Chapter 3-35 : The Party Has Begun (part 1)


Lapis Lazuli Garden was surrounded by walls that were dyed in dark blue. It had a big building with a multi-purpose hall that could be used for various occasions such as balls, meetings, and parties.

In this world, aristocrats sometimes moved between their territories and the royal capital, but those who had political power tended to spend more than six months every year in the royal capital.

Aristocrats had a stronger curiosity about new topics that were going on in the kingdom than commoners, and recently, Mylia, a 12-year-old Dragon Slayer who had just become a baron, had become a sensational topic in the society.

People couldn’t stop wondering what kind of person she was. Therefore, most of the aristocrats in the kingdom participated in the party. They didn’t want to miss the chance to see the rumored Dragon Slayer in person.

(Uwahh… So many carriages… It seems like the number of people coming to the party is much higher than I expected.)

Mylia frowned as she stared at the front gate from the window in the hallway leading to the waiting room.

Carriages didn’t stop coming from the main street. They made a long line, passed the front gate one by one, and started filling the front yard of the Lapis Lazuli Garden.

While Mylia was wondering how many people were coming, Aria, who was wearing a milky white dress, came from across the corridor.

She noticed Mylia and gave her a cute smile. Mylia then responded to her with a lovely smile as well.

「Mylia-san, all the preparations have been completed. I think we can start the party anytime.」(Aria)

「Say, Aria-san…」(Mylia)

Suddenly, Mylia clung to Aria and held her hand as she said that a little nervously.

「W, What’s the matter, Mylia-san…?」(Aria)

Aria then looked Mylia in the eye as her cheeks turned a bit red.

「I’m getting nervous after seeing so many carriages coming in… I’m not very good at speaking in front of many people…」(Mylia)

「A, Ahh… I see…」(Aria)

Aria let out a sigh for some reason. She then smiled at Mylia.

「It’s going to be alright. You have met the queen, right? Speaking in front of these people won’t be as nerve-wracking as talking to the queen.」(Aria)

「Is that so? By the way, do you know how many people are coming?」(Mylia)

「Umm, I think it’s about four hundred people.」(Aria)

「Four hundred!? I thought it would be a hundred or less…」(Mylia)

(Ugh… I’m getting even more nervous now…)

Aria let go of Mylia’s hand and started explaining.

「We sent the invitation letters to the heads of households, but of course, they wouldn’t go by themselves. Naturally, they would bring their families and relatives as well.」(Aria)

「I see… Only loners come to parties alone after all… Hahh… So I have to speak in front of their relatives too, huh?」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry, Chloe onee-sama will be the MC and do most of the talking. All you have to do is to greet the people and give them the signal to raise their wine and have a toast altogether. After that, you just need to hand over your name cards to them.」(Aria)

「I see. I think I can do it.」(Mylia)

There was a custom where new aristocrats had to distribute their name cards or business cards to the other aristocrats.

The name cards need to contain your full name, family structure, hometown, occupation, and achievements.

Mylia wrote “First-year student of the Magic Department of Adrashelm Girls Royal Academy” for occupation. Nothing impressive there, but for achievements, she wrote “Defeating The Ancient Dragon, Zirnitra” and “Defeating The Ancient Dragon, Basilisk”, which made people respect her despite her age.

As for family structure, she wrote “Head of the family: Baron Mylia || Eldest daughter: Jasmine”.

Chloe wasn’t included in Mylia’s family structure because she was a noble herself, so she was independent, and of course, Robin and Aaron were treated as complete strangers from a different house.

Mylia took out a name card from her pocket and sniffed it.

(I wonder who thought of making good-smelling name cards… Seems like they sprayed it with expensive perfume or something… And if I look at it closely, they put gold dust on the surface… I can’t believe I spent so much money on mere name cards… Well, it’s Chloe onee-chan’s idea, not mine.)

Chloe ordered some packs of name cards with the most expensive design so that the other aristocrats didn’t look down on Mylia. She thought that it was an investment for Mylia to earn respect from the other nobles.

Mylia paid twenty gold coins, which was equivalent to two million yen, for five hundred name cards. That means in Japanese yen, one card costs four thousand yen (about thirty dollars).

Mylia realized the meaning of the words, “Your money will run out in a blink of an eye” Chloe said before they started preparing for the party.

(This is my party. I’m gonna eat as much as I want to make it worth the money!)

The party had not even started yet but Mylia was ready to devour the food arranged on the table at the party venue.

「By the way, Mylia-san, there’s something I want to ask you, but… Umm…」(Aria)

While Mylia was thinking about food, Aria lowered her head and said that to Mylia.

She seemed to hesitate to ask something, but Mylia nodded and smiled at her.

「Aria-san, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. What’s wrong? Is there something bothering your mind?」(Mylia)

Encouraged by Mylia’s words, Aria raised her face.

「Umm… You’re going to confront Miss Robin today, but… What do you feel about that?」(Aria)

When Aria said that, Mylia could tell from her emerald eyes that she was worried.

(Aria-san… What a kind person with a sharp intuition…)

Mylia actually didn’t want to see Robin’s face, and she was surprised that Aria noticed it. She thought that she did a good job hiding it.

She had mixed feelings whenever she talked to Robin, that’s why she didn’t really want to see her.

(I’ve made some friends and families since I regained my past life memories… Chloe onee-chan, Master, Aria-san, Jasmine onee-sama, and even Leaf who recently became my family… I’m surrounded by warm people… I believed that no matter how evil she was, Robin might have some kindness in her heart… I was hoping that someday, she would apologize for what she had done to us… But that day never come…)

Mylia wondered if she could make her relationship with Robin better, but the chance was very slim. It was almost impossible.

(I don’t think that woman will ever apologize from the bottom of her heart…)

While thinking that, Mylia looked Aria in the eye and smirked.

「Aria-san, don’t worry. Let’s do it according to plan and teach that woman a good lesson!」(Mylia)


Seeing Mylia’s determined face, Aria grabbed Mylia’s hand and held it tight.

「Alright then. Let’s go to the venue together!」(Aria)

(Ahh, Aria-san~ She’s so kind, thoughtful, and cute! What an angel!)


Mylia replied to her with a nod, and then the two walked along the corridor, heading to the party venue while holding hands.



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