Chapter 2-45 : Basilisk Neck Meat


While holding hands, Mylia and Aria proceeded to the table where everyone sat.

Aria’s mother, Diana, and a woman who seemed to be Aria’s grandmother smiled at the two as they approached.

「Grandma, this is Miss Mylia de la Atwood.」(Aria)

Aria then immediately introduced Mylia to her grandmother.

(Whoaa… She’s a beautiful grandma… I can feel a strong aura of a noble coming from her… She kinda reminds me of the queen…)

The woman sitting on the couch in front of Mylia had silver hair and golden eyes. She seemed to be in her early fifties but she looked too young to be called ‘grandma.’

She looked like a person who had a strong determination, and it convinced Mylia that she was really an amazing witch.

「I’m Elizabeth de la Ruzé Griffith. Miss Mylia, thank you very much for saving me. I’m really grateful to you… Thank you.」(Elizabeth)

Mylia was thrilled with Elizabeth’s elegant smile that penetrated her heart.

「Y-You’re welcome! Aria-san is my precious friend, so it’s only natural to help her!」(Mylia)

「Your precious friend… I see…」(Elizabeth)

Elizabeth looked at Aria and Mylia’s hands, which were holding each other, and smiled. She then turned her gaze toward Aria.


「Yes, Grandma?」(Aria)

「Miss Mylia is a good girl. I’m happy that you made friends with such a lovely girl. I hope you cherish your relationship with her.」(Elizabeth)

「I will!」(Aria)


After smiling at her cute granddaughter, Elizabeth turned to Mylia again.

「Miss Mylia, I’m sorry for talking to you while sitting. Until I gain my strength completely, I can’t stand for too long.」(Elizabeth)

「No, please don’t mind me.」(Mylia)

「You’re such a humble girl. Please take a seat.」(Elizabeth)

Mylia and Aria took a seat, and then the tea party began.

Mylia and Aria were talking with Elizabeth while Chloe and Diana were discussing commerce. On the other side, Wolff and his wife were having a talk while looking at the children with warm eyes.

Because this was a tea party, there were many sweets on the table, and as always, Mylia couldn’t refrain from eating food in front of her.

(Mmm! Scones in this world are delicious! These cute-looking cookies taste great too! And this black tea… Mmm~~ It smells so good! It’s totally different from the cheap black tea at the Atwood’s mansion…)

Seeing Mylia eating the sweets so deliciously, Aria and Elizabeth couldn’t help but giggle.

While enjoying the sweets and tea, Mylia listened to Elizabeth. She was talking about magical power manipulation.

(Elizabeth-san is a famous witch, right…? If I’m not mistaken, her nickname was “Flash”… She must be very good at manipulating magical power… I need to train harder to get better at controlling my magical power like her!)

Unlike Mylia, who could use as much magical power as she needed to use powerful spells she imagined, Elizabeth controlled her limited magical power as efficiently as possible when using spells.

However, it didn’t mean that Mylia wasn’t good at controlling magical power. She just had a hard time because she had a tremendous amount of magical power.

While Mylia was thinking, she looked at Aria who was happily talking to her grandmother.

(Ahh~… Aria-san’s smile truly is beautiful… If I had to choose between ten billion gold coins or a smile from Aria-san, I would definitely choose her smile. Who cares about money when you can see a lovely smile from a cute girl?)

While watching over Aria and her grandmother, Mylia took a sip of her tea and called a maid.

「Can I help you, my lady?」(maid)

「U-Umm… Can I have another tray of scones…? Hehe…」(Mylia)

「Right away.」(maid)

Before she realized it, Mylia devoured all the scones on the table.

(Oh, right! Speaking of food…)

Suddenly, Mylia remembered something important she had completely forgotten.

「Aria-san, Elizabeth-sama, I have a gift for you.」(Mylia)

「A gift?」(Aria)

「Do you want to eat Basilisk neck meat? I heard that it’s very delicious!」(Mylia)

「Oh? Can we? Yes, I do want to eat it. Actually, I had eaten it once when I was young. I never forgot the taste that made my mouth melt.」(Elizabeth)

「I want to eat it too!」(Aria)

Mylia put her hand on her chest and smiled at the two.

「Sweet! I’m going to prepare it, so please wait a minute. Aa, before that, am I allowed to cook here…?」(Mylia)

「Eh? You want to cook it yourself? I can ask our chef to cook it for us if you want…」(Aria)

「No, Aria-san, I want to do it myself. I’m going to charcoal grill it!」(Mylia)

「Charcoal grill…?」(Aria)

Mylia was excited that she could eat grilled meat with Aria soon.

*/TL : Apparently, there is more than one Basilisk. I thought Basilisk was the name of an elder dragon, but it seems to be a species of elder dragons, and so is Zirnitra.
It’s a shame that Japanese authors don’t care about this kind of detail. In English, we put “the- , -s , a-” on objects, but Japanese people don’t do that, and it makes me confused sometimes.
Anyway, please enjoy the rest of the chapter. /’o’)/

Mylia was probably the only person in this world who thought of grilling meat in the middle of a tea party in a duke’s beautiful private garden.

First, Mylia took out the neck meat from her magic bag and made it float with gravity magic.

While the meat, that looked like salmon meat was floating in the air, Mylia sliced off a small portion of it with wind magic and put back the rest of the meat in her magic bag.

(I think this much is enough for all of us.)

The glossy surface of the meat reflected the sunlight and sparkled beautifully.

Mylia used wind magic again to cut the meat into many pieces, and while using gravity magic to make those pieces of meat float, she took out her portable grill from her magic bag.

The charcoal inside the grill was already burning red. Mylia always stored the grill in that condition so that she didn’t have to wait for the charcoal to burn every time she wanted to grill something.

「I’ve never seen someone cook like this…」(Aria)

「Fufu. What an interesting girl.」(Elizabeth)

Aria and Elizabeth were looking up at the pieces of meat floating in the air.

「Hahh… When it comes to food, this girl doesn’t even care about what people think of her… 」(Chloe)

Meanwhile, Chloe was watching over Mylia while holding her forehead with her hand.

「Ahh… Somehow, I understand why she’s always worried about her little sister…」(Diana)

Diana, who was sitting next to Chloe, murmured to herself.

After preparing the charcoal grill, Mylia took out about thirty long wooden skewers from her magic bag. Then, by controlling her gravity magic, she made those skewers pierced into the pieces of meat. Because the pieces of meat were quite big, each piece was pierced by two long wooden skewers on the left and the right side so that people could hold it easily with both hands.

The Griffith Family members were fascinated by Mylia’s magical cooking show.

(Master said that it likely goes well with soy sauce, right? Ahh~ I can’t wait to taste it~)

Mylia took out the jar containing her homemade soy sauce and a big platter from her magic bag, and then she poured a bit of the soy sauce onto the platter.

(Aa-aah… I wish I had mirin, sake, and sugar… I wonder if it will taste better if I only add sugar… I should test it next time…)

While thinking that, Mylia grabbed one of the skewered meat that was floating above her head and put it on the platter with soy sauce.

「Alright, I will start grilling now!」(Mylia)

Wolff, his wife, Aria, Diana, Elizabeth, and their maids looked so excited. Only Chloe was looking at Mylia with a face as if saying, “I can’t believe you’re actually cooking in a duke’s garden!”

(Hmm, Onee-chan’s face is kinda sweaty for some reason. Is she nervous…? Don’t worry Onee-chan, I’m sure your nervousness will disappear when you eat this grilled meat!)

After confirming that the meat was covered with soy sauce, Mylia put it on the charcoal grill.


As soon as the sound of meat being grilled was heard, the fragrant scent of soy sauce drifted in the air.

(Uhyuuu~~ What a wonderful smell~~ This might be more delicious than the meat in Jojoen!)

After the meat shrank a bit and started to turn brown, Mylia flipped it so that both sides were cooked evenly.

There was a little bit of sweet scent mixed with the rich fragrance of the meat. Perhaps it was because Basilisks loved to eat cherry peaches.

After confirming that both sides were cooked perfectly, Mylia grabbed the skewers on both sides and lifted the grilled meat up.

(YES Yakiniku! NO Yakiniku, NO life!)

Mylia was so excited to try it. She repeatedly shouted her motto in her head.


*/Bon appetit!

Mylia blew the meat a couple of times to cool it down a bit and then took a bite.


Mylia’s eyes were sparkling.

An image of a chibi Basilisk swimming in a pool of soy sauce popped into her head.

While Mylia was enjoying the sensation when the delicious taste of the grilled meat spread in her mouth, the other members were watching over her with curious faces.

「IT’S VERY OISHIIIIII~~~~!!! The surface is so crispy! The inside is so juicy! And the taste of soy sauce matches perfectly with it!!! This is probably the best meat I’ve ever eaten in this world!!!」(Mylia)

While holding the skewers on both sides, Mylia ate like a monkey.

The taste of soy sauce boosted the savoriness of the sweet and tender neck meat. That meat wasn’t called a legendary ingredient for no reason.

「MmMMmm! I can’t stop eating! *munch munch* Mmm~~!! This is the best!!」(Mylia)

Mylia completely forgot that there were people around her.

After she finished eating it, she grabbed another skewered meat that was floating nearby and put it on the platter.

When she was about to put it on the charcoal grill, Aria approached her.

「Mylia-san, how was the taste?」(Aria)


Aria’s voice made Mylia come to her senses.

「I forgot where I was for a moment… Aria-san, this meat is incredibly delicious! Wait a minute, I’ll grill this one for you!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Chloe onee-sama was right. You’re unable to see anything else around you when you’re enjoying your food.」(Aria)

When Aria said that, Wolff, his wife, and Diana, giggled at the same time, while Chloe approached Mylia and patted her head.

「Fufu. I’m happy for you.」(Chloe)

「Hehe~ Onee-chan, I will grill one for you as well!」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Mylia.」(Chloe)

When Mylia smiled at Chloe with soy sauce covering her lips, she felt like there was something off.

(Umm… I don’t know why but there’s something bugging me… I feel like I forgot something, but… Oh, well. Since I forgot about it, it’s probably not that important… More importantly, I have to grill meat for everyone else!)

After that, Mylia enjoyed the grilled Basilisk meat party with the Griffith Family to her heart’s content.




Meanwhile, at the northern forest of the Atwood territory, Titania was watching over them with clairvoyance.

「Myliaaa!! I can’t believe you forget about your beloved master! You said you would return and eat Basilisk neck meat with me as soon as you were done with your business!! …AaAaahh… That grilled meat looks so good… I want to eat it too!! Hwaaaa!! Myliaaaaa!!!」(Titania)



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