the details of the picture clearly.


Suddenly Mylia’s stomach growled.

(I just ate a full bag of oubris but I’m still hungry… I should have bought more… I still have some Dabola meat in my magic bag, but… eating in a church is prohibited, right…? Ugh…)

While rubbing her stomach, Mylia looked at the statue of Goddess Celis in the center of the room.

The eyes of the statue were glittering. It seemed that they used a pair of magic stones to make the eyes.

(I think I will take pictures of this room to keep my mind off of hunger.)

Mylia took out a magic stone and started taking pictures of the room with her Camera Magic.

While she was doing that, an elderly man who seemed to be the Cardinal appeared from the back door.

「Baron Mylia, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s been a while since we met.」(cardinal)

He was wearing a pure white priest uniform with intricate gold embroidery. He approached Mylia and smiled gently at her.

Seeing his face, Mylia remembered that she once met him at the party to celebrate her and Chloe’s ennoblement a while ago.

According to Aria, he seemed to be an important person in Queen Kushana’s faction. She said that he was one of the people Mylia should become friends with.

(I know this person. I can’t forget his unique majestic aura…)

Mylia remembered very well when she exchanged greetings with the Cardinal.

His calm atmosphere and gray rounded glasses were unforgettable.

「It’s been a while, Cardinal Copel.」(Mylia)

Mylia put the magic stone she was holding into her magic bag and bowed to the Cardinal once.

She forgot most of the guests’ names at the party back then but she remembered those who left unique impressions.

「You seem to be interested in that statue of Goddess Celis. Shall we talk in front of it?」(Cardinal)


Cardinal Copel led Mylia to the front of the Goddess Celis statue and made a holy sign with his hands in front of it. After that, they started talking.



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