Chapter 3-50 : The Queen’s Order (part 1)


「I see. I understand your circumstances now.」(Kushana)

After listening to Mylia’s explanation, the queen was sure that Leaf was not hostile to her kingdom. She thought that it would be great if she could have Leaf as an ally.

The royal palace was protected by a strong magical barrier but Leaf was able to break that barrier as she teleported to the audience room like it was nothing.

The queen believed that Leaf was a powerful magician and as amazing as Mylia. She wasn’t sure if Leaf would help her when her kingdom was attacked and she needed her as a military asset, but she was glad that Leaf wasn’t an enemy.

For now, the queen was thinking of doing everything she could to make Leaf comfortable while she was in her kingdom.

Realizing that Leaf was a shy person, the queen decided to have everyone else leave the room so that they could speak in private.

「Miss Dryad, would you remove these ivy walls? I know you hate being stared at, but don’t worry, I will tell these people to leave the room.」(Kushana)

Leaf replied to the queen with a nod while still eating the leaves of the World Tree. She then raised her hand and canceled her spell.

As soon as the ivy walls crumbled, the civil officials and the royal magicians turned their gazes to the queen to make sure that she was fine.

「Everyone, this lady dryad is my guest. I will not forgive anyone who causes harm to her. Now, leave this room. I want to talk with these three ladies in private.」(Kushana)

「U… Understood…」(civil official)

The civil officials and the royal magicians then left the audience room along with the two knights who were standing by the entrance, leaving the queen, Dalia, Mylia, Chloe, and Leaf behind.

After those people were gone, Mylia glanced at the expensive-looking carpet that was torn by Leaf’s ivy walls.

(Ugh… I think I have to pay for this carpet…)

The holes in the carpet on both sides proved Leaf’s existence in the audience room that day.

「Say, Mylia, can normal humans go to the World Tree? You once went there so you must know it.」(Kushana)

「Unfortunately, it’s not possible. The World Tree is hidden with powerful illusion magic, so no one can see it. Moreover, it’s protected by a barrier that you can’t enter unless you have a high amount of magical power. Even if you could enter, you would have to fight a dryad in a magic battle.」(Mylia)

「I see… Since Miss Dryad allows you to call her by name, you won against her, didn’t you?」(Kushana)

「Yes, I did.」(Mylia)

「Which do you think is stronger? Miss Dryad or the two elder dragons you have defeated?」(Kushana)

「Leaf is far stronger than them for sure. Even if those dragons teamed up against her, I don’t think they would be able to beat her.」(Mylia)

「Far stronger than dragons… I see.」(Kushana)

Queen Kushana glanced at Leaf who was done eating leaves of the World Tree and was now holding hands with Mylia.

The queen, who liked talented and capable people, started to like Leaf even more.

「Mylia, you don’t want to tell me how you get to the World Tree, but can you tell me its location?」(Kushana)

「That’s… Umm…」(Mylia)

Mylia didn’t want to tell the queen how she got there because she wanted to keep Titania’s existence a secret. If she refused to answer again, she thought that she might displease the queen, so she turned her gaze to Leaf and asked her, trying to answer the queen in an indirect approach.

「Say, Leaf. The location of the World Tree is a secret, right?」(Mylia)

「Yeah. We, dryads, don’t want anyone to disturb our peaceful life.」(Leaf)

「Forgive me, Your Majesty, but as she said, I can’t tell you its location.」(Mylia)

「I see. I was thinking of trading with the dryads. I thought World Tree Morning Dew would bring great benefits to my kingdom. I would like to have even a small amount of it for my people.」(Kushana)

Queen Kushana glanced at Leaf and thought for a moment. She then returned her gaze to Mylia.

「Mylia, do you think the dryads will give me some World Tree Morning Dew if I give them something they like?」(Kushana)

「Umm… Leaf gave me the dew for free, so, yeah, I think they will.」(Mylia)

「That’s good to hear.」(Kushana)

Queen Kushana smiled as she learned that she didn’t have to send her people to the World Tree to trade with dryads.

She pointed the scepter in her hand at Mylia and gave her an order.

「Mylia, I would like you to find something that dryads will like. As a reward, I’ll give you whatever you ask.」(Kushana)

「Really!? ーA… Ahem! Understood, Your Majesty.」(Mylia)


When Mylia bowed as she replied to the queen, the queen noticed that there was something like a sprout on Mylia’s head.

「Mylia, there’s something on your head. Is that… a white radish sprout?」(Kushana)


Mylia put her hand on her head in panic and felt the sprout which was the proof that she was a half-dryad.

「Th, This is…! It may be because I’m holding Leaf’s hand! I-It happens sometimes! I’m a human! I’m completely a human!」(Mylia)

(Why did it come out all of a sudden!?)

Mylia babbled on, making excuses so that the queen didn’t suspect her.

She then immediately squeezed her stomach to pull the sprout back into her head.

「S, See? I’m a human! Ahaha…!」(Mylia)

「I know that you’re a human. You don’t need to repeatedly point that out. Well, your magic ability is far from a normal human’s though.」(Kushana)

「A, Ahaha…」(Mylia)

Mylia awkwardly laughed while scratching the spot where the sprout came out on her head.

Seeing Mylia trying as hard as she could to hide it, the queen decided to ignore it.

She turned her gaze to Leaf, trying to forget about the mysterious sprout that came out of Mylia’s head.

「By the way, Miss Dryad, you said you came to play. Are you going to stay in this city for a while?」(Kushana)

「I want to stay with Mylia onee-chan for a while.」(Leaf)

「Leaf, will your family be okay if you’re not at home?」(Mylia)

「They’ll be fine. I want to be with you for a while longer.」(Leaf)

(Want to be with me, she said? Aahh~ She’s so cute!)

Leaf answered Mylia with an expressionless face but she somehow looked cute in Mylia’s eyes.

「If that’s the case, Miss Dryad, I will issue an ID for you so that you can act freely in this kingdom. I will also enroll you in the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy so that you can always be with Mylia.」(Kushana)

「I don’t really understand. But. Thanks.」(Leaf)

(So… Leaf will become a student and we can enjoy our school life together!? I’m excited but… I’m also a bit worried…)



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