Chapter 2-3 : A Discussion With The Queen


Two thousand gold coins wasn’t a small amount of money.

You could buy a bowl of soup with meatballs in Hamanulle with one bronze coin.

If converted to Japanese yen, one bronze coin is about 100 yen (1 dollar).

100 bronze coins equals 1 silver coin, and 10 silver coins equals 1 gold coin.

Because 1 bronze is equivalent to 100 yen, that means one silver coin is equivalent to 10,000 yen, and one gold coin is equivalent to 100,000 yen.

In other words, 2,000 gold coins is about 200,000,000 yen.

By the way, there were dragons stronger than Zirnitra out there that were worth 100,000 gold coins or 10 billion yen.

Zirnitra’s body contained miasma, so processing it would cost money and time.

The 2,000 gold coins Mylia received was the amount after deducting work fees.

The magic stones that were embedded in the scales would be used in research on the development of magic tools, so the queen bought it for a slightly high price.

If Mylia sold it to a monster material shop in the city, she wouldn’t have gotten that much money.

(Wh… What should I do…? Chloe onee-chan…)

Mylia was getting scared.

When she lived in Japan, she always waited for the supermarket staff to put discount stickers on the products right before closing so that she could buy them cheaply.

In other words, she had been living in poverty even before she was born into the poor Atwood Family.

She could make money by selling Dabola materials in Hamanulle, but Titania taught her not to make more money than she needed because she was worried if Mylia would lose herself when she became too rich.

She knew that Mylia would eventually become the magician who made the most money in the kingdom.

However, she never thought that Mylia would get a tremendous amount of money even before she became a magician.

When Mylia was in confusion, she remembered Titania said, “If you ever have problems related to money, you can ask your onee-chan for advice. She is the top student in the Commerce Department after all.”

(Yeah, Master’s right. I should talk with Chloe onee-chan about this.)

「I will keep this corpse in my magic bag for now. Too bad that it contains miasma, otherwise we could eat its meat.」(Dalia)

Dalia approached Zirnitra’s corpse, took out her magic bag from her pocket, opened it and pointed the mouth of the bag toward the corpse.

And then, Zirnitra’s corpse that was floating in the air sucked into her magic bag.

After she recovered the corpse, Dalia returned to the queen’s side.

(So we can’t eat its meat, huh? Well, I had a bad feeling when I saw the black mist coming out of its body, so I also thought that it was a bad thing to eat. Still, I’m curious about how it tastes…)

A moment later, a maid came into the audience room holding a tray that was filled with a large pile of gold coins on top of it.

Her arms were shaking a little. Perhaps the tray was heavy.

(Whoaaa… I never thought that gold coins would look so pretty… This is amazing…!)

Mylia was a smart girl who could count and manage money. She lived by herself when she was In Japan after all.

However, this was her first time receiving a massive amount of money like this.

(Is this a dream…?)

Of course she wasn’t dreaming, but she still couldn’t believe that this kind of situation would happen in her life.

If she were a little more calm, she might have started making a plan to make use of the money to carry out her “All-you-can-eat yakiniku” plan in her head.

And if the queen only gave Mylia ten gold coins for Zirnitra’s corpse, Mylia would have been jumping around in joy by now.

But no. She was frozen, overwhelmed by the large pile of gold coins in front of her eyes.

(Uhh… Master would definitely be shocked if she found out that I got this much money…)

Mylia took her eyes off the gold coins and looked up at the queen.

「Your Majesty… Umm…」(Mylia)

「What’s wrong, Mylia?」(Kushana)

「It’s about the money… I have an older sister at the Royal Girls’ Academy. Her name is Chloe de la Atwood… Could you please send this money to her…? I’m sure she will put this money to good use…」(Mylia)

Mylia was about to cry when she said that.

Seeing Mylia’s teary eyes, the queen was confused. She turned her gaze to Amnesia, looking for an explanation.

Amnesia immediately understood what the queen wanted. She bowed once and started explaining.

「Your Majesty, Mylia’s older sister, Chloe, has become a third year student in the Dommerce Department this term. She has been the top student in her grade for two years in a row, and she managed to collect nine star badges so far. She is an excellent student without a doubt.」(Amnesia)

「Nine star badges… I see, I see. Very well then. Finance Minister, send these gold coins to Chloe de la Atwood at the academy.」(Kushana)

「Yes, my queen.」(finance minister)

The Finance Minister bowed to the queen and told one of his subordinates to send the gold coins.

His subordinate then left the room with the maid who was holding the tray.

「It’s your reward for defeating Zirnitra. You may spend the money with your sister.」(Kushana)

「Un! Onee-chaーー I mean, Chloe onee-sama and I will gratefully use it!」(Mylia)

「Good. Thank you for killing that dragon. If you didn’t do it, I would have sent the knights and many would have died. Mylia, you did a great thing.」(Kushana)

「Y-Yes! Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

Mylia bowed several times in gratitude to the queen.

She felt happy and honored.

(Two thousand gold coins, huh… I wonder how we will use the money…)

Now that Mylia had calmed down, she started thinking of eating various foods from various restaurants in the royal capital.

She wondered if she would be able to find barbeque sauce-like seasoning in this city.

(But before that, I should ask Chloe onee-chan for advice!)

The queen turned to Dalia, who was standing beside her, and talked to her with a low voice.

「Still, I can’t believe this little girl is as strong as you, Dalia. Her unique barrier was really interesting too. I’m looking forward to see what kind of magician she will become in the future.」(Kushana)

「Yes, I’m also looking forward to it.」(Dalia)

「Can you have defeated Zirnitra by yourself just like her?」(Kushana)

「Hmm… I think it would have been difficult, but I wouldn’t know unless I tried.」(Dalia)

Unlike Mylia and Titania, even though Dalia was a strong royal magician, it would take her a few hours to defeat Zirnitra. There was also a possibility that she would lose.

Neither the queen nor Dalia were able to measure Mylia’s true strength accurately.

Mylia was able to defeat Zirnitra in less than 3 minutes, and even if every royal magician in the room were to join forces to defeat Zirnitra, it would have taken them about an hour to defeat it.

The misunderstanding was caused because Amnesia briefly explained how Mylia defeated Zirnitra without mentioning how long it took her to defeat it.



「Because you have protected this kingdom, I will give you a noble title.」(Kushana)

「A title…?」(Mylia)

「Dalia, what do you think? For starters, I want to give her the title of Knight.」(Kushana)

「Even though she is still twelve years old, I think it’s fine.」(Dalia)

(Eh? Wait a minute… ‘Knight’? It’s the same title as that muscle-brained father… Am I going to be a noble…?)

Queen Kushana loves capable people… No, you could even call her a ‘capable people enthusiast’.

She wanted to give Mylia a noble title, thinking that Mylia would definitely contribute to the kingdom in the future.

She liked Mylia because Mylia seemed to be an obedient girl who wasn’t good at lying.

She even put Mylia on the list of her favorite capable people in her head.

(I’m honored but… a noble, huh… Uhh, I feel like being a noble is troublesome… I have a feeling they will often summon me to the royal palace in my free time…)

Mylia felt a sense of crisis.

「Your Majesty, I’m sorry… but I don’t want a title. I think you should give it to my older sister, Chloe, instead.」(Mylia)

「My, Mylia… It’s rude to refuse Her Majesty’s generous offer…!」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who had been standing nervously next to Mylia, whispered to her.

She had never seen people dare to refuse the queen’s offer for reward.

Mylia asked the queen to give the title to Chloe instead, but she didn’t realize that it was too much for Chloe.
Chloe would definitely faint if she got 2,000 gold coins and a noble title all of a sudden.

Not only Amnesia, the people in the audience room were also surprised that Mylia refused the queen’s offer.

Amnesia quickly stepped forward and began to speak to cover Mylia’s blunder.

「Pardon me, Your Majesty. Mylia doesn’t know much about the outside world. After all, she is from ‘that’ Atwood Family. I assume that you know about the bad rumors about this family. She lived in a village that is closed to the outside world and surrounded by monster territory, and she got cold treatment from her family everyday. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could overlook her rudeness.」(Amnesia)

「… Cold treatment from her family…? Mylia, is that true?」(Kushana)

The queen looked at Mylia with wrinkled eyebrows.

Mylia nodded and looked down.

「Yes, that’s true… Unfortunately…」(Mylia)

「I see. That must have been really hard for you to live with them.」(Kushana)

「Actually, I was able to endure it thanks to Chloe onee-chaーー onee-sama. She is always kind to me.」(Mylia)

「Your older sister must love you so much.」(Kushana)

「Yes, she does!」(Mylia)

The queen has gotten to liking Chloe without Chloe knowing.

「But, you’re still going to take the title. I’ll set a bad example for others if I don’t give this much reward to the savior of the kingdom.」(Kushana)

「I, Is that so…?」(Mylia)

「That’s how things work in aristocratic society.」(Kushana)

「But… Oh, that’s right! How about we put it on hold?」(Mylia)

Amnesia’s face turned pale when Mylia suggested so.

「Hey, Mylia, what are you talking about…!?」(Amnesia)

「I can’t just receive a noble title for myself, leaving Chloe onee-sama behind.」(Mylia)

Mylia was very stubborn.

When it comes to Chloe, she fears no one, not even the queen.

The audience room became quiet.

The Finance Minister, the Royal Statistician, and the other officials were watching over the queen and Mylia nervously.

「……Alright, very well. Mylia, I accept your proposal.」(Kushana)

Unexpectedly, the queen gave up, but she looked somewhat happy for some reason.

「Your Majesty, are you sure?」(Dalia)

While adjusting her glasses’ position, Dalia asked the queen.

「It’s okay. I can’t refuse a request from the hero who defeated the elder dragon Zirnitra. Mylia, your noble title will be put on hold until your older sister is ennobled.」(Kushana)

「Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

(Ahh, thank god… I was about to become a noble… I can live more freely if I stay as the seventh daughter of a poor aristocratic family than a noble.)

Mylia stroked her chest in relief.

However, she didn’t notice that the queen was eager to give her a noble title.

And she wasn’t aware that she had troubled Chloe by dragging her into this problem.

「Bring a ‘Dragon Slayer’ emblem and a star badge here!」(Kushana)

「Right away!」(attendant)

After the queen ordered like that, a young attendant immediately left the room.

(Dragon Slayer emblem? Star badge…? I wonder what they are…)

After a moment, the attendant returned with a golden tray on his hands.

On the tray, there was a silver medal with the picture of a dragon that was pierced by lightning, and a golden star-shaped emblem that was about the size of a thumb nail.

「Your Majesty, these are…?」(Mylia)

「You can’t put it on hold this time. Fufu.」(Kushana)

The queen laughed a little while saying that.

The attendant approached Mylia and put the medal and the emblem on her chest.

「Whoaaー She is the youngest Dragon Slayer ever!」
「Thank you for killing the dragon!」

The people in the audience room started shouting and applauding.

The young man attendant also looked at Mylia with respectful eyes.

At that moment, the subjugation of the elder dragon Zirnitra by a young girl became a sensational topic in the royal palace.

「Make sure you put that Dragon Slayer medal on your school uniform. Do you understand?」(Kushana)

「Understood! Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

Mylia turned to the people who were applauding and bowed to them.

Her face turned red as she bowed. She had never been praised by a lot of people like that.

Her chest felt hot, but she didn’t hate it.

For the first time, Mylia learned the feeling of happiness from being useful to other people.

Amnesia felt relieved now that it would soon be over. She was applauding with a gentle smile on her face.

And then, the first meeting with the queen was over, and Mylia would attend the Royal Girls’ Academy’s entrance ceremony next week.



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      1. I’ve been thinking this since the start, but I think the Title the author is trying to convey with Knight is actually a Baronet. While both aren’t considered true nobles like Barons and above, Knight titles typically aren’t heridetary while Baronet are. Of course, the author could just not have researched peerage titles enough.

  1. The Aristocratic ranks are:-

    King/Queen – Your Majesty
    Prince/Princess – Your Royal Highness
    Duke/Duchess – Lord/Lady (Daughter – Lady/ Lady Princess)
    Marquess/Marchioness – Lord/Lady (Daughter – Lady)
    Count (British Earl)/Countess – Lord/Lady (Daughter – Lady)
    Viscount/Viscountess – Lord/Lady (Daughter – Miss)
    Baron/Baroness – Lord/Lady (Daughter – Miss)
    Baronet/Baronetess – Sir/Dame (Daughter – Miss)
    Knight/Knightess (Some are hereditary, some limited generations hereditary, some non-hereditary) – Sir/Dame (Daughter – Miss)

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