Chapter 3-35 : The Party Has Begun (part 2)


As soon as Mylia entered the party venue, the place was filled with a burst of applause.

(Whoaaa…! So many people… Ugh, I’m getting even more nervous…)

Soon after, the band started playing a song. Their performance was so full of energy that it made Mylia feel out of place.

Chloe was applauding from the VIP seats. She was clapping her hands so energetically that it made Mylia worry that she would hurt her hands.

When Mylia looked around the venue, she didn’t find Robin. It seemed that she hadn’t arrived yet.

「It’s Lady Dragon Slayer!」
「I can’t believe such a small child could defeat elder dragons!」
「Ahh~ what an adorable little lady!」
「Isn’t the lady next to her the third daughter of Duke Griffith?」
「I heard that Lady Dragon Slayer is close to the Griffith Family.」
「They look so lovely next to each other~」
「Such a cute duo!」(guests)

The people gathered in the venue were talking about the two while applauding.

「Hehe… Thank you… Thank you for coming… Thank you…」(Mylia)

Mylia walked toward the VIP seats, passing through the crowd while awkwardly bowing and smiling at them.

Mylia then sat next to Chloe, and Aria sat next to Mylia. The VIP seats were on a platform higher than the seats for guests, so they could see the entire venue.

(It seems like the seats for guests of honor have to be higher than the other guests… I’m grateful to Aria-san and her father for preparing everything in this venue.)

After confirming that the party could be started, Chloe stood up and raised her hand, giving the signal for the band to stop playing the music and the guests to stop applauding.

Seeing the beautiful appearance of Chloe in nile blue dress, all the young men at the venue gasped in admiration.

「Ladies and gentlemen, I, Baronet Chloe de la Atwood, and my beloved little sister, Baron Mylia de la Atwood, would like to thank you for attending our party. I hope you will enjoy every minute in this venue.」(Chloe)

After saying that, Chloe glanced at Mylia and winked, telling her to stand up and say something to the guests.

(Alright, the time has come… Don’t mess up, Mylia… Just don’t mess up…)

Mylia took a deep breath and raised her body which was stiffened due to nervousness.

「U, Umm… I’m Baron Mylia de la Atwood, a Dragon Slayer… I subjugated two elder dragons a while ago… Umm… Some of you may not believe it. As you can see, I’m short, BUT I can use magic!」(Mylia)

Some of the guests laughed and giggled after Mylia said that.

「She’s good!」(guests)

Chloe told Mylia that it would be great if she could lighten the party atmosphere with her speech, and she did quite well.

Mylia was relieved that she got reactions as she expected from the guests.

(Oh? Looks like everyone likes it. Alright, it’s looking good. Now, all I need to do is to make a toast.)

「Some of you may have heard from Her Majesty about my personality, so please forgive me if I’m being a little rude. Now gwab your glassー」(Mylia)

(Gaaahh!! I messed up!)

As her face turned red, Mylia pretended to clear her throat and corrected her words.

「A, Ahem! Now grab your glass and let’s make a toast.」(Mylia)

All the people in the venue then grabbed their wine glasses.

(Alright, it would be so embarrassing if I messed up here. I need to focus!)

Mylia took a deep breath to calm herself and shouted.

「For the prosperity of the Kingdom of Adrashelm and for the glory of Her Majesty Queen Kushana!」(Mylia)

After Mylia shouted and raised the glass of wine in her hand, all the participants raised their glasses at once, and the band started playing music again.




After the toast, Mylia went down the VIP seats to distribute her name cards and greet the people.

「Dragon Slayer-dono, congratulations on your ennoblement. I’m Baron Raul. It’s very nice to meet you.」(Baron Raul)

「Y, Yeah, Nice to meet you too…」(Mylia)

「You’re from the Atwood Family, right? I bet you came to this city because you were sick of living with them.」(Baron Raul)

(How did he know? Is he an esper or something? Looks like he knows how awful the Atwood Family is…)

「Lady Dragon Slayer, my name is Rufa, the granddaughter of Viscount Pecino. Would you like to join my tea party someday?」(Rufa)

(Oh, what a lovely lady.)

「Yeah, sure. Here’s my card. You can invite me anytime.」(Mylia)

「Waaahh~ What a wonderful name card! Ah, please have mine too!」(Rufa)

「Thank you!」(Mylia)

「Lady Mylia, I’m Zaboela from the Kingdom Magic Research Institute. It’s a pleasure to see you in person.」(Zaboela)

(Geh! Magic Research Institute, she says!? Chloe onee-chan warned me not to get involved with these people!)

「We do research about magic and invent various magic tools. If you have free time, please consider visiting our facility.」(Zaboela)

(Hiiiy! Her eyes look kinda scary!)

「I can’t promise I will come though…」(Mylia)

「It’s okay. I’ll be always waiting for you.」(Zaboela)


「Lady Dragon Slayerー」
「Lady Myliaー」
「Baron Myliaー」

People kept coming to meet Mylia in person.

Some of them seemed to be good people who genuinely wanted to get along with Mylia, and some of them seemed to be people who wanted to raise their reputations by getting close to Mylia.

(Gaaaaahhh!! There are too many people! There’s no way I can memorize their names!)

Mylia’s brain was overheated from trying to memorize all the guests’ names and her cheeks started to hurt after smiling awkwardly for more than twenty minutes.

「My, so you govern the southern territory. I heard that you can get a lot of forage there.」(Chloe)

「Yes, indeed. We produce forage and distribute it to thousands of farms throughout the kingdom.」(aristocrat)

On the other hand, Chloe was doing great. Her smile was lovely and she was able to memorize the people’s names.

Because she was the best student in the Commerce Department of Adrashelm Royal Girls Academy, many people wanted to get along with her, thinking that she might become a great business partner in the future.



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  1. Kinda sucks to think that her compensation for saving the country from an Ancient Dragon and then saving one of the kingdom’s top mages is getting holed up with all these brown-nosing, loser nobles… Sure, there’s bound to be some nice ones included, but it’s definitely not going to be the majority.
    Everything about being bound to noble society is just kind of depressing to think about. My opinion of the Queen is pretty poor, to be honest. Not as bad as most of the shitty people in this, but noticeably lower than neutral, I guess.

    1. What would you have her do? Lock Mylia up in the palace and school? Maybe baby her? Seems to me the nobility are rather autonomous in this kingdom and the standards lax, otherwise I would have expected some kind of education in how to be a noble when she was ennobled.

      That said, if you wanted Mylia to get some kind of special treatment, she’s already had her share by essentially forcing Chloe’s ennoblement as a requirement for her own which the queen couldn’t well avoid as it would bring into question her fitness to rule.

      Bottom line is that this is nothing to do with the queen, especially if she’s not been informed. If she’d adopted Mylia, or otherwise taken her into her care then she’d have a justification for acting and you might have justification for marking her down for inaction.

      1. I believe that’s kind of the point. Tie her down with noble BS and responsibilities so that she can’t run off and try to be independent. It’s the same reason you generally have a job working you to the bone and keeping you too tired to get any ideas like leaving them for someplace better or implementing revolution.

    2. She good a title, mansion and 120k gold coins. This is just introduction part, she doesn’t need to entertain them if she chooses not to in the future.

      1. For once I agree with Sakura. You guys are talking nonsense about the Queen when she was only doing what she should have done. Think with your head, not your backside.

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