Chapter 3-49 : Dryad’s Sudden Visit (part 2)


「Mylia, can you explain everything to me?」(Kushana)

Seeing the queen’s sharp eyes as she asked, Mylia felt like a sinner now.

She felt like kneeling down and then escaping with teleportation magic but she knew that everything would get worse if she did that.

(Ugh… Looks like I really don’t have a choice but to explain everything to her…)

「A, As you wish… Your Majesty…」(Mylia)

Putting aside her plan to escape to the edge of her mind, Mylia let out a sigh and began to explain.

「A while ago, I went to the dryads’ home, The World Tree. I met Leaf there. She is… How should I put it… her face isn’t very expressive and she is hard to approach, but a lot happened and in accordance with dryad customs, we exchanged a pledge of sisterhood…」(Mylia)

「So, you’re like a sister to her?」(Kushana)

「That’s right. I’m the older sister and she is the little sister.」(Mylia)

「Interesting… But why is she the little sister? She is thousands of years older than you, isn’t she?」(Kushana)

「Umm, that’s because…」(Mylia)

「Mylia onee-chan is stronger than me, so she is the older sister and I’m the little sister. Because she is strong, she became a part of us.」(Leaf)

Leaf suddenly interrupted Mylia, joining the conversation, but she said things she shouldn’t say bluntly.

It made Mylia a bit panicked. She hoped that the queen didn’t grasp what Leaf meant but unfortunately for her, Queen Kushana was a perceptive person who was able to figure out a whole situation with just a few clues.

「”Became a part of us”, you say…? That meansー」(Kushana)

「ーBy the way, who are you? Why are you sitting up there?」(Leaf)

The queen was about to say something but Leaf interrupted her.

(Leeeaf! How could she talk to the queen like that!?)

Leaf’s attitude was a bit rude but the queen didn’t mind it considering that Leaf was a legendary living being, dryad.

「…Pardon me. I haven’t introduced myself. I’m the queen of this kingdom, the Kingdom of Adrashelm. My name is Kushana Germaine de la Ruzé Adrashelm.」(Kushana)

「Too long. Can’t remember. Make it short.」(Leaf)


Mylia’s face turned pale when Leaf said that to the queen with a straight face.

Chloe, who was standing next to Mylia, held her head and whispered to Mylia.

「Mylia… It looks like your friend’s lack of common sense is worse than yours…」(Chloe)


(This is bad! The queen will definitely scold me for this later! “Mylia, looks like you can’t educate your friend very well. From now on, you are prohibited from eating meat in my kingdom!” ーHiiiiiyyy!!)

Mylia was so panicked that her imagination began to run wild.

However, the queen wasn’t mad at all. Instead, she found that Leaf was funny.

She raised the edges of her mouth, smiling at Leaf, and replied to her.

「Too long, huh? Then, you can call me Kushana.」(Kushana)

「Kushana. Got it.」(Leaf)

「So, Leaf, was it? Why did youー」(Kushana)

「ーWait. You can’t call me Leaf.」(Leaf)

The queen was about to ask Leaf a question but then she stopped her.

「…It’s your name, right? Why can’t I call you that?」(Kushana)

「You don’t have my approval. You can’t call me by name.」(Leaf)

「I see. What should I do to have your approval?」(Kushana)

「You have to win against me in a magic battle.」(Leaf)

「Magic battle…?」(Dalia)

Dalia’s eyes were sparkling after she heard those words.

The magic maniac, who was standing behind the queen, stepped forward and bowed to the queen, trying to ask her permission to fight Leaf.

「Your Majesty, would you let meー」(Dalia)

But then the queen immediately raised her hand, telling Dalia to step back.

Unable to disobey her queen, Dalia stepped back without saying a word, but she couldn’t hide her disappointed expression.

The queen thought that there was no point in asking Dalia to fight for her. After all, even if Dalia won, the one who would gain Leaf’s respect was Dalia, not her. Besides, she didn’t think that Dalia could win against a dryad.

「If winning against you in a magic battle is the condition, then there’s no chance for me to gain your approval. But, it will be inconvenient if I can’t call you anything, so would you let me call you Miss Dryad for the time being?」(Kushana)


「So, Miss Dryad, what brings you here? For what purpose did you come to my royal palace?」(Kushana)

「I came to play.」(Leaf)

「Came to… play?」(Kushana)

「I promised Mylia onee-chan.」(Leaf)

After saying that, Leaf turned around and approached Mylia.

She was staring at Mylia with her sleepy-looking eyes. She seemed to be tired from talking too much with the queen.

Seeing Leaf’s expressionless face, Mylia couldn’t help but pet her head and smiled. She could smell the fresh plant-like scent emitted from Leaf’s hair as she patted her head.

Meanwhile, the queen let out a sigh. She never thought that talking with a dryad could be so hard.

「Mylia, I think I need you to explain in her stead.」(Kushana)

「A…Ahaha… Understood.」(Mylia)

Mylia put her hand off Leaf’s head, took out some Leaves of the World Tree from her magic bag, and gave them to Leaf.

「Leaf, I’m going to talk to Her Majesty. Please be a good girl and wait.」(Mylia)

Leaf nodded to Mylia and began to eat the Leaves of the World Tree.

She was treated like a cat but she seemed to be somewhat happy although she didn’t show it on her face.

After confirming that Leaf was able to behave herself, Mylia turned to the queen and began to explain in more detail.

She told the queen the reason she went to the World Tree was to get some World Tree Morning Dew to fix Jasmine’s eyes. However, she didn’t tell the queen how she got there.

The World Tree is the legendary tree that mankind has been searching for for thousands of years. Naturally, the queen asked Mylia how she got there, but Mylia said that she found it by coincidence.

Of course, the queen didn’t believe it. She didn’t think that Mylia could find that legendary tree by coincidence. However, she understood that Mylia had a reason to hide it and didn’t ask any further.

Mylia knew about the World Tree from Titania.

She knew that Titania hates humans. Except Mylia and two of her kind sisters, of course.

Mylia didn’t want the queen to know about Titania’s existence because she didn’t want to trouble her master. That’s why she didn’t tell the queen how she found the World Tree.

After that, she told the queen that she spent a night in Leaf’s house in the World Tree and made a pledge of sisterhood with Leaf the next morning. However, she didn’t tell the queen that Leaf turned her into a half-dryad because she didn’t want anyone to think that she wasn’t a human.



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  1. The interaction between Leaf and the queen kind of reminds me of the alleged meeting between Diogenes and Alexander.

    I am too lazy to explain, but you should be able to find the account of Diogenes and Alexander the Great meeting by looking up “Diogenes and Alexander”.

    Or if you are a fellow fan of Sam O’Nella, just look up his video about Diogenes. Hell, if you are a fan of Sam O’Nella, you might already know the story from his video.

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