Chapter 3-31 : The Second Daughter In The Royal Capital (part 1)


「By the way, Master, have you finished the high heelsー I mean, the rocket engine?」(Mylia)

「Of course~ Now you just need to enchant it with your magical power.」(Titania)

While saying that, Titania took out the high heels from her magic bag and put them on the table.

Because they were outdoors, the high heels that were embedded with twenty magic stones were shining in the sunlight.

They looked like a premium, expensive pair of high heels no matter how you look at them.

「Whoa! They look perfect! You did a great job, Master!」(Mylia)

「Of course~ Who do you think I am?」(Titania)

「The greatest and the most beautiful elven witch in the world!」(Mylia)

「You know me too well.」(Titania)

Titania put her hands on her waist and smiled with a smug face. Still, she looked beautiful no matter what expression she made.

「Titania-sama, you’re so lovely!」(Jasmine)

Jasmine, who could now see Titania’s face, applauded and complimented her.

(Jasmine onee-sama, you too are lovely~)

While thinking that, Mylia approached the table and took a closer look at the high heels.

Mylia planned to send the high heels along with a party invitation letter to Robin. She thought that there was no way Robin could refrain from wearing those expensive-looking shoes.

(I left the preparation of the party to Aria-san. I wonder if everything is going well in the royal capital…)

By the way, there were two missions entrusted to Mylia. The first one was to free Jasmine and take her to the royal capital, and the second one was to think of a punishment for Robin.

Chloe entrusted Mylia with those missions because she could use magic.

In the meantime, Chloe was dealing with the aristocrats who were fooled by Robin and looking for the man Robin cheated on her husband with a long time ago, while Aria was preparing for the party and inviting other aristocrats using her status as a Duke’s daughter.

Chloe thought that her plan was perfect, but she didn’t realize that there was a miscalculation. She didn’t know that the wicked magic item called “Anti-Robin High Heels” a.k.a “Autopilot Jet Rocket” was completed.

Mylia once told Chloe that she wanted to use Robin as the guinea pig to test that magic item and turn her into a human rocket, but Chloe stopped her because it might kill Robin.

Chloe thought that Mylia would only paralyze Robin or do something with her magic and send her back to the Atwood territory. She didn’t think that Mylia would really turn Robin into a human rocket.

「Alright. I’m going to inject my magical power and apply my Jet Rocket Magic to these high heels.」(Mylia)

As she said that with a carefree tone, Mylia stuck out her hands toward the high heels and began to inject her magical power into the magic stones embedded in the high heels one by one.

When she started doing that, a big magic circle appeared under her feet and her hands emitted a dazzling glow.

Jasmine, who was sitting next to Mylia, looked curiously at the magic circle under her feet. It was the first time she had seen a magic circle clearly, and she thought that it looked beautiful.

Because Mylia hadn’t set up the air route from the royal capital to the Atwood Family with her GPS Magic, she decided to add the GPS function to the high heels later.

For now, she focused on injecting her magical power into some of the magic stones that would become the power source for the high heels to make Robin fly. This task was harder than she thought because she needed to calculate the output power of her Jet Rocket Magic and measure the amount of magical power she was injecting based on that.

(Ughh… It’s quite difficult… I can hardly inject my magical power. It’s not flowing into these magic stones as I imagine…)

Mylia groaned as she kept concentrating on injecting her magical power.

As she kept doing that, the color of the magic stones started to become more vivid.

She was able to do the job but it took her about ten minutes just to inject her magical power into one magic stone.

「Hmm… I think it will take three or four hours to inject my mana into all these magic stones…」(Mylia)

「Let me see.」(Titania)

Titania grabbed one of the high heels and took a closer look at the magic stones that had been imbued with Mylia’s magical power.

「Hoo~ You did a good job. Don’t worry, if you keep repeating it, you will get used to it and will be able to do it faster.」(Titania)

「Alright, I’ll do my best!」(Mylia)

After she replied to Titania with a cheerful voice, she remembered that she brought a souvenir from the World Tree.

「It will take some time, so while I’m doing this task, you guys can eat the lettuce I got from Leaf. It’s very delicious!」(Mylia)

Mylia took out the wooden box containing the leaves of the World Tree from her magic bag and put some of them on a wooden plate on the table.

「Oh, right. It will taste better if you eat it with fruits.」(Mylia)

She then took out some fruits she got from Leaf and put them on the plate as well.

After that, she turned her gaze to the high heels and began injecting her magical power again.

「Alright, here we go!」(Mylia)

As the magic circle reappeared under her feet and her hands started to glow again, Mylia entered full concentration mode.

(I think I should try to keep it as steady as before but at a faster pace… Alright, it’s looking good…)

While Mylia was doing her job, Titania and Jasmine looked at the wooden plate in front of them.

「Wait a minute… Lettuce, you said…? Aren’t these the leaves of the World Tree!? Did the dryad give you these?」(Titania)

Titania asked but Mylia who was concentrating while closing her eyes didn’t hear her.

「She’s not listening…」(Titania)

「Fufu. She’s always lost in thought while she’s concentrating like that.」(Jasmine)

「You’re right. Anyway, let’s eat these leaves, shall we? I heard that they’re way more delicious than regular vegetables. I believe you eat them like this.」(Titania)

Saying that, Titania wrapped one of the fruits with a leaf of the World Tree.

「I see.」(Jasmine)

Jasmine did the same, and then they started eating.

「Mmm~! It melts in my mouth as soon as I chew it. It tastes sweet and fresh and goes well with the sweetness of the fruit!」(Titania)

「Whoa… It’s far better than I thought. It’s totally different from the vegetables of poor quality I usually ate in the mansion.」(Jasmine)

They kept eating the leaves and the fruits until they emptied the wooden plate.

「Mylia, I want more! Please!」(Titania)

Titania asked for more leaves of the World Tree, but Mylia, who was in full concentration mode, didn’t notice the voice of the gluttonous elf.




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    1. No, there is only shoujo ai. It means only relationship between girls as best friends or warm family. Don’t forget there is no romance in this novel.

      1. WRONG. Shoujo Ai DOESN’T mean care/love between females. Shoujo Ai means Nymphophilia a.k.a. Lolicon. In other words, Things like Baron Hansen/Alex x Mylia/Chloe/Penelope/Jasmine.

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