Chapter 2-40 : The Power That Makes People Misjudge


The audience room was getting noisy after a moment of silence.

It was the second time Mylia showed the body of an elder dragon she killed, and people reacted almost the same way.

Mylia silently waited for the queen to talk while looking at the surrounding people, who were amazed and said, “It’s damn big!” or “It’s terrifying!”.

(Yup. It’s big and terrifying. On top of that, its scales are very hard… Oh, right. I’ve never touched it directly. I wonder what it feels like.)

Mylia raised her hand and touched Basilisk’s corpse that was floating above her.

(I see. It feels like metal…)

The scales sounded like metal when she hit them lightly.

When Mylia played with the scales, the queen began to speak.

「Mylia, you will definitely become a witch who will go down in history. Everyone, look at the part where Mylia’s spell cut through the body. I think it’s enough to show us how powerful Mylia’s spell is.」(Kushana)

While saying that, Queen Kushana pointed at the cross-section of the corpse with her scepter.

The burnt flesh proved that the body had been cut through by destructive energy with extremely high heat.

While looking at the cross-section, Dalia approached the corpse to take a closer look.

「Your Majesty, Basilisk is a creature that is strong against magic attacks. Nobody can do this much damage even if you use the strongest fire spell… It looks like Mylia’s Magical Ray is on a whole different level… Therefore, I think we must see how destructive it is with our own eyes.」(Dalia)

For a combat maniac like Dalia, an unknown spell, moreover, a powerful one, is like a diamond. She was eager to see it.

However, Queen Kushana was different. She was silently thinking about something while looking into the distance with her strong-willed eyes.

Seeing the queen, who wasn’t answering, Dalia decided to be quiet and waited.

(Is she angry…? She’s not angry, right…? I hope not…)

Feeling a bit awkward, Mylia turned her gaze to Chloe who was standing behind her.

Chloe closed and opened her eyes a couple of times, trying to tell Mylia to wait quietly.

The atmosphere in the audience room became tense while the queen was quiet.

After about a minute of silence, Queen Kushana looked at Mylia and talked.

「Looks like we have to reassess our evaluation of Mylia.」(Kushana)

(Eh? What does she mean? She’s not going to punish me or anything, right?)

「Mylia, before you use Magic Ray, do you have to charge your magical power?」(Kushana)

「Yes, I gather my magical power in my chest before I shoot.」(Mylia)

「I see. Can you show me how you do it?」(Kushana)

「Umm… do I have to shoot as well?」(Mylia)

「No, you don’t have to.」(Kushana)

「Understood. But before that, can I put back Basilisk’s corpse into my magic bag?」(Mylia)

「Ah, this giant corpse is indeed in the way. Yes, please put it back for now.」(Kushana)

As soon as Mylia put Basilisk’s corpse in her magic bag, the huge presence of the corpse disappeared.

When she was about to start focusing her magical power in her chest, Chloe whispered to her.

「Mylia, are you sure you’re gonna be alright…?」(Chloe)

「Don’t worry. I have gotten better at controlling my magical power, you know?」(Mylia)

「Is that so? But… please be careful.」(Chloe)


(Onee-chan… She’s always worried about me…)

After replying to Chloe with a nod, Mylia began to fill her chest with magical power.


Along with such a machine-like sound, Mylia’s chest began to glow.

(Filling rateーー 30%… 40%… 50%…..)

Everyone in the audience room was lost for words seeing Mylia whose chest was glowing and hair was fluttering from her magical power pressure. Even the ones who couldn’t sense magical power got goosebumps due to Mylia’s enormous magical power.

「What a huge amount of magical power!」(Dalia)

「I can’t believe it…」(Kushana)

Dalia shouted in excitement, while Queen Kushana just murmured while looking at Mylia in awe.

(ーー90%….. 100%!)

When Mylia was done gathering her magical power in her chest, she looked around. Everyone was looking at her with amazed faces except Chloe. She looked worried.

「Umm… Your Majesty, I’m done charging my magical power.」(Mylia)

「I see. Now you’re able to shoot, right?」(Kushana)


Queen Kushana looked curiously at Mylia’s chest and hands that were glowing.

「…Now I really want to see you shoot it.」(Kushana)


「Mylia, can you shoot that glass window?」(Kushana)

「But… It will definitely shatter into pieces…」(Mylia)

「It’s okay.」(Kushana)

「Umm… Do you promise you won’t scold me later…?」(Mylia)


The queen found it funny that the girl who killed two elder dragons by herself was afraid of being scolded.

She was fascinated by Mylia’s pureness.

「Hahahaha! I won’t, I won’t! Instead, I will give you a reward, so shoot it!」(Kushana)


Now that she knew that the queen wouldn’t scold her, Mylia stuck out her right hand toward the big glass window on the wall without hesitation.

「Here I go! Magical Ray!」(Mylia)


Mylia shot a beam from the palm of her right hand. The beam hit the window and flew into the sky after breaking it into pieces.

No one knew that the beam traveled a long way and hit a bird-type monster, Dabola, on the way. That Dabola was truly unlucky.

After people witnessed Mylia shoot a beam with intense power from her hand, the audience room fell silent once again. Only the sound of shattered glass hitting the floor was heard. Some of the pieces were melting and glowing red due to the heat.

「Umm… Was that good enough…?」(Mylia)

「…..That’s enough, Mylia. Thank you for the demonstration.」(Kushana)

After a few seconds of silence, Queen Kushana replied to Mylia.

Mylia then released the magical power in her chest, spreading it back to her entire body, and canceled the spell, then the glow in her hands and her chest slowly disappeared.

「Actually there were many aristocrats who disagreed when I gave you a Dragon Slayer emblem a while ago because they didn’t believe that you really killed Zirnitra. At that time, you said that you were able to defeat Zirnitra because that dragon had weakened since it had been sealed for hundreds of years, but after discussing with Dalia, we think that it was your misunderstanding.」(Kushana)

While saying that, Queen Kushana stood up from her throne and continued talking.

「In other words, Zirnitra wasn’t weakened. You did kill it when it was in its perfect condition. And this time, you killed Basilisk quite easily. Do you think Basilisk was not in perfect condition when you fought it?」(Kushana)

「Umm… I’m not sure…」(Mylia)

「I believe it was in perfect condition just like Zirnitra. Mylia, it seems like you underestimate your power. Even if I ordered thirty royal magicians here to fight you, I’m pretty sure you will win. The difference in power between you and royal magicians was clear the moment you demonstrated your Magical Ray.」(Kushana)

Queen Kushana, who loves excellent and talented people, was excited after finding out that the girl she thought was a “super rookie”, was actually an exceptional little magician who might become a legend in this kingdom.

Mylia’s power completely exceeded the queen’s expectation.

「Is that so…?」(Mylia)

(Certainly, Master once said that I have sixty times more magical power than a royal magician, but I still can’t use one hundred percent of my magical power even though I have gotten better at controlling it, so… I don’t think I can win against thirty royal magicians… No, let alone thirty royal magicians, I even don’t have the confidence to win against Dalia-san in a duel…)

As always, Mylia wasn’t aware that she was exceptionally strong, but she began to realize that she was different from other magicians.



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