Chapter 2-46 : Invoices


Mylia had been busy since she became a baron.

First, she went to the school director’s room to give him the details about Daemon’s Map and promised to help him look for a way to break the curse that turned him into a rabbit.

After that, she discussed with Chloe and Aria the rights for the recipe of the potion that can break the petrification curse.

Chloe advised Aria and Mylia not to make the recipe public. She thought it would be a waste to hand over the gold mine like that for free. The income earned from selling the recipe would be split evenly between Mylia and Aria.

After that, Mylia was busy preparing for the party to celebrate her ennoblement.

「Aaaahh…! There’s no end to this…!」(Mylia)

In the mansion gifted to her by the queen, within the office, Mylia was writing hundreds of party invitation letters.

「I feel like I’m writing New Year’s cards in the Showa era! This is so tiring!」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia let go of her quill pen and made it float, playing with it with gravity magic.

*/In the Showa era, people handwrote New Year’s cards for their acquaintances because they didn’t have printers at that time.

「Showa? What are you talking about? You’re using magic to write most of the letters, so stop complaining. If you have time to complain, you better use it to write more.」(Chloe)

Chloe grabbed the quill pen that was floating in the air and put it in Mylia’s hand.

「But using magic to write tons of letters is super tiring, you know? I need to concentrate after all… I wanna take a break…」(Mylia)

「You can take a break after you’re done with your job.」(Chloe)

「But, Onee-chaaaann… Writing invitation letters to people I don’t know is just self-torture! I wanna take a break… I wanna eat meat…」(Mylia)

While saying that, Mylia put her head on the table.

She had been working since yesterday, so she was already at her limit now.

By the way, she got permission from the school to skip classes for this.

「Mylia-san, hang in there! After you’re done, let’s go to the main street together and look for a grilled meat stall!」(Aria)

Aria, who came to help, said that and smiled at Mylia while checking a document in her hands.

「Really!? Then I have to finish this torturous work as quickly as possible!」(Mylia)

(A date with Aria-san! A date with Aria-san! A date with Aria-san~!!!)

Thinking that she could go outside with Aria, Mylia immediately fixed her sitting position and started writing invitation letters again twice as fast as before.

Seeing Mylia’s funny behavior, Chloe and Aria looked at each other and giggled.

Chloe then looked at the list of aristocrats’ names in her hand and asked Aria.

「Oh, right. Aria, should we send an invitation to Baron Brooklyn as well?」(Chloe)

「Umm… I heard that he remained neutral when he was invited by Queen Kushana and Chancellor Walkren, so I think we should invite him as well.」(Aria)

「I see. Thank you.」(Chloe)

Because Aria kept calling Chloe “Chloe onee-sama”, Chloe began to call Aria without “-san”, showing that she didn’t mind getting along with Aria. However, they still called each other with honorifics in public.

Chloe was happy because she felt like she had another little sister. Moreover, Aria’s personality was kind of similar to Chloe’s.

「It’s kinda troublesome that we have to separate the people in Queen Kushana’s faction from the people in Chancellor Walkren’s faction…」(Chloe)

「Yeah… There are dangerous people we shouldn’t invite too, so we need to be careful…」(Aria)

Chloe and Aria talked to each other with complicated expressions.

Listening to their conversation, Mylia sighed.

「We have to invite people in order, we have to write invitation letters with different sentences according to the recipients, we have to write the letters ourselves because this will be our first party, and now we have to carefully separate people between two factions!? Are we working in a black company or something? Aristocratic society is just too troublesome!」(Mylia)

Mylia began complaining again.

She just wanted to be free from her job as a noble and use her time to develop the ultimate barbeque sauce for her dream yakiniku party.

「Maybe I should just blast away all those greedy aristocrats who join factions and fight with each other with my Explosion magic so that we can work way easier…」(Mylia)

「M-Mylia, please don’t say something scary like that!」(Chloe)

「I’m sorry. I’m just kidding…」(Mylia)

After saying that, Mylia unwillingly lined up the invitation letters she had written on the table.

While she was doing that, someone knocked on the door from the outside.

「Hm? You may come in.」(Mylia)

The door opened and a young maid entered the room.

Currently, there were several maids working in Mylia’s mansion, all sent from the Griffith Family’s mansion. Wolff sent them to take care of Mylia’s mansion, and they were all happy to work for Mylia because she was the hero who saved Elizabeth from the petrification curse.

「Mylia-sama, we have been sent a lot of invoices. I thought I had to hand them to you as soon as possible because the deadline is approaching.」(maid)

The maid approached Mylia’s table and put a thick pile of invoices on the table. She then bowed once and left the room.

(Invoices…? This many!? But… I didn’t buy anything…)

「Mylia, did you buy something?」(Chloe)

Because Chloe was the one who managed Mylia’s money, she was curious about what Mylia bought.

「No, I didn’t. You know I’m too busy to go shopping, right?」(Mylia)

Mylia put down her quill pen, put aside the invitation letters to make some space on the table, and began to read the invoices one by one.

(Dresses… Jewelry… High heels… Huh? I’d rather buy food than buy this kind of luxury stuff… They definitely made a mistake and sent these invoices to my house…… Hm? Wait a minute….. No… No way!)

Mylia’s body stiffened and her face turned pale when she looked at the signature section.

She knew the person with the name on the signature.

「W, Why… is… she…?」(Mylia)

「Mylia? What’s wrong?」(Chloe)


Seeing Mylia panicking for some reason, Chloe and Aria approached Mylia’s table worriedly and looked at the invoices.

「Th, This is…!」(Chloe)


When she read one of the invoices, Aria just tilted her head cutely, thinking that there was nothing wrong with it.

Meanwhile, Chloe stepped back three steps with shaky legs. She was as surprised as if there was a corpse falling in front of her.

「No way… But why…? Don’t tell me… Is she here in the royal capital now…? Moreover, all the payments are billed to Mylia…」(Chloe)

Saying that, Chloe covered her mouth with her shaky hands and looked at Mylia.

Mylia then crumpled the invoice in her hands and threw it away.

「Why is she here!? Why do I get billed for everything she bought!? That evil woman! ROBIIIIIIIIINNNーー!!!」(Mylia)

Mylia’s scream echoed through the mansion.

Apparently, it wasn’t the time for them to prepare for the party.



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    1. When someone tries to illegally forward a bill/invoice to you, you can just send it reject it showing that it’s not yours, and send it back to the original buyer. Especially if it’s not signed by you. As long as you didn’t sign for the payment, it’s not confirmed to be yours. Therefore not necessarily chargeable to you. People who run businesses should be careful of this as well. Get the correct payment signature.

  1. Evil Robin is back… but can we take a moment to realize that Chloe just told Mylia to not publicize the recipe of a life saving medicine and to keep it behind a paywall? I’m sure the author didn’t think about it, but that’s like, a super evil thing to do. That’s some pharmaceutical company level evil right there. It’s not like Mylia even needs the money.

    1. Nonsense. Mylia and Aria EARNED that recipe. They DESERVE to make money off it. What? Do you think money grows on trees?! They need some kind of source of income. And pharmaceutical companies deserve the money they earn because it’s so bloody damn expensive to develop even a single simple medicine. Do you think research is so easy and free and that money falls from the sky?! Research, development, etc. These are things that I do best and I tell you that it’s not so simple. And my IQ is minimum 300+ and that’s only because I quit halfway through because it got too boring. It was one of those IQ tests for people who always score full score for normal IQ tests. Because my IQ cannot be measured by normal IQ tests.

    2. And Mylia needs money as a Baroness. She needs to donate to churches, orphanages, the Order of Magic, hold parties now and then, etc. Aristocratic society is very troublesome. I know because my family being a lineage of scholars knows quite a number of people with aristocratic titles and high positions, seeing that my dad sometimes gets asked/summoned to do analyses.

  2. Someone is just about to go to jail, she used a Baron for her own convenience.
    Yep RIP that pest.

  3. I don’t think the easy solution is available, doesn’t seem like that kind of novel. I would be pleasantly surprised if they can just jail her though.

  4. I’m super curious and excited what will happen next.. what they gonna do to that evil witch robin? Hahaha i want her suffer in jail for every cruelty she had done to mylia and chloe. Thank you for the chapter

  5. Denounce her to the queen and have her publicly tortured and decapitated after paying the debts with slave work

    1. Mylia can’t publicly humiliate the Atwood family name more by dragging Robin thru the mud and then having Robin’s hands cut off (they do have hand-cutting punishment as mentioned in a chapter if memory is correct). Mylia has sisters whose reputations would be stained further by members of the Atwood family committing crimes. Yeah, yeah, the author will ignore that because it’s expected the readers will be pleased to see Robin squirm.

  6. Robin, Robin, Robin… You ARE aware of how powerful Mylia is in both magic and noble rank, right? You personally got a taste of what your little sister is capable of in the village church; yet, *you still chose to piss her off.* DUMBASS! The only thing that’s going to be more purple than the lavenders Robin came from is her booty after Mylia smacks it into the sun.

  7. Kinda scummy to be discussing the rights to the recipe amongst themselves, yknow, considering it’s *Peter’s* recipe and he’s not even there.

  8. Now, will Robin tell Mylia’s parents to charge the village’s debts onto Baron Atwood? Because why not? Self-entitlement is a wonderful and addictive feeling.

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