Chapter 3-31 : The Second Daughter In The Royal Capital (part 2)


Meanwhile in the royal capital, the second daughter of the Atwood Family, Robin, was chilling in her luxury room in an expensive inn in the center of the royal capital, unaware that Mylia was preparing a punishment for her.

Wearing only her underwear, she was lying on her bed while reading the stack of letters on the side bed drawer one by one.

「The second son of that baron was too short for my liking… This one was quite good-looking but didn’t seem to have much money… And this oneーー」(Robin)

A day after the party for unmarried aristocrats was held, letters addressed to Robinー no, Robilya started coming to her room.

Most of the contents were requests to marry her sister, Jasmine.

She thought that no one realized that she faked her identity and doubted her fake stories about her good relationship with Jasmine and Mylia was because she was smart, but in fact, she was just lucky.

She didn’t know that Chloe, Mylia, and Aria were planning something behind her back.

Robin threw the letters from the men she wasn’t interested in to the floor and picked another one.

「Hmm… The second son of Viscount Roots wasn’t bad, but… I don’t quite like his face.」(Robin)

Robin was feeling great. She felt like a princess who was selecting a man to become her husband.

Thinking that she could do anything she wanted, she couldn’t stop laughing inside her mind.

By taking advantage of the aristocrats’ desire to marry Jasmine and get close to Mylia, she could buy as many products as she wanted from any store and select a man she wanted to become her husband.

「It’s all thanks to my two stupid little sisters~ Especially, Mylia, who piqued the aristocrats’ interest by becoming a Dragon Slayer. I don’t know how she managed to become one but I’m sure Chloe did something for her. I hate to admit it but that useless girl is smart. Of course, she’s not as smart as me~」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin raised her upper body and grabbed the glass of wine on the side bed drawer.

「Ahh~ The wine in the royal capital is delicious. It makes me want to live in this city forever.」(Robin)

Unlike the wine she was drinking, the wine in the Atwood Territory was awful. It tasted almost like water.

Moreover, her father, Aaron always scolded her when she drank too much, yelling, “I’ll kick your ass if you drink more than one bottle a month!” or “No wine for you until you finish your job!”.

「Ughh… Remembering Father’s red face while he was drinking bottles of wine after forbidding me to drink even a glass makes me sick! But luckily, I will never see his face again~」(Robin)

Robin raised the glass of wine in her hand and exposed it to the incoming sunlight from the window.

「I’m a free woman in this city~」(Robin)

While enjoying her freedom, Robin drank the wine, poured more from the bottle, and kept drinking until the bottle was empty.

The wine Robin drank was a popular wine in the royal capital that had a good balance of acidity and sweetness.

Someone like her wouldn’t be satisfied from only drinking one or two bottles of it.

「Heeyyー! Anybody thereー? Come quicklyー!」(Robin)

While shouting in an unladylike manner, Robin clapped her hands a few times, trying to call a maid who worked in the inn.

A few seconds later, a maid entered her room and bowed once. A drop of sweat ran down her forehead when she saw Robin who was wearing nothing but underwear on her bed and the messy room with expensive dresses, shoes, and pieces of letters scattered all over the place.

「Can I help you, Ma’am?」(maid)

「Bring me more wine!」(Robin)

「Would you like the wine of the same brand or would you like to try another brand?」(maid)

「I want the most expensive one.」(Robin)

「Then, I will recommend you the Sulvenir. It’s a variety of red wine made in the Bluefan territoー」(maid)

「ーTsk! Quit talking and bring me that already! 」(Robin)

「U, Understood. Please wait a moment.」(maid)

「Be quick!」(Robin)

The maid bowed and then immediately left the room.

Nobles who like wine often memorize the taste and compare wines of different brands. It was kind of a hobby for them. But, of course, Robin didn’t have such a hobby. Even though she was a daughter of an aristocrat, she was just a country bumpkin who tried to act like a noble lady from a big city.

A few minutes later, the maid returned with a bottle of wine and a glass in her hands. She opened the cork stopper, poured the wine into the glass, and left the room.

「Geez. Why did this inn hire such a slowpoke like her?」(Robin)

After bad-mouthing the maid who just left, Robin sipped the wine.

「She kinda reminds me of Jasmine. Aahh~ I wonder what kind of face she will make when she realizes I’m only using her~ Jasmine, do you think I will let you get married? Nope~ In the end, the man who wants to marry you will become my husband~ Kaahahaha!」(Robin)

Robin started laughing when she imagined Jasmine’s desperate face while enjoying the wine.

「I bet that girl still believes that a knight riding a pegasus will come to take her someday, but unfortunately for her, such a knight won’t come. Instead, a perverted knight riding a donkey will. Kahaha! I wonder if Alex is teasing her right now in the mansion. Khukhu!」(Robin)

Robin kept laughing while holding her stomach.

She then recalled when she found Mylia at the party for unmarried aristocrats.

「Mylia… I wonder why she came to that party… Come to think of her, she almost revealed my true identity because of her ignorance. I have to punish her for that.」(Robin)

While thinking that, Robin got out of the bed, placed her wine glass on the side bed drawer, and walked toward the suitcase she placed in the corner of the room.

She then opened the suitcase with the key she left nearby. There was a leather bag and a lot of jewelry inside.

When she picked up the leather bag, the sound of coins rubbing against each other was heard.

「Khu khu khu~」(Robin)

She sat cross-legged on the floor, poured all the gold coins from the leather bag, and started counting them with a big smile on her face.

「Mylia, I hate you but thanks to you, I have this much money for the first time in my life~」(Robin)

Robin made that money from selling expensive paintings and jewelry at a pawn shop. She got them from various stores by making use of Jasmine’s engagement letter and Mylia’s name.

After counting the gold coins, she put them back in the leather bag. She then threw the bag into the suitcase and returned to her bed to start reading the letters again.

「Hahh… None of these men pique my interest anymore since I met him… Ahh~ Chris-sama~」(Robin)

Robin’s face turned a bit red when she remembered the face of Aria’s big brother, Chris de la Ruzé Griffith.

「I wonder if he will send me a letter someday…」(Robin)

She couldn’t forget his face ever since she met him at the party for unmarried aristocrats.

His good-looking face, his perfect height, and the way he treated Robin when they talked about flowers at the party melted Robin’s heart.

Yesterday, they happened to meet at the horse-riding event, and Robin used that chance to tell him where the inn she was staying at was.

「It would be wonderful if I could marry him… I would be the wife of a duke~ Mufufu~」(Robin)

Robin laid down on the bed and closed her eyes, imagining herself marrying Chris in the future while grinning.

However, she had no idea at all that Chris had a connection with Mylia.



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  1. Reading bitchy robin makes me sick.. i can’t wait for her punishment. It would be nice if it will super satisfying punishment.

    1. It is dark, but i cannot help but internally laugh at that image. I am just imagining her being dead but being such a waste of organic matter that the decomposers in nature just don’t ever touch her corpse and her corpse just looks like it only recently died. Not because of some saintly incorruptibility (of course it would not be that) but because even the living things that feed off of and break down dead organic matter are just like “Ew, we may be sh*t and corpse eaters but even this meal is too gross for us.”

  2. Leaving unrealistic marriage aspirations aside, why does she think that Chris will be a duke?
    Sure, he is son of duke, but, as far as i remember, not first. And isn’t even interested in fighting for the seat.

    1. “Why does she think that Chris will be a duke?”

      Same as all narcissists: conceitedness. Once she has her own (usually false) image in her mind, it’s next to impossible to shake that image away because of course it HAS to be correct (/s). This is the same character flaw that Mylia and Chloe are exploiting with the rocket shoes and satisfyingly so.

    2. It wasn’t mentioned which number son of Duke Griffith Chris is. It just said that he was A son of Duke Griffith.

    1. I just wish Bonnie escapes that hell hole. She doesn’t deserve it. The atmosphere will become even worse when Chloe plans takes place. She suffered more than all sisters combined.

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  5. I find it amusing that the one Robin is most attracted to is the one who has been told how trash she is, and was likely holding in his disgust the whole time she was with him.

    It goes two ways, don’t it, Robin?

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