Chapter 3-10 : Robin’s Plan


The party venue was filled with people in their mid-teens to early twenties. However, the majority of women were teenagers.

Robin, who looked mature and tall, was more conspicuous than other women.

「Onee-chan, why do you think those men are surrounding Robin?」(Mylia)

While looking at the crowd of young men, Mylia asked Chloe but Chloe didn’t answer.

When Mylia looked behind, she didn’t see Chloe and Aria there.

「Eh? Onee-chan? Aria-san? ….Where did they go?」(Mylia)

Mylia looked around and found Chloe and Aria surrounded by many men.

(Aaa! How could I not notice those men!? Were they waiting until we were done talking with Count Sausage!?)

He was Count Bacon, not Count Sausage…

Mylia didn’t notice them at all because she was so focused on finding Robin.

「O’ Black-haired angel, it’s an honor to speak to you!」
「Would you like to dance with me, my lady?」
「Hey, you’re Miss Chloe, the number one student in the Commerce Department, right? Please dance with me!」(men)

「I’m sorry, but I came here with my little sister, so…」(Chloe)

Chloe, who was taken aback by the situation, kept turning the men down with a troubled face. However, it just made the men more excited for some reason.

(She looks like a famous celebrity surrounded by fans!)

Mylia jumped several times while raising her hands so that Chloe could notice her.

Chloe then sent a strict gaze toward Mylia and slightly shook her head as if saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of these men, so don’t do anything stupid. Be a good girl and wait for me”.

They had been together for a long time, so Mylia somehow could understand what Chloe was thinking even though they couldn’t communicate with telepathy.

Meanwhile, next to Chloe, Aria was also surrounded by several young and intelligent-looking men.

「My lady, may I know your name?」
「O’ Goddess of Beauty!」
「You look so cute!」(men)

Aria looked confused probably because she didn’t expect to be talked to by men. However, she tried to stay calm and politely turned them down one by one. She couldn’t be rude because it would damage her father’s name.

(Aria-san looks like an idol in the middle of an autograph session! Aah, I want her autograph too!)

When Aria noticed Mylia, she looked at her and nodded as if telling her that she could handle it.

(I want to save them but… There are too many men surrounding them. I may cause a fuss if I use magic on them. Besides, Onee-chan told me not to do anything stupid…)

There was nothing Mylia could do but wait until Chloe and Aria could get rid of those men themselves.

(Can’t be helped. I guess I’ll continue the investigation myself while waiting for them.)

Mylia walked toward the group of men surrounding Robin and hid behind a big decorative plant.

She then activated her Sound-Catching Magic to eavesdrop on Robin’s conversation with the men.

『Nice to meet you~』(Robin)

(Eh!? Is that really her voice…!?)

Robin’s voice sounded different from usual. She talked with the men with a sweet, soothing voice as if she was really a good lady.

Mylia had goosebumps all over her body.

『Nice to meet you too. My name is Rubel Jones.』(Rubel)

Apparently, Robin was exchanging greets with the young men one by one.

『I’m Robilya de la Atwood. Thank you for calling out to me.』(Robin)

『Miss Robilya, it’s a pleasure to talk with a lovely lady like you. I feel like this is the luckiest day in my life.』(Rubel)

『Oh, my~ You’re good at flattering a woman, aren’t you? Fufu.』(Robin)

(Ro… Robilya!? Who in the world is that!? She’s obviously faking her name!)

Mylia was confused by Robin’s actions but she tried to stay calm and continued listening to the conversation.

『Rubel-sama, may I know where you are from?』(Robin)

『Ah, I’m actually a baronet. I govern a territory in the east of the kingdom.』(Rubel)

『I see. Are you doing business as well?』(Robin)

『I have an orchard at my home. It’s not that big but I make a considerable amount of money from it. There’s nothing special in my territory but it has beautiful mountains and beautiful rivers which are our sources of water. I hope you will come to visit someday.』(Rubel)

『I’m sorry if I’m being rude but I don’t really like being in the countryside. It seems like my skin is sensitive to the air in the countryside.』(Robin)

(Look who’s talking! You have been living in a small village where you have to walk for a month to get to the nearest convenience store!)

Mylia was so annoyed that she called the Southern City of Hamanulle a convenience store.

『I, Is that so? Then it can’t be helped. Ahaha…』(Rubel)

(I feel kinda bad for that young man but he better stay away from that woman.)

Mylia silently applauded the young man who just avoided the deadly trap.

『Darryl-sama, what do you think of the countryside?』(Robin)

Robin turned her gaze to another man as if she completely lost interest in the young man named Rubel.

(Uhh, I can’t see them clearly from here… Clairvoyance!)

While still hiding behind the decorative plant, Mylia used clairvoyance so that she could see Robin more clearly.

『Hmm… Because I was born and raised in the royal capital, I don’t really like places with few people like the countryside.』(Darryl)

『As expected from the second son of Viscount Roots! Looks like we share the same thoughts. I heard that you run a big business. That’s wonderful!』(Robin)

『Haha! But being a talented person like me is not easy, you know?』(Darryl)

While saying that, the tall blonde young man, Darryl, shrugged his shoulders, looking proud of himself.

(This person annoys me somehow…)

Apparently, Darryl Roots was the type of arrogant person that Mylia hates.

Robin made a lot of body contact with him. It looked like she was aiming for him.

The viscount’s second son, Darryl Roots, was a young man who still looked sixteen or seventeen years old.

He looked shy when Robin touched his arm. Perhaps he wasn’t used to women.

Seeing his shy behavior, Robin pressed her chest against his arm on purpose, pretending to try to take the wine glass on the table behind him.

『Ahh… I’m sorry.』(Robin)

『N-No! It’s okay!』(Darryl)

The other men around them looked at the two with envious eyes.

(Hiiiiyyy!! My back feels itchy from seeing her shameful act!)

Meanwhile, Mylia was scratching her back like a monkey.

A couple passing behind Mylia looked away from her, thinking that she was a weirdo or something.

Darryl, who just noticed that Robin was trying to get a glass of wine, clapped his hands twice. Soon after, a maid came with a glass of wine and handed it to Robin.

『Ahem. By the way, Miss Robilya. Are you close with your cousin, Miss Jasmine?』(Darryl)

『Yes. We always play together whenever I visit the Atwood territory. She has bad eyesight so I always hold her hand when we go out for a walk.』(Robin)

(Yeah, hold her hand and hit her head! This sly woman is really good at lying!)

Mylia clenched her fist. She was eager to use magic on Robin.

(No, this is not the time. Calm down, Mylia… Before I can punish her, I have to confirm what her plan is and which aristocratic family she is targeting…)

Mylia had been holding back for four years when she was living in the Atwood’s mansion, so she was already used to it.

『Really? That’s cute. You’re really kind to Miss Jasmine.』(Darryl)

『Fufu. She’s my lovely cousin after all. That’s why I planned to marry the person in the same family as her future fiancé. First of all, I will find a good man, marry him, and get along with his family members. After that, I will prepare a comfortable environment for Jasmine to live in that family, and then I will bring her here to the royal capital.』(Robin)

「Ha, Haaaa!?」(Mylia)


When Mylia suddenly stood up and shouted in shock, the couple, who were flirting with each other behind Mylia, was surprised and shook their shoulders.

(What a liar! She doesn’t care about Jasmine onee-sama at all!)

Mylia was pissed off by the hypocrite Robin who was acting as if she was trying to help Jasmine.

However, she then took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself down.

(Calm down… I need to calm down… I need to control my emotions or the flow of my magical power will be disturbed… Master said you may be angry but you need to stay calm…)

While recalling Titania’s teachings, Mylia shook her head several times.

(Now it’s confirmed that Jasmine onee-sama is not here in the royal capital. I see now… From the beginning, that woman was planning to marry a rich young man so that she can leave the Atwood Family…)



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    1. The man in the mirror nods his head!
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    1. This entire arc is super long and unnecessarily stretched. They would made an elaborate scheme and use quite a bit of bluffing without any real reason to do so. Not even mentioning that this bluffing would also be quite damaging to Millia’s reputation.
      I understand why author is doing it, but without providing enough reason for characters to behave that way – it only feels annoying.
      It’s as you said – just walk up and mirder her. If not physically, then socially. It’s easy, since Robin is reckless and leave tons of evidence, together with her not having any rank, basically commoner, and Millia is a noble, favourite of a queen, and a freaking double dragon slayer.
      I don’t remember exactly how much, but there is about 20 or so chapters before resolution.

      1. 20 chapters! Seriously! I’m out this part is just plain annoying to read I’m not sitting through 20 more chapters of this

      2. Go back to school and study literature properly all over again. And this time pay attention in class instead of sleeping. This is the correct way to write a story. Not that you would know. I know because I was number one in my grade for narrative writing and essays.

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