Chapter 3-11 : She Found Me!


(Now it is certain that Robin left Jasmine onee-sama in the Atwood’s mansion and came here to the royal capital by herself.)

While still using Sound-Catching magic and Clairvoyance to overhear the conversation between Robin and the young men surrounding her, Mylia folded her arms, thinking.

(If I’m not mistaken, that Darryl guy mentioned that Jasmine onee-sama was Robin’s cousin, right? That means that woman is completely faking her identity as a kind woman named Robilya who is a cousin of Jasmine de la Atwood.)

While thinking, Mylia tried to recall the family tree she had seen in the Atwood’s mansion’s library.

She remembered that Aaron’s younger brother, who lived on the west side of the Atwood territory, had a daughter named Robilya.

(I see… No one would talk to her if they knew that she was the rumored divorcee after all. That’s why she faked her identity. But… Even though Robilya is our relative, she is not that musclebrain’s daughter, so she’s basically a commoner, right? Will that viscount’s second son marry a woman with such a status?)

Mylia was confused. She thought that Robin’s plan still had flaws.

However, she figured it out after listening to Robin’s next words.

『Actually, it will be great if Jasmine and I can marry the same man. Because of my status, I will let Jasmine be the first wife, and I will be the second wife. That way, I can take care of Jasmine more easily~』(Robin)

『Hoo, I see.』(Darryl)

(Aa! Why didn’t I realize that? Of course, you can have more than one wife in this world! So she doesn’t care if she has to be the second wife as long as she can marry a man, huh?)

A commoner cannot be the first wife of an aristocrat but they still can live together with them as a concubine.

Darryl, the viscount’s second son, nodded and glanced at Robin’s cleavage as he listened to her.

(Eww… This is why I hate men…)

Mylia was disgusted as she looked at Darryl through Clairvoyance.

『By the way, do you get along with Miss Mylia de la Atwood, the Dragon Slayer?』(Darryl)

(Oh? He mentioned my name…)

『Of course! She is as precious as Jasmine is to me. We often pick lavender together, share food with each other, and do lots of other fun things together~!』(Robin)

(Geh! Says the evil woman who hit my head and slapped my face thousands of times!)

Feeling disgusted by Robin’s words, Mylia made an expression like a Noh mask.

『Hee, that’s wonderful. What kind of person is Miss Mylia?』(Darryl)

『Hmm, she is actually not a very smart girl. She is absent-minded and doesn’t talk much. She often stares into blank space with her mouth open, and when she does that, sometimes small bugs land in her mouth without her realizing.』(Robin)

『I, Is that so…? I can’t believe the rumored Dragon Slayer is such a girl…』(Darryl)

(Hey! I did act absent-minded like that but no matter how insensitive I was, I would definitely realize if there was a bug entering my mouth!)

『Even I, a person close to her, still can’t believe that she has received those Dragon Slayer medals. How could an absent-minded girl like her kill a dragon? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?』(Robin)

When Robin said that, Darryl and the other young men around them started talking with each other in hushed voices.

They started to think that there might be a mistake but they didn’t say it out loud because it would be the same as denying the queen’s decision.

『Even though she is a Dragon Slayer, she is still my cute and precious cousin. Therefore, I’m planning to take care of her as well. She is an absent-minded girl but it’s true that she can use magic. She will surely be able to help others with her powers, and that’s the reason why she left for the royal capital.』(Robin)

『I see, I see…』(Darryl)

Listening to Robin, the viscount’s second son nodded solemnly.

『I’m planning to take care of both Jasmine and Mylia, so gentlemen, you don’t need to worry if you want to take Jasmine and me as your wives~』(Robin)

While saying that, Robin looked around at the young men surrounding her with a beautiful but fake smile.

At that moment, everyone started to seriously see Robin as an attractive woman.

In their eyes, Robin was a kind woman who cared about Jasmine and was close to Mylia, the rumored Dragon Slayer. Therefore, they started to think that marrying Robin as a second wife might be a brilliant idea.

Moreover, having two wives was bliss for a man.

Everyone was looking at Robin with manly faces.

『Ah… Please forgive me if I sound like I’m looking for a marriage partner, but please understand that I’m doing it for Jasmine…』(Robin)

Mylia didn’t miss the smirk on Robin’s face when she said that.

(I know that face… She has no intention of letting Jasmine onee-sama get married at all… Also, she is probably planning to extort me for money like when she got rocksalt from me… It’s the same as that time…)

Remembering her life when she lived at the Atwood’s mansion, Mylia felt bitter in her mouth.

(It looks like Robin still thinks that I’m an absent-minded girl. That’s why she acts without hesitation.)

Mylia thought that Robin’s actions so far were connected with each other.

She deactivated her Sound-Catching Magic and Clairvoyance so that she could focus on thinking.

(Alright, before I can do something, I think I should review the information I got so far. First, Robin still thinks that I’m the stupid and absent-minded Mylia. Second, Jasmine onee-sama is not in the royal capital. Robin left her at home. Third, she is faking her identity as Robilya. Fourth, she is using my name to look for a marriage partner. Fifth, she has no intention of taking Jasmine onee-sama to the royal capital… I think that’s all I found out for now.)

Because Robin still thought that Mylia was an absent-minded girl, she didn’t hesitate to buy jewelry, dresses, etc. using Mylia’s name. She also faked her identity because she thought that the stupid Mylia wouldn’t realize it.

(Now… I wonder how I will punish her. Hmm…)

Mylia stuck out her lower lip, thinking how she would repay Robin for her terrible treatment so far.

(Maybe I can take advantage of the fact that she still thinks that I’m a stupid, absent-minded girl… First, I have to deny her fake identity, but… How can I prove that she is not Robilya? Perhaps I should ask Jasmine onee-sama to help me… Oh, right. In addition, I can start looking for a good marriage partner for Jasmine onee-sama. I can’t trust Robin after all…)

For Mylia, Jasmine was more like a friend who shared the same pain than an older sister.

Mylia sometimes protected Jasmine with magic when she was bullied by Robin.

Sometimes Jasmine didn’t feel pain after being hit by Robin. Sometimes Robin suddenly had a stomach ache when she was about to bully Jasmine.

Jasmine knew that something strange was going on but she didn’t realize that it was all Mylia’s doing. Jasmine didn’t know that Mylia could use magic until Mylia left for the royal capital because Chloe told Mylia not to tell anyone.

(If only that evil woman didn’t exist… Jasmine onee-sama wouldn’t have suffered…)

Mylia recalled Jasmine’s smile behind the long hair that covered her face.

Mylia had been busy with herself since she came to the royal capital. Now she felt sorry for Jasmine who was still living in that mansion.

(Jasmine onee-sama, please wait for me. I will definitely go see you later.)

While thinking that, Mylia nodded to herself.

(Before I can start looking for a good marriage partner for Jasmine onee-sama, I need to find the aristocratic families who are related to Robin… I will need Onee-chan and Aria-san’s help for this…)

When Mylia thought that, the music stopped and everyone at the party started applauding.

It seemed that the dance was over. The men and women who just danced in the center of the venue bowed to everyone applauding them.

(I think I should go back to Onee-chan and Aria-san.)

Mylia moved from the shade of a decorative plant where she was hiding. However, when she was about to start walking toward where Chloe and Aria were, Robin happened to see her.

(Oh, no…)

It was too late for Mylia to run away.

Mylia’s lavender-colored hair was very noticeable even from a distance.

Robin squinted as she saw Mylia. She then walked toward Mylia while holding a glass of wine in her right hand.

(No way! She found me…!)

「You…! Why the hell are you here!?」(Robin)


Robin looked down at Mylia with a scary expression as always. Mylia then immediately switched herself to her absent-minded version in reflex.



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      I think it was said before that robbin didn’t know she was a baron now, so there is no way she know her relation with the queen.

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