Chapter 2-39 : Meeting The Queen For The Second Time (part 2)


「Mylia, you did excellent this time as well. I expect nothing less from you」(Kushana)

「Thank you, Your Majesty.」(Mylia)

「So… Do you have Basilisk’s corpse in your magic bag right now?」(Kushana)

Queen Kushana stared at the magic bag on Mylia’s waist as she asked that, and Mylia replied with a nod.

「Yes, I do.」(Mylia)

「I see. How did you kill it? Can you explain it to me? I want to use it as a reference for improving this kingdom’s defenses in the future.」(Kushana)

「Umm… First of all, I spotted that dragon crawling under the sea of cherry peach trees. I waited for it to reach an open area, and after that, I was thinking of weakening it first with my offensive magic called “Magical Ray”, but because it was too powerful, I accidentally cut its body in half. When it was suffering in pain, I used the opportunity to send the final blow. I activated my wind magic and cut its head off with my massive wind blade from above.」(Mylia)

(I did it! I spoke fluently and explained things properly without biting my tongue!)

Because Mylia was nervous, she spoke as if she was reading an essay in a Japanese literature class or something, but she was happy with that.

After Mylia finished explaining, the audience room fell silent.

(Eh? Eh…? Did I say something weird…? I thought I did pretty well though…)

People were silent not because Mylia said something weird, but because the fact that a little girl defeated Basilisk with just a couple of magical attacks was too shocking.

This kind of situation reminded Mylia of when she was called to this room after defeating Zirnitra a while ago. However, unlike the last time, when Amnesia explained everything in her stead, this time she explained things herself and clearly stated what she did when fighting Basilisk, so people were even more shocked this time.

Even though they were shocked, people thought that the battle must have lasted for several hours because Mylia didn’t say how long it took her to kill Basilisk. They didn’t know that it only took Mylia a couple of minutes to kill it.

While people were silent in awe, Chloe was holding her head, worrying.

(Aahh, Mylia…! People are now keeping an eye on her!)(Chloe)

「U, Umm…. Is there something wrong…?」(Mylia)

When Mylia asked nervously, Dalia, who was standing beside the queen, stepped forward.

「Your Majesty, may I?」(Dalia)

Queen Kushana nodded to Dalia in response.

「Mylia de la Atwood, do you remember me?」(Dalia)

「Y-Yes, I remember you…」(Mylia)

「That’s great.」(Dalia)

Dalia smiled at Mylia as she pushed her glasses toward the bridge of her nose with her index finger. She seemed happy that Mylia remembered her.

(Ughh… There she is… I hope she won’t ask me to do something stupid again…)

Dalia was a beautiful black-haired lady, but unfortunately, she was a combat maniac.

「”Magical Ray”, was it…? Mylia, I want you to demonstrate that spell here.」(Dalia)

(I knew it! Last time, she asked me to show her my Cat Barrier, and now she asks me to use Magical Ray here? Is she crazy!?)

「But it is a very dangerous spell… I might accidentally put a hole in the wall, so…」(Mylia)

「No, no. Don’t shoot it at the wall. Shoot it at me.」(Dalia)

(Yup. She’s one hundred percent crazy…)

「No, no, no! I can’t do that! I might end up killing you!」(Mylia)

「Hoo… So you say you have the confidence to kill me in one blow with that spell, huh? Interesting. This makes me even more curious.」(Dalia)

As a royal magician, Dalia was confident in her power, but little did she know, Mylia’s beam was powerful enough to easily break through her defensive spell.

(Oh, Mylia, please don’t do it…!)(Chloe)

Chloe, who couldn’t do anything but watch them, became even more worried. Cold sweat started running down her forehead.

「What’s wrong? Go ahead and shoot it at me!」(Dalia)

While shouting at Mylia, Dalia pulled her wand out of the holster on her waist and got ready to receive Mylia’s attack.

However, Queen Kushana stopped her.

「Lady Germell, please calm down. We don’t know how powerful that spell is. I think we should see Basilisk’s corpse first. We can find out how destructive it is from the wounds.」(Kushana)

「As you wish, Your Majesty.」(Dalia)

Dalia was eager to see Mylia’s Magical Ray, but when the queen asked her to stop, she replied without delay and took a few steps backward.

Mylia and Chloe stroked their chests and exhaled deeply in relief at the same time.

「Mylia, can you show me the corpse? Don’t forget to make it float with your gravity magic just like when you showed me Zirnitra’s.」(Kushana)


Mylia nodded and tried to take out Basilisk’s corpse, but then she recalled how big Basilisk was.

「Ah… Your Majesty, I don’t think this room will fit if I take out the entire corpse. I can take out half of it if you don’t mind.」(Mylia)

「I see. So it was a very big dragon… Alright, go ahead.」(Kushana)

Mylia replied to the queen with a nod and then looked at her sister.

「Onee-chan, let’s move back a little.」(Mylia)


After moving backward a few steps with Chloe, Mylia confirmed that she had enough space.

(Magic Bag-chan, it’s your time to shine!)

When Mylia put her magical power into her magic bag, the severed head and half of the snake-like giant body of Basilisk came out of the bag.

The withered beard and the closed eyes of Basilisk were somehow showing its regretfulness the moment it realized it would soon die.

「So this is the elder dragon Basilisk…」
「It’s freaking huge!」(audience)

The audience started raising their amazed voices.

After seeing the massive corpse of the dragon, people glanced at the small girl with purple hair who was standing beside it. They were astonished by how big the difference in body size between the two was.

「M, Mylia.. Did… Did you really… fight.. that…?」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, are you okay?」(Mylia)

Imagining her cute little sister fighting such a terrifying dragon, Chloe almost fainted from worry and shock.


「I see… Not bad at all…」(Dalia)

Meanwhile, Queen Kushana and Dalia murmured in awe at the same time.



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  1. -ine..



    Also imagine their father(lol) know Mylia already hunted two legendary dragons, I bet his pride is shattered.

      1. I think strawberry means that their father is a hunter but cant hunt shit except talking like a big shot , while the ‘useless’ daughter in his mind killed 2 legendary dragons..kekw

  2. …how on earth could two attacks take hours to preform? No matter how you look at it, just two moves can’t possibly take that long. Not to mention the part where she only left this morning, traveled all the way to the other territory and back, killed it, and is now already in the capital again. They know how long she’s been gone, and how far she traveled, so it should be obvious that the fight couldn’t have lasted that long, right?

    The first misunderstanding about time was a stretch, but okay. But this one, there’s not enough time in the day, it’s completely obvious that it couldn’t possibly have taken her hours to kill that thing. Where did the hours come from! There’s not enough hours, what hours are they talking about! Heck, there’s not even enough time in the day to even have traveled to the Duke’s territory if she were normal! Not nearly enough!

    How slowly do they think a wind blade moves? Is it a snail? As slow as these folks heads?? Did it take hours to use the magic beam, does it have a ridiculous casting time? But then how did she do that while not getting eaten by the Basilisk that whole time! And if it takes hours, why do they expect her to be able to cast it right then and there for them to see… obviously they don’t think it takes that long or they wouldn’t have asked!

    How long could a fight where the thing was cut in half in a single move possibly be? That’s basically a 1 hit KO, 1 hit KO does not imply a grueling, drawn out battle! Not even that, “Accidentally” cut it in half! She misjudged her strength and killed it by *accident* in a single move is what she just told them, there’s no way to interpret that as a difficult battle at all! Are they just deaf or something…? Every single person in the room is deaf and also stupid…? There’s a few dozen of them right

    1. Also Dalia really has a deathwish, Mylia JUST told her that this attack cut a 40 meter long, heavily armored Basilisk in half like a hot knife through butter. And her *first* thought is “Shoot me with the dragon slice and dice beam, I can take it! Come on, shoot me! Shoot me!”

      Mylia: “So I misjudged my strength and accidentally sawed the elder dragon in two…”
      Dalia: “WOW COOL! Hey think you can do the same thing to me??”

    2. That’s because that’s how long THEY would take to cast a similar spell of the magnitude (way smaller) that they’re imagining.

  3. Chloe really reminds me of Lilia from “I Was Summoned To Another World But That World Was At Peace”.

    The way both of them will be needing stomach medicine because of the absurd nature of the MC is hilarious 😂🤣

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