Chapter 2-36 : Collecting The Materials


Basilisk who had been cut into two was squirming violently on the ground.

(I never thought I could cut it so easily with my beam…)

Mylia was stunned for a moment that the fight was over just like that, but then she recalled what Titania said, “Don’t let your guard down until you’re sure that it’s dead”.

(Monsters, especially dragons, have a high regeneration ability. I can’t rest assured yet… wind magic, activate… Cat Guillotine!)

Mylia moved to right above Basilisk and made a giant guillotine made of wind.

She once saw a guillotine in a history book, and she remembered that her nape got cold when she saw it.

(A real guillotine looks scary, so I made the upper part of the blade in the shape of a cute cat!)

To make it not look as scary as the real guillotine, Mylia made it as if there was a cat sitting on top of the blade while sipping a cup of tea. Other people who saw it would probably think that was a weird way to use wind magic.

(It might try to run away so it’s best if I add an auto-tracking utility.)

After modifying the spell a little, Mylia released the blade, and then the oversized guillotine blade made of wind fell toward Basilisk’s head.


Basilisk realized that its life was in danger and took evasive action immediately. However, the blade started moving on its own, aiming for the head of Basilisk who tried to dodge, and cut it off.

(Alright! Now, Gravity Magic, activate!)

Mylia immediately activated her gravity magic to make the entire body of Basilisk float and prevent its blood from spilling.

(It’s time to collect the blood.)

Mylia approached Basilisk to collect its blood, but surprisingly, it was still alive despite having been cut into three pieces. It glared at Mylia, trying to use its petrification power on her again.

「Uwah! So you’re still alive… But too bad, your petrification curse will never work against me!」

Mylia glared back at Basilisk while recalling that the dying dragon in front of her had made a lot of people suffer.

After Basilisk realized that it would never be able to defeat the cute girl with an intimidating look in front of it, it decided to give up.

The dragon gradually lost its strength, and then its whiskers finally stopped moving as it closed its eyes.

(Is it dead…? It’s dead, right? Phew… I wonder if I beat Master’s time.)

Because Titania wanted to act cool in front of Mylia, she told her that she could defeat Basilisk in less than five seconds, but actually, it would take her at least ten minutes to do it.

After confirming that Basilisk was dead, Mylia took out a large container made of silver from her magic bag. She made it in advance to collect Basilisk’s blood.

Strangely, not much blood was coming out from the upper and lower body parts, so Mylia put the tub below Basilisk’s head and started collecting the blood that was spilling out from the neck.

(It has a huge body so I thought I could get more blood…)

Basilisk didn’t have much blood despite its huge body. After collecting blood for a while, the amount Mylia got was only enough to fill a small bathtub. The color of the blood was blue, giving off a creepy atmosphere.

After that, she took out a large lid and closed the silver container that was filled with Basilisk’s blood, then put it in her magic bag.

Because she only needed a little to make the potion for Aria’s grandma, she then took out an empty vial from her magic bag, collected some more blood and put it in her magic bag.

「Phew… Now we can save Aria-san’s grandma!」

After collecting the blood, Mylia let out a sigh of relief.

She then stared at severed head of Basilisk that was still floating in the air with sparkling eyes.

「Now it’s time to collect the meat!」

First, she used Wind Blade to separate the head from the base of the neck and put the head in her magic bag.

She then carefully removed the scales attached to the neck with Wind Blade. By the way, Titania taught her how to remove the scales properly.

After that, she put the scales and upper and lower body parts into her magic bag, and what was left was only the neatly sliced neck meat.

(Hoo~ It’s pinkish-white and looks delicious… I can’t wait to taste it!)

While wondering how it tasted, Mylia put the neck meat in her magic bag as well.

(I hated seeing blood at first when I lived in Atwood’s mansion, but now I’m completely used to butchering monsters… It’s all thanks to Master.)

Originally, Basilisk could only be killed with at least thirty royal magicians, moreover, there would definitely be victims who were hit by the petrification curse in the process. However, it only took Mylia a couple of minutes to do it.

If Queen Kushana were to see how Mylia killed Basilisk with just a few attacks, she would invite her to a luxurious banquet in her castle for sure.

The sun was about to set by the time Mylia was ready to get home.

As Mylia flew higher, she saw the traces of the battle between her and Basilisk in the area near the pink carpet of cherry peach trees.

(Alright. Aria-san is waiting for me. I need to hurry.)

Mylia wanted to eat the meat but she decided to go back to school first.

「Master, are you watching~? Aria-san is waiting for me so I’m going back to school now! After that, let’s eat the meat together~!」

Mylia waved to Titania, who was watching over her with clairvoyance, and imagined Titania smiling and waving back at her.

She then used teleportation magic, heading to the Royal Girls Academy.




After teleporting twenty times, Mylia arrived at the meeting location which was at the back of the flowerbed with a statue of Goddess Celis in the courtyard. That spot was a perfect secret meeting place because it couldn’t be seen from the courtyard or the hallway.

(Hahhh… I’m tired… I may have a lot of magical power but I don’t have much stamina…)

Mylia took out a groundsheet made of monster skin from her magic bag and put it on the ground. She then took out a tea set and waited for Aria while enjoying tea.


A while after, Aria came. She put her hand on her chest and let out a sigh of relief as soon as she found Mylia.

「I’m glad you’re okay.」(Aria)

「Aria-san, I completed the mission!」(Mylia)

Mylia smiled at Aria and raised a thumbs-up. Aria then returned her smile.

「I’ve also successfully gathered the other materials thanks to the money you lent. Mylia-san, thank you very much.」(Aria)

Aria bowed to Mylia with a beautiful form as she thanked her.

「Hehe, Don’t worry about it. We’re friends.」(Mylia)

Mylia was a little embarrassed.

She stood up and put the tea set and the groundsheet in her magic bag.

「Well then, shall we go to see Peter-san now?」(Mylia)

「Yeah, let’s go.」(Aria)




Mylia and Aria used a hole that was created by Mylia’s Magic Ray when she fought Peter as a shortcut to the underground maze. If Daemon were still alive and found out about that, he would be crying behind a bush.

Peter was waiting for them when they entered his room. He had already completed the preparations to make the potion.

「Peter-san, we brought the materials.」(Mylia)

Peter was trembling for a moment when Mylia showed him the vial that filled with Basilisk’s blood.

『It’s fresh, I see. How about the other materials?』(Peter)

「I have them here.」(Aria)

Aria took out a wild yam, a crescent moon flower, a magic truffle, a jujumbe grass, a magic stone and a small bottle of holy water from her magic bag.

『Hoo… You even got the holy water. Well done.』(Peter)

「My father has a lot of connections, and I can get them all because of it.」(Aria)

『I see. You’re lucky that your father is a duke. Alright then, I’m gonna make the potion for you.』(Peter)

「Thank you, Peter-sama.」(Aria)

Aria was shaking as she thanked Peter. She was excited that the time she had been waiting for had finally come.

『Please wait there for a while.』(Peter)



Mylia and Aria sat on the chairs in Peter’s room as Peter went to his lab to make the potion.

While waiting, Mylia told Aria how she defeated Basilisk. Aria was listening to Mylia with an excited face while saying, “Whoa!” and “Awesome!” all the time.

After about thirty minutes, Peter came out of his lab with a small vial in his hand.

『It’s done. You just need to pour it down your grandma’s body from her head, then it will surely dispel the petrification curse.』(Peter)

「Aria-san, we can finally save your grandma!」(Mylia)

「Yes… Yes! Thank you, Mylia-san, Peter-sama… Thank you…!」(Aria)

『Here. You should be the one to carry it.』(Peter)

Aria received the potion from Peter and cherished it on her chest.

「Wait for me, Grandma…」(Aria)


Aria had spent most of her youth training and studying magic in order to save her grandma.

Mylia was proud that such a dedicated girl was her friend.

When she saw tears of joy begin to flow from Aria’s eyes, she spontaneously hugged Aria and gently stroked her head.

She didn’t know what to say at a time like this, but she remembered that Chloe always hugs her when she feels happy or sad.


(So this is Mylia-san’s smell… What a gentle smell…)(Aria)

Aria buried her face in Mylia’s chest, feeling the warmth of Mylia’s body.

『Un, un! Friendship between girls really is wonderful!』(Peter)

Peter smiled as he watched over the two with warm eyes from the side.



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  2. U know, Mylia, adding cute-themed thingy into execution device like guillotine only making it more scarier and horror.

      1. You guys, learn your Japanese right. Yuri genre means love between females. Which is this. Even though it’s only slightly so far, it’s still Yuri. Shoujo Ai is something else altogether. Shoujo Ai means Nymphophilia a.k.a. Lolicon. A really disgusting genre. That would be the early part of this story with Alex the Disgusting. So this story falls under both Shoujo Ai a.k.a. Lolicon (early part) and Yuri (later part)

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