Chapter 2-39 : Meeting The Queen For The Second Time (part 1)


After traveling in the swaying carriage for a while, Mylia and Chloe arrived at the royal castle.

(This is my second time being here but this castle is so magnificent…)

There was a custom to repaint the castle every time the government changed, and Queen Kushana painted the outer walls of the castle with white and the roofs with red wine, and because of those flashy colors, people could see the royal castle even from a distance.

「Please follow my lead.」(messenger)


The two messengers of Queen Kushana, who picked up Mylia and Chloe, got out of the carriage and led the way.

Chloe was nervous but she tried her best to walk calmly. Mylia was following her from behind.

After walking for a couple of minutes while looking around the castle, they arrived at the front of the big door of the audience room.

「Dragon Slayer, Mylia de la Atwood, and her sister, Chloe de la Atwood, have arrived!」(messenger)

As soon as the messenger said that, the door opened.

Chloe swallowed her saliva while nervously looking at the opening door.

She grew up in the countryside and came to the royal capital just two years ago. Knowing that she was going to see the queen, she felt a pressure she had never experienced before.

Her face looked beautiful as usual but her expression looked a little stiff.

(Onee-chan… I wonder if she is alright… Even I, who have met the queen, feel restless…)

When the door opened, they saw the red carpet that spread through the room and the queen who was sitting on the throne at the end of the red carpet.

(The queen… Her majestic aura is intimidating as always…)

The queen was wearing a thick red cloak and a gorgeous dress with a crown on her head and a scepter in her hand. Her brownish golden long hair looked glorious, and her neat contours enhanced the beauty of her facial features. Her eyes looked sharp and were shining with determination.

Mylia and Chloe walked quietly on the red carpet and knelt before the queen.

Queen Kushana then looked at Chloe and smiled. She had wanted to see Mylia’s older sister.

Meanwhile, Mylia was quietly looking at the surroundings while kneeling.

(Ah, Aria-san’s dad is here… and… Geh! Isn’t that the combat maniac royal magician? Dalia-san, was it…?)

There was a female royal magician with a bob haircut and rimless glasses standing to the right of the queen. She was Dalia de la Germell, the one who shot a big fireball at Mylia, saying that she wanted to see Mylia’s cat barrier when Mylia first came here. (ch 2-2)

Dalia stared at Mylia while pushing up her glasses.

It looked like she wanted to talk with Mylia about magic.

(Uhh… I hope she won’t ask me to fight her again…)

While hoping so, Mylia turned her eyes away from Dalia.

After the messengers bowed to the queen once and left the place without making any noise, the queen started talking.

「Thank you for coming. I’m Kushana Germaine de la Ruzé Adrashelm. Miss Chloe de la Atwood, I believe this is the first time we have met.」(Kushana)

The queen’s husky voice echoed through the audience room.

Hearing her voice, the attending people tightened their facial expressions for some reason.

「Yes. It’s an honor to meet you, Your Majesty.」(Chloe)

After replying to the queen, Chloe quickly turned her gaze to Mylia.

Mylia grasped Chloe’s intention and immediately greeted the queen.

「It’s nice toー I-I mean… It’s an honor to see you again, Your Majesty…」(Mylia)

(Ughh… my tongue slipped… Who do you think she is? Your friend? Stupid Mylia!)

Mylia imagined punching herself in the stomach.

She couldn’t forget her habit of talking casually.


However, the queen didn’t mind it. Instead, she chuckled a little even though she didn’t usually laugh.

She then turned her gaze to Aria’s father, Wolff de la Ruzé Griffith, who was sitting in a chair among the other audience.

「First of all, Duke Griffith, can you explain for me?」(Kushana)

「With pleasure.」(Wolff)

Wolff stood up as soon as the queen called out to him.

He smiled at Mylia for a second, bowed to the queen and started explaining.

「Your Majesty… Ladies and gentlemen… The beautiful lady here, Miss Mylia de la Atwood, has successfully solved the mystery of Daemon’s Map, which was considered to be the biggest mystery in the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy. She also obtained the recipe of the potion that can break the petrification curse. Because the most important ingredient to make that potion is Basilisk’s blood, Miss Mylia traveled all the way to my region and successfully defeated Basilisk.」(Wolff)

Listening to what Wolff said, the officials and aristocrats in the room started whispering and talking to each other.

「Miss Mylia has saved my mother, Elizabeth de la Ruzé Griffith, from the petrification curse. Yes, the potion Miss Mylia gave me worked, and she is now in a healthy condition… It’s all thanks to Miss Mylia.」(Wolff)

When Wolff said that, the people in the room started applauding. They were congratulating Wolff and complimenting Mylia.

(So Aria-chan’s grandma has been saved. I’m so happy! I hope I can meet her someday…)

「Miss Mylia did all that simply because she wanted to help her friend, my daughter, and just for that reason, she risked her life fighting a dangerous dragon, Basilisk… I cannot thank her enough… I do believe that Miss Mylia will become an amazing witch who will lead a new era of magicians in this kingdom.」(Wolff)

Wolff’s voice trembled a little. He was moved by what Mylia did to his family.

(I’m happy that Aria-san’s father is grateful to me but… This is a bit embarrassing… Well, I guess I can bear with it. I feel like I’m starting to get used to this kind of situation.)

When Mylia smiled and scratched her cheek in embarrassment, the queen looked at her and applauded elegantly.

「Mylia, you’re such a wonderful girl. Please come forward.」(Kushana)

「Y-Yes, Your Majesty!」(Mylia)

Suddenly being called, Mylia stood up and stepped forward.

Chloe was watching over her nervously.

(Alright, I guess I’ll hear what she wants. I hope it won’t be a troublesome request…)


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  1. Anybody wanna take a guess at what this obviously troublesome request is going to be? I personally think she’s gonna try and get her into her family or even make her a member of her royal court. I’m interested to hear what other peoples ideas are though!

  2. The queen’s request “Let me give you headpats and a hug”. The queen wants Mylia as her child, she’s too adorable and pure, plus it’s not like her real parents care about her aside from her using her

  3. That on hold tittle isn’t going to stay on hold for too long now. And I’m sure she is going to add more troublemome things to it.

  4. I bet milia’s title will be higher than knight and Chloe will be rewarded with a title too because as milia said on past chapter she will only accept it, if chloe will have a title.

  5. Sad her dad lives in thr boonies. News taken months to years to reach there. He can’t know the accomplishments of his own daughter. Poor him.

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