Extra Story : Titania’s Everyday Life


*/TL : The events in this story happened way before Mylia solved the mystery of Daemon’s Map.

At the westernmost part of the Kingdom of Adrashelm, there was the Atwood Territory, a small region that was surrounded by monsters.

In the forest on the north side of that territory, there was a beautiful log house that was concealed by magic. It was impossible for ordinary people to find that house.

The owner of the house was an elven woman named Titania who spent her days leisurely, hoping that no one would come, except her cute disciple.

「Fwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh~~~……… I’m still sleepy….」(Titania)

Titania got up from bed and rubbed her eyes.

Her beautiful blonde and white dress were all messy. Even so, the view of her getting up from bed could be a good painting.

「Mmm… I’m too lazy to prepare breakfast… I guess I’ll just eat fruits and stuff…」(Titania)

While yawning, she went out of the house and sat down on a stump under the morning sun.

The benefit of living in the forest is that you can breathe the fresh air of the forest while sunbathing in the morning.

After enjoying the morning sunlight for a while, she took out a wooden plate from her magic bag, she then took out some fruits, nuts, and berries and put them on the plate.

She began eating her simple breakfast slowly while thinking about what she would eat for lunch.

「Umm… I want to eat Dabola meat with soy sauce for lunch…」(Titania)

She made the soy sauce with Mylia. For her, soy sauce was the best seasoning she had ever tried in her life. If other elves found out that she had such an ultimate seasoning, a battle would likely occur.

「Fortunately, there are no other elves in this forest~ *munch munch*」(Titania)

After she finished her breakfast, she washed her hair with water magic and dried it with the combination of wind and fire magic as if she was using a dryer.

「This “Dryer” spell is so convenient.」(Titania)

By the way, Mylia taught her that spell, and thanks to it, she could fix her messy hair in just three minutes.

Her beautiful hair swayed in the wind as soon as she dried it.

After she did her hair, she took out a clean dress from her magic bag and changed clothes. Since she was alone in this forest, she didn’t mind changing clothes outside her house.

「Alright, it’s time for a morning tea~」(Titania)

Saying that, Titania swirled her index finger, and soon after, a teacup and a teapot came out of the house and flew toward her.

She then used water magic to pour hot water into the teapot and brewed her special lavender-flavored tea.

The tea leaves were originally bought in the northeastern city a very long time ago. She mixed them with dried lavender petals to add some scent and flavor.

Even though she bought them a long time ago, the tea leaves did not deteriorate because she stored them in her magic bag.

「…The water is not hot enough… Oh, well…」(Titania)

Despite her complaint, she quite enjoyed her tea.

After that, she cleaned the teacup and the teapot and returned them to the kitchen with levitation magic.

「Alright, time to practice!」(Titania)

She then stood up, looking so pumped up.

Even though Titania’s ability to use magic was beyond average, she kept practicing magic every day because she didn’t want to lose to her cute disciple who possessed enormous magical power.

Today, she decided to practice teleportation magic.

「I have to increase the distance I can travel at once… I can’t lose to Mylia!」(Titania)

While thinking that, she started manipulating her magical power and teleported to the sky above the village in the Atwood Territory.

She immediately used levitation magic to fly and used teleportation magic again.

After using teleportation magic several times, she arrived at Baron Hansen’s territory and watched over the people in the city of Hamanulle from above.

「Hohoo~ Humans surely are hard workers~ …Alright, I’m gonna try to go back to my house at once.」(Titania)

She couldn’t leave the forest for too long.

She tried to go back in one teleportation. However…

「Hngghh…! Ugh, It’s too hard… I still can’t do it…」(Titania)

She couldn’t adjust the required amount of magical power very well and failed.

Normally, it took a month to go to the Atwood Territory from the city of Hamanulle with a carriage. Traveling such a long distance with teleportation magic at once is nearly impossible.

However, she kept challenging herself to shorten the distance, and in the end, she was able to return home by only teleporting six times.

「Six times, huh…? Not bad, I guess.」(Titania)

After going back and forth between her home and the city of Hamanulle a couple more times, she decided to take a break.

She went to the kitchen then made a salad from fresh vegetables and grilled Dabola meat with soy sauce.

After that, she made herbal tea and began enjoying her meal.

「Now it’s time to see how Mylia’s doing~」(Titania)

She began concentrating and used her best magic which was clairvoyance.

She sent her vision across several regions toward the east to the Adrashlem Royal Girls’ Academy.

(I’m sure it’s currently lunch break at school, so she’s probably in the cafeteria….. Ah, there she is… Ara, she’s eating alone again.)(Titania)

Titania focused her vision on the table at the edge of the cafeteria where Mylia was eating by herself.

Mylia was chewing a mouthful of pasta while groaning.

『Ummm… It’s not bad but it tastes kinda bland… It’s too bad that this cafeteria doesn’t have yakiniku in their menu…』(Mylia)


Titania spontaneously giggled seeing Mylia say that with puffy cheeks full of pasta.

No matter where Mylia was, she was always Titania’s cute and precious disciple.

While eating her lunch, Titania kept watching over Mylia without looking at her plate. She looked like a Japanese employee who enjoyed her weekend by eating and watching a movie at the same time.

(That girl really eats a lot… Ah, Chloe is coming.)(Titania)

Chloe approached her lovely little sister while holding a tray with her lunch on it.

Mylia smiled and waved her hand at Chloe as soon as she noticed her.


『Mylia, I’m sorry you have to eat alone for a while.』(Chloe)

『It’s okay. Did you have an extended class again?』(Mylia)

『Yeah. That professor wouldn’t let us go before she was done with her explanation…』(Chloe)

Saying that, Chloe put her lunch on the table and sat facing Mylia.

(Hoo… I feel like Chloe’s breasts grew even bigger…)(Titania)

Titania moved her vision right next to Chloe’s chest.

Chloe’s commerce department uniform looked too tight for her large breasts.

(Whoaa… I wonder why she doesn’t have a hard time breathing…)(Titania)

While wondering, she moved her vision right above the two.

『By the way, how’s your progress in solving the mystery of Daemon’s Map?』(Chloe)

『It’s going well so far because Aria-san is helping me.』(Mylia)

『Aria de la Ruzé Griffith, huh…? Mylia, tell me anytime if she bullies you.』(Chloe)

『Eh? Aria-san is not that kind of person, you know? She’s a bit shy but she’s a wonderful girl. I’m sure you will like her.』(Mylia)

『Is that so…? But she is Diana’s little sister, right? I don’t think I can trust her.』(Chloe)

As she said that, Chloe frowned while eating her salad.

『Eehh… But you will never know until you talk to her.』(Mylia)

『Ahh… Mylia, you are too pure. I’m worried that you will trust people too easily and end up in big trouble someday…』(Chloe)

『Don’t worry, Onee-chan. I’m used to declining suspicious diet product salesmen, so I won’t be easily fooled!』(Mylia)

As always, Mylia sometimes said something that the people in this world couldn’t comprehend.

『H, Huh…? I don’t get what you’re saying but as your older sister, I’m worried about your well being, so please be careful, especially from bullies like Diana.』(Chloe)


Mylia replied cheerfully and began to eat a fruit that looked like grapes but bigger.

『Mylia, you should eat that fruit slowly. Look. The juice is all over your chin.』(Chloe)

Saying that, Chloe stood up, wiped Mylia’s chin and lips with a handkerchief, and left the handkerchief on Mylia’s chest so that the juice didn’t stain her clothes.

『Thank you, Onee-chan.』(Mylia)

Chloe replied with a smile and stroked Mylia’s head.

(Fufu. They look so close. They have been supporting each other since they lived at that cursed mansion after all.)(Titania)

While enjoying her lunch, Titania kept watching over Mylia and Chloe until they left the cafeteria.

Titania was seeing the scenery of her house again as soon as she deactivated her clairvoyance.

「Hnggghh…..! Guess I’ll sleep until dinner…」(Titania)

She stretched her arms upward, finished the remaining salad on her plate, and took a nap in her bed until evening.

After that, she ate dinner, practiced magic a bit more, and took a bath.

「Aaaahhh~… This hot water bath is wonderful… It washes away my fatigue from today’s work completely…」(Titania)

She was addicted to bathing in hot water after Mylia taught her.

「That girl is a genius… I never thought bathing in hot water would feel this good until she told me… Aaahhh……. O’ World Tree~ O’ World Tree~ How lovely are thy branches~♪ Hm~ Hm~ Hmhmm~♪ 」(Titania)

While enjoying the bath, she started humming the song which was handed down from generation to generation in the elven village where she once lived.

After bathing for about forty minutes, she would get sleepy as usual.

She stretched her legs out of the water while yawning.

「Fwaaaaaahhh~~…. Time to go sleep~…」(Titania)

She got out of the bathtub, put on her dress, and went to her bed.

And that was how Titania usually spent her peaceful day.



End of vol 2. Moving on to vol 3 on the next update.



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  1. Que vida tan envidiablemente tranquila y por si fuera poco tiene el mejor entretenimiento, la vida diaria de su linda discípula.

    Gracias por traducir

  2. I want a carefree life like her! Without real work, without taxes and without beeing bothered. It is the perfect life.

  3. “For her, soy sauce was the best seasoning she had ever tried in her life. If other elves found out that she had such an ultimate seasoning, a battle would likely occur.”

    *insert Tony Stark roll-eyes meme*

  4. Titania is too good to be left in the woods… Especially with that horrid step sister coming on the scene. Seriously, how does she get away with her bullshit? Aaah, whatever. I hope she makes a comeback next volume.

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