Chapter 3-34 : The Second Daughter Of The Atwood Family And The Second Son Of The Griffith Family.


It had been a few days since Mylia returned to the royal capital with Jasmine, and it was finally the day of the party.

The party was held at the very popular venue in the royal capital called the Lapis Lazuli Garden.

Actually, in order to use that place, you need to make a reservation a year ahead because this place was very popular, but thanks to the help from Aria’s father who had a lot of connections Mylia was able to secure the place.

(To rent this place and all the equipment for a day, I need to pay two hundred gold coins… It’s equal to twenty million yen… That’s crazy…)

As the party organizer, Mylia was wearing a beautiful dress, and instead of a brooch, she put two Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest.

(I can’t believe someone who rarely has friends like me can be a party organizer. Ahh, I hope everything is going well. I’m so nervous…)

Mylia, who was sitting in the waiting room, put her hands together, feeling nervous.

There would be hundreds of people coming to celebrate Mylia’s ennoblement. Moreover, most of them were from aristocratic families.

It was common in the Kingdom of Adrashelm that someone who just became a noble had to hold a party, and of course, Mylia was no exception.

(Haahh… Living in an aristocratic society really is a pain… I don’t know anyone who’s coming, but I feel like there will be many people with annoying personalities at the party…)

There were many single aristocratic men who came to see Jasmine. There were also aristocrats who came to get close to Mylia.

Of course, not all of them were good people.

(I think it’s about time.)

Mylia stood up and walked toward the stage, ready to start the party as the party organizer.




-A few hours earlier-

Robin got dressed, got out of the extravagant inn she was staying in, and triumphantly got into the carriage that was standing by in front of the inn with the help of a gentleman who was waiting inside.

Robin smiled at him and sat face to face with him.

「To the Lapis Lazuli Garden. Please hurry. The party won’t start without me.」(Robin)

She then said that to the driver as if she was the honored guest of the party.


The driver glanced at Robin through the small window and bowed politely. As soon as he made a clicking noise with his tongue, the horses started moving forward, pulling the carriage.

As the carriage started moving, Robin lowered her gaze to her new high heels and smirked.

(I’ve never thought that that pipsqueak could be so considerate. Well, perhaps she just wanted to impress me as the party organizer.)(Robin)

Robin was wearing a bright red dress that emphasized her cleavage, a gorgeous necklace with a lot of jewelry, and of course, the pair of high heels Mylia prepared just for her. They were shining beautifully on Robin’s feet.

Mylia sent the high heels the other day along with a letter saying, “Dear Robin onee-sama, this is a gift for you. These are top-quality high heels supposedly made by an elf. I hope you like them.”

(I know the fact that they’re made by an elf is just a joke but they’re not bad shoes. Not bad at all.)(Robin)

Robin was happy with the high heels without knowing that they were actually the tool to kick her out of the royal capital.

She didn’t suspect Mylia at all because she thought that Mylia was just an absent-minded girl with a small brain. She had no idea at all about Mylia’s real personality.

「Mylia is such a cute and kind girl. She gave me these high heels. Look.」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin crossed her legs, showing her feet to the man sitting in front of her.

「What do you think, Chris-sama?」(Robin)

As Robin asked, Aria’s older brother, Chris de la Ruzé Griffith, smiled brilliantly at her.

Aria asked him to accompany Robin so that she didn’t do something stupid that could ruin their plan.

Because Mylia was the hero who saved his grandmother, he was willing to do anything to help. Therefore, he was now dealing with Robin while carefully maintaining his distance.

「That’s a beautiful pair of high heels that are suitable for a wonderful lady like you, Miss Robilya.」(Chris)

Chris’ tenor voice tickled Robin’s maiden heart, and his emerald eyes that were gazing at hers made her cheeks turn a bit red.

Chris was like an incubus with great sex appeal and a golden voice that could attract women around him. There were no women in the royal capital who didn’t know him.

To help his big brother, the eldest son of the Griffith Family who would become the next head of the family, Chris joined the Imperial Guard and became one of the most skillful knights in the kingdom. He was also an honorary member of the Kingdom’s Magic Research Institute when he was young.

He was a talented superhuman who every maiden in the royal capital admired.

「Fufu. Thank you. Ahh~ It’s going to be a really fun party~」(Robin)

「I agree.」(Chris)

As he replied to Robin, Chris turned his gaze toward the window, looking at the scenery of the city.

The smile on his face and his long silver hair that swayed sideways as he turned his face made Robin’s heart skip a beat.

「Miss Robilya, I cherish every pleasant event that happens in my life, and my encounter with you is one of them. I can say that I was extremely lucky to have met you.」(Chris)

After saying that, Chris returned his gaze to Robin and smiled.

「Chris-sama, that makes me so happy… I feel the same. Perhaps I was born just to meet you…」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin put her hands on her chest and looked at Chris with an upward gaze, trying to show her feminine side as much as possible.

If Mylia were there, she would definitely puke seeing Robin’s behavior.

「Ahh~ This city really is wonderful… This is truly a place where dreams come true…」(Robin)

Robin had completely thought of herself as the main character of a love story or something.

The fact that she was escorted by the famous second son of the Griffith Family that every woman longed for made the desire to show off filled her mind.

She couldn’t wait to see the jealous expressions of the other women at the party venue when they saw her walk side by side with Chris.

「Miss Robilya, I heard that you are very close to Miss Mylia, and it seems that it’s true knowing that Miss Mylia sent you those pretty shoes as a gift.」(Chris)

「Yes. We are only cousins but she is like a real little sister to me.」(Robin)

「I see. By the way, are you going to live in this city from now on?」(Chris)

「That’s right. First of all, I will help Jasmine to look for her future husband. After that, I will ask her husband to take me on as well as a concubine so that I can live in the same house as Jasmine. After all, she has poor eyesight and can’t live properly without my help. That’s my plan.」(Robin)

Robin replied with the answer she had prepared beforehand.

She told the same thing to the men she met at the party for unmarried aristocrats a while ago.

Listening to Robin’s answer, Chris smiled gently at her.

「I see… You are willing to become a concubine for your cousin’s sake… You’re such a kind lady, Miss Robilya. But how about Miss Mylia?」(Chris)

「Of course, I will take care of her as well. After living in the new house for a while, I will ask her to move and live with me and Jasmine. I’ve been taking care of her since she was very little. She is kind of absent-minded and can’t do anything properly, and because of that, people in our village sometimes make fun of her… I really can’t stand it when I see her being mocked by other people. It hurts my heart…」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin made a fake sad face and looked down, hoping that her cheap act would move Chris’ heart.

Men with little experience would definitely fall for that, but not with Chris. Robin would never be able to deceive him.

「I see… What a poor girl. I’ve never thought that the rumored Dragon Slayer had such a terrible past.」(Chris)

「No matter how great she has become, she is still a poor little girl. But, Chris-sama, I think she would be delighted if… if… she were to have a wonderful brother-in-law like you…」(Robin)

Robin glanced up at Chris as she indirectly proposed to him by saying that.

Chris wasn’t stupid. He knew what Robin meant, and it was all going as he planned.

「…Miss Robilya, actually… there’s something I’d like to talk about with you… When the party is over, would you spare a little bit of your precious time for me?」(Chris)

Hearing Chris’ words, Robin’s heart skipped a beat again.

The overconfident Robin thought that Chris would propose to her.

Her eyes were shining and her heart was filled with expectations.

「O, Of course! I have all the time in the world to have a talk with you!」(Robin)

「Thank you. There is a small island in the middle of the lake in the Lapis Lazuli Garden. I will be waiting for you there. You can go there by crossing a small bridge.」(Chris)

「I understand! I will definitely come to see you!」(Robin)

Robin tried so hard to remember the meeting place with her tiny brain so as not to forget it.

(I was shocked that Mylia became a baron but now it doesn’t matter anymore. My heart and mind are now full of Chris-sama~)(Robin)

Robin was looking forward to having a secret meeting with Chris after the party without doubting him at all.

(Ahh~ I have a feeling that today will be the best day of my life~!)(Robin)

No. It would be the worst day of her life and she had no idea about it.


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