Chapter 2-4 : To The Royal Girls’ Academy


On the day of the entrance ceremony of the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy, cherry blossoms were in full bloom, bringing the sweet scent throughout the royal capital.

Elegant cobblestones, beautiful white brick houses, pretty street lamp magic tools, and a huge amount of people passing by.

The royal capital had the most advanced technologies in the Kingdom of Adrashelm, and thanks to the great reign of Queen Kushana, the city prospered.

It’s been three days since Mylia was awarded the title of Dragon Slayer, and she had been living in the lodging for special guests with Amnesia.

「Waahh! Cherry blossoms are fluttering in the wind! What a wonderful morning!」(Mylia)

Mylia looked out of the window and enjoyed the beautiful view of the royal capital.

She was excited at the view she had never seen in the Atwood Territory.

「You’re right.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who has been appointed to take care of Mylia, smiled while looking out the window too.

Actually, Amnesia is also a teacher for the knight class in the academy.

She was known to be a strict person, but after seeing Mylia’s cute smile many times, she became weak in front of Mylia.

「Mylia, don’t lean too much or you will fall.」(Amnesia)


The students might be surprised if they saw their strict teacher making a mother-like face like that.

(Ahh, I want Master to see this wonderful view too… Telepathy, activate…. As I thought, it won’t connect… if only I can control my magical power a little better… Well, it’s all about practice!)

Mylia can’t contact Titania with telepathy because of the distance.

Practicing to control her magical power in order to be able to contact her master was one of Mylia’s goals.

With that in mind, Mylia enjoyed the view of the royal capital again.

(I can meet Chloe onee-chan soon! I wonder how she has been doing… She managed to keep her position as the best student in her grade for two years in a row, right? Chloe onee-chan really is amazing! I’m proud to be her little sister!)

Mylia had been busy preparing all she needed to enter the school in the past three days.

Not only was she busy with administrative matters, but she was also busy ordering uniforms, buying books, lesson materials, and many other things.

Therefore, she didn’t have time to meet Chloe.

On the other hand, Chloe had been waiting for Mylia to visit her dormitory room before the entrance ceremony.

She has been worrying about Mylia since she read the article about Mylia killing the elder dragon Zirnitra.

By the way, Chloe had not received the two thousand gold coins from the queen yet.

Because it wasn’t a small amount of money, some paperwork was required.

It became like a time bomb for Chloe.

「Mylia, let’s go to the academy. But before that, make sure you dress neatly.」(Amnesia)

「Un. Please wait a minute.」(Mylia)

Mylia moved away from the window and approached the full-length mirror in the room to check her appearance.

The unique part of the magician class uniform was the robe.

Mylia was now wearing a black robe, a shirt, and a navy blue jumper skirt with white lines.
Her waist belt had a holster for a wand and a clasp for hanging a magic bag.
A ribbon was supposed to be tied on the first button of the shirt, but Mylia hadn’t received the ribbon yet. She would get it after the entrance ceremony was over.

「Looking good, looking good~」(Mylia)

Since her face didn’t change much from when she was in Japan, she didn’t feel weird seeing her own appearance in a uniform. Besides, it had been four years since she regained her previous life’s memories, so she already got used to her appearance.

After she checked her appearance in the mirror, Mylia wore the white knee-high socks and the leather shoes she got from Titania.

「Amnesia-san, I’m good to go.」(Mylia)

「Do you have everything?」(Amnesia)

「Un. I put all the necessary things in my magic bag.」(Mylia)

「How about the medal and the star badge?… Ah, never mind. You already put them on, I see.」(Amnesia)

「Of course.」(Mylia)

On the left side of her chest, there was a star badge and a Dragon Slayer medal that didn’t look like a girl’s ornament at all.

Mylia would definitely stand out at the entrance ceremony with all that stuff on her chest.

As soon as Mylia and Amnesia went outside, a strong breeze blew through.


Mylia immediately held down her fluttering skirt. Her robe was fluttering violently as well.

The wind rushed to the blue sky of the royal capital with countless cherry blossom petals as if they were celebrating Mylia’s enrollment.




The Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy was located on the eastern side of the royal capital.

It was actually a castle that was built and designed by a rich collector named Daemon a hundred years ago to protect the east gate from monster invasion.

After the human territory expanded and the population increased, monsters finally stopped attacking the city.

Daemon was an eccentric person. After the monsters stopped coming and his castle lost its purpose, he kept remodelling his castle using a magic tool to free himself from boredom.

It seemed that he was looking at his castle as a work of art.

However, his usage of the magic tool was out of the ordinary.

The more he used the magic tool to remodel his castle, the more the magical power around the castle got out of control.

As a result, many magical creatures, such as ghosts, pixies, etc. were born and became the residents of the castle.

Ten years after Daemon died, the castle became the most terrifying building in the city that no one could approach.

And several years ago, the queen ordered her army to kill all the dangerous magical creatures and secured the castle.

The castle was extremely large. Large enough to accommodate more than a thousand people, and of course, Queen Kushana couldn’t have ignored and let a building as grand as that go to waste.

「Whoaaー! This schoolーNo, this castle is immensely huuuge!」(Mylia)

(This is freaking awesome! As expected of a fantasy world!)

Mylia, whose existence was more fantasy than the fantasy world itself, stuck her head out of the carriage window and looked at the Royal Girls’ Academy with sparkling eyes.

「Fufu. And that huuuge castle will be your home for the next four years.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia took her eyes off the papers she was reading, looked outside the window of the carriage and smiled at Mylia while saying that.

Mylia smiled back at Amnesia and looked at the castle again.

Below the castle of the Royal Girls’ Academy, there was an area called “Magic Town” where strangers gathered from all over the place.

(Red, golden, white, blue… The roofs are so colorful. Are they towers or something?)

Several roofs with different colors could be seen from outside the walls of the castle which had a complicated and strange structure.

Actually, those buildings with colorful roofs were dormitories for each class.

(This castle is really strange… I feel like the higher part of the castle is bigger than the lower one… Ah! Those girls…!)

When Mylia turned her eyes to the main street of the Magic Town, she saw a lot of girls with the same uniforms walking down the street.

They didn’t have ribbons on their shirts, indicating that they were freshmen just like Mylia.

「Wahh… There are a lot of new students. I wonder if I’ll be able to make some friends…」(Mylia)

Mylia muttered the wish that she couldn’t fulfill in her previous life.

Amnesia, who heard Mylia’s mutter, took her eyes off the papers again and looked at Mylia.

「I’m sure you will be able to make friends right away.」(Amnesia)

「Do you think so? Honestly, I’m a little worried…」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry. One piece of advice from me: be yourself. You won’t make true friends if you try to become a person who is ideal for others. Just be yourself.」(Amnesia)

「I see… Un, you’re right. I’ll remember that. Thank you, Amnesia-san!」(Mylia)

After thinking for a moment, Mylia nodded.

(She’s right. I can be myself! I have Chloe onee-chan and Amnesia-san here, so I can talk to them if anything happens. Un! There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore!)

Mylia had been acting like an absent-minded girl when she was at the Atwood mansion, but she could finally be herself now.

「Looks like we are almost there. Mylia, get ready to get off.」(Amnesia)


In front of the gate, people were gathering to see new students entering the school.

Also, there were many banners saying, “Adrashelm Kingdom Girls’ Academy Entrance Ceremony”, around the gate.

Because most of the new students were from aristocratic families, the area near the entrance was crowded with carriages.

Mylia and Amnesia got out of the carriage in front of the school gate and proceeded through the crowd.

「Ah! There she is!」
「The Dragon Slayer girl!」
「She got a star badge before even entering the school!」
「She’s so tiny and cute~!」(crowd)

The people were shouting as soon as they saw the medal and the star badge on Mylia’s shirt.

Actually, they gathered not because they wanted to see the freshmen, but because they were curious about the new student who defeated the elder dragon Zirnitra.

Since there was no concept of personal privacy in this world, everyone who read the newspaper knew about Mylia.

「Ahh, h-hello, everyone… Aha, ahaha…」(Mylia)

Mylia was bowing nervously to the people with a bashful face.


「ーーMylia…? Myliaー!」

ーshe heard the voice of someone calling her name from the crowd.

It was a familiar soft, gentle voice that she hadn’t heard for two years.

Mylia immediately looked in the direction of the voice, which was the school gate, and saw a beautiful black-haired girl in a commercial class uniform rushing toward her.

Yes, she was the older sister Mylia was proud of.

「Chloe onee-chan…? ーー! Chloe Onee-chaaannー!」(Mylia)

Mylia had been dreaming of the day she would meet her again.

Chloe opened her arms with a big smile and teary eyes, ready to accept Mylia.

Mylia then jumped into Chloe’s chest. Her entire body was now wrapped in nostalgic warmth.

「Onee-chan…! Onee-chaaaann…! HwaaAaaAaa…!」(Mylia)

「Ahh, Mylia…! My beloved Mylia…! Finally… Finally…! Ahh… I had been worrying about you…!」(Chloe)

Mylia and Chloe hugged each other tightly. So tight that no one could separate them.

After two years of enduring loneliness, the two of them were finally reunited.



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