Chapter 3-32 : Chloe And Jasmine’s Reunion (part 1)


It took hours for Mylia to finish injecting her magical power into all the magic stones embedded in the high heels. It was already afternoon by the time she completed it.

After enjoying the afternoon tea for a while, Mylia decided to leave.

「Master, thank you for all your help. We’re leaving now.」(Mylia)

「Are you sure? It’s almost dark. You can stay the night here if you want.」(Titania)

「Umm, I want to return to the royal capital as soon as possible. There’s still a lot to do. But, if Jasmine onee-sama wants to stay, then…」(Mylia)

「No. I don’t mind if you want to go now. Besides, I don’t want to trouble Titania-sama more than this.」(Jasmine)

「You’re not troubling me, but if that’s what you want, then I won’t stop you.」(Titania)

「It’s decided then. Master, can I borrow a carpet or a board? Holding Jasmine onee-sama while flying all the way to the royal capital will be hard for my little arms.」(Mylia)

「Sure. Wait a sec.」(Titania)

After Titania swirled her index finger, a carpet came out of her house and flew toward them.

「Thank you. Alright then, we’re off!」(Mylia)

As she said that, Mylia applied her Gravity Magic on the carpet that was floating in the air, hopped onto it, and sat down.

「Be careful on your way. I’ll always be here so please come again.」(Titania)

「I will!」(Mylia)

Mylia then stretched her arm toward Jasmine to help her get onto the carpet.

「Titania-sama, thank you for taking care of me.」(Jasmine)

「No problem. I hope you like living in the royal capital.」(Titania)

「I’m sure I will.」(Jasmine)

「Alright then. Take care, Master!」(Mylia)

「You too.」(Titania)

After waving at each other, Mylia and Jasmine took off from the forest, leaving Titania behind.

「Flying on a carpet like this makes me feel like Aladdin!」(Mylia)

「Aladdin? Who is that?」(Jasmine)

「Just a character in a story. By the way, Onee-sama, unlike when we flew away from the mansion the other day, you can see things clearly now. Are you not afraid of heights?」(Mylia)

When Mylia asked that, Jasmine looked up at the sky and then looked down at the sea of trees and the grassland below.

「Umm, it seems like I’m fine with heights. I’m not afraid at all… So, this is what the view when you’re flying in the sky looks like. The sky… The forest… The mountains… They look amazing!」(Jasmine)


Jasmine was enjoying the view with her eyes wide open. She was amazed by the beautiful scenery she had never seen before.

By the way, before taking off, Mylia made an invisible sphere surrounding the carpet to prevent them from falling and protect them from the wind.

「Mylia, look! There’s a flock of birds flying next to us! …Whoaa! Mylia, are those white animals sheep? I can see them clearly even from this height. They look so fluffy!」(Jasmine)

Saying that, Jasmine turned her face to Mylia and smiled.

Jasmine rarely smiled when she still lived in the Atwood’s mansion, but now she could live her life with smiles every day.

Seeing the lovely smile of her older sister, Mylia couldn’t help but smile back at her.

(I wonder if I made the same face when I left that mansion a couple of months ago…)

While wondering, Mylia turned her face in the direction of the royal capital.

(I hope Chloe onee-chan is not worrying about us. Well, we’re only a day behind schedule because I stayed at the World Tree for a night, so I don’t think there’s a problem. Still, we need to hurry.)

The party to celebrate Mylia and Chloe’s ennoblement would be held in four days. They didn’t have much time considering there was still so much to prepare.

「Jasmine onee-sama, do you mind if I increase the speed?」(Mylia)

「Of course, I don’t mind. I want to see Chloe as soon as possible.」(Jasmine)


Mylia started to manipulate her magical power and enhanced the Gravity Magic applied on the carpet to boost the speed a little.

They kept flying until the sun went down. Luckily, they found vacant land that seemed to be a good place to set up a camp at.

「Jasmine onee-sama, it’s getting dark, so let’s set up a camp there.」(Mylia)


After they landed, they set up the tent that Mylia stored in her magic bag, and then made a small campfire.

After that, Mylia made a barrier with her magic to prevent monsters and beasts from attacking them.

「The stars look marvelous… I could barely see them before… It feels like a dream that I’m able to see them clearly now… This is so much fun!」(Jasmine)

「I’m glad you’re having fun cause I’m having fun too!」(Mylia)

「It’s all thanks to you, Mylia. Thank you.」(Jasmine)

「Hehe~ You’re welcome.」(Mylia)

They both sat down surrounding the campfire and talked about various things.

Mylia told Jasmine about her life in the royal capital and about her experiences as a student of Adrashlem Royal Girls Academy.

After talking for a while, Mylia started to get hungry.

「Jasmine onee-sama, are you hungry? It’s about time for dinner.」(Mylia)

「I am. Let’s eat.」(Jasmine)

「Oh, right! You’ve never eaten Basilisk neck meat, right?」(Mylia)


「It’s an elder dragon.」(Mylia)

「D-Dragon!? Is that even edible?」(Jasmine)

「Of course. And it tastes incredible! I’m sure you will like it.」(Mylia)

「If you say so…」(Jasmine)

Mylia took out her shichirin (Japanese small charcoal grill), lit the charcoal, and started grilling the Basilisk neck meat that had been smeared in soy sauce.

She then put the grilled meat on the plates, and then they started eating it along with the leaves of the World Tree.

「Whoaa…! You’re right. It tastes fantastic! It’s so different from the venison we usually ate in the mansion.」(Jasmine)

「I know, right~? Mmm~! And this World Tree lettuce makes it even better! Hamm mmm! Mmm~! *munch munch*」(Mylia)

「Mylia, slow down or you will choke.」(Jasmine)

「But I can’t stop! Hmm mmm! Mmm!!」(Mylia)


Seeing Mylia eat the meat wrapped in a leaf of the World Tree like a squirrel, Jasmine couldn’t help but laugh a little.

After they finished eating, they enjoyed tea time for a while and then went to sleep.




The next day, they woke up early in the morning.

After brushing their teeth, they ate grilled Basilisk neck meat with bread as breakfast and then continued heading to the royal capital.

They reached the royal capital at noon.

When they arrived at Mylia’s mansion, Jasmine was dumbfounded to see how big Mylia’s mansion was.

「Th, This is your mansion…?」(Jasmine)

「Yup. The queen gave it to me.」(Mylia)

「It’s far bigger, cleaner, and sturdier than Father’s mansion…」(Jasmine)

「Of course. You can’t compare it with that wrecked house. I think Chloe onee-chan will return soon. Let’s wait inside.」(Mylia)

When they went inside the mansion, several maids who had been waiting by the front door bowed at the two.

「「Welcome home, Lady Mylia.」」(maids)

「W, Whoa…」(Jasmine)

Jasmine was surprised to learn that her little sister was served by maids.

「I’m home~ Can you serve some tea for us?」(Mylia)

「Right away.」(maid)

「Jasmine onee-sama, let’s go to my office.」(Mylia)

「A, Alright…」(Jasmine)

Jasmine, who was still astonished, followed Mylia to her office.

After having some tea brewed by the maid while sitting on the sofa for a while, Chloe entered the room.

「Ah, Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

「Mylia, welcome home. Good work on getting Jasmine onee-sama out of that mansion!」(Chloe)

「Well, a lot happened but I managed to get her out.」(Mylia)

「A lot happened…? Can you tell me the details later?」(Chloe)

「S, Sure…」(Mylia)

(Uhh… I don’t know if I should tell Onee-chan that I beat that musclebrain and the lolicon to pulp…)

While Mylia was thinking that, Chloe turned her gaze toward Jasmine and smiled. Jasmine then smiled back at her and stood up.

「Jasmine onee-sama…」(Chloe)


Chloe approached Jasmine and hugged her. Jasmine hugged Chloe back and stroked her head.

「Ahh… Jasmine onee-sama… I’m happy to see you again…」(Chloe)

「Me too, Chloe… Seems like you’ve been doing well living in this city.」(Jasmine)




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  1. Best them to a pulp. LoL. Your and my definition of beat to a pulp are very different. The oaf didn’t have a scratch on him.

    1. You obviously don’t know how to read properly. Need me to teach you how? Or are you just that violent and uncivilized?

  2. These 3 sisters are too fluffy… I want to cuddle them, gave them head pats, and a warm meals (I can cook), oh also a hot chocolate for drink :p

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