Chapter 2-37 : The Griffith Family’s Dearest Wish (part 1)


When Mylia and Aria left the underground maze and headed for the dormitory towers, they saw some people standing by the entrance to the Aqua Sophia tower. There were Chloe, Diana, the school director, and Professor Caroline.

There was also a man and woman who were being escorted by three knights. Mylia had never seen them before but they seemed to be aristocrats since they were wearing expensive-looking clothing.

(Who are they…? Why is Onee-chan, Diana-san, rabbit director and… Professor Caroline here…? I have a bad feeling about this…)

Chloe was looking at Mylia, who was approaching, with worrisome eyes.

「Aria-san, do you knowー」(Mylia)

「Father! Mother!」(Aria)


Aria, who was walking next to Mylia, suddenly shouted while waving her hands to the aristocratic man and woman. She then quickly approached them.

(So they are Aria-san’s parents? That means, they are the lord and the lady of Griffith Family?)

The dandy-looking man with all-back silver hair stepped forward as Aria approached.

「Aria, is this person Miss Mylia de la Atwood?」(Duke Griffith)

「Greetings, Father. Yes, she is the Dragon Slayer I told you about.」(Aria)

After greeting her father with a graceful gesture, Aria answered him.

Mylia had no idea what was going on, but she decided to greet Duke Griffith for now although the gazes from Chloe, Diana, the school director and Professor Caroline made her nervous.

「N, Nice to meet you, sir… I-I’m Mylia de laー」(Mylia)

While Mylia was introducing herself, Duke Griffith suddenly knelt in front of her. His wife who was standing next to him also did the same.

(Eh? Eeehh…??)

Mylia was surprised and confused by Duke Griffith and his wife’s actions.

Even though Griffith Family almost lost all its fortune from trying to save Aria’s grandmother, they’re still a powerful family in this kingdom. It was explained by the fact that the school director and Professor Caroline took a step backward to show their respect when Duke Griffith and his wife knelt.

Mylia never thought that the head of one of the most powerful families in this kingdom would kneel before her.

She restlessly looked at everyone’s face, hoping that someone would explain, but Chloe, Diana, the school director, and Professor Caroline were just watching over the situation nervously.

Seeing Mylia’s confused face, Duke Griffith started explaining himself.

「Miss Mylia de la Atwood, I’m the head of the Griffith Family, Wolff de la Ruzé Griffith. I heard from Aria and Diana what you did for our family. I’m sorry if I’m surprising you but I wanted to show you my gratitude so I came to this school.」(Wolff)

While still kneeling, Duke Griffith, Wolff, looked up at Mylia.

His wife, who was kneeling next to him, took out a handkerchief and wiped her teary eyes.

「I heard that you are helping Aria find a way to save her grandma… My mother… You are even willing to fight Basilisk for us… Thank you, Miss Mylia. You’re truly a kindhearted lady… I’m very happy that Aria has a wonderful friend like you…」(Wolff)

As Wolff was saying that with a trembling voice, his wife kept wiping her teary eyes while nodding.

(La… Lady…? I’m happy but… this is embarrassing…)

Mylia was a bit troubled being called “lady”. She didn’t think that killing a dragon and eating its meat is what a lady does.

「U, Umm… Aria-san is my precious friend. It’s only natural that I help her, so I don’t think it’s a big deal…」(Mylia)

「Miss Mylia… You’re such a humble person…」(Wolff)

Wolff was even more moved by Mylia’s words. Her wife handed him her handkerchief as his eyes started getting teary.

Aria was watching over her parents with a serious face but she looked embarrassed somehow.

This situation was unbearable for Mylia. She was confused, embarrassed and nervous at the same time. The gazes from the people who were watching, including the three knights, made her feel uncomfortable.

(This is a very awkward situation but I need to calm down…)

After calming herself down a bit, Mylia crouched down in front of Wolff and his wife and took their hands.

「A-Anyway, please stand up. You will hurt your knees if you keep kneeling.」(Mylia)

The two then nodded once and stood up elegantly.

Mylia could feel their dignity as a Duke and Duchess as they stood up and smiled at Mylia.

(Whoaa… I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen real aristocrats in this world… The Atwood Family can’t be compared to them… Let’s say, if the Griffith Family is A5 wagyu beef, then the Atwood Family is a piece of rotten beef in a garbage can…)

*/ A5 is the highest grade of wagyu

They looked so dazzling in Mylia’s eyes. It reminded Mylia that Aria was truly a young lady of a great family.

Seeing the two stand up, the school director, who had been watching over them silently, let out a sigh of relief for some reason.

「Umm, actually, I’m the one who should be grateful…」(Mylia)

Mylia naturally said what she was thinking.

「Aria-san… In spite of being a daughter of a duke, she cares about me, who is nothing but a daughter of a poor knighthood family from the countryside… I was so happy when she said that I was her precious friend… I’m so grateful to her for becoming my friend… Besides, I was able to solve the mystery of Daemon’s Map because of her.」(Mylia)

「I see…」(Wolff)


「And actually, I just defeated Basilisk a while ago, and we successfully obtained the potion to dispel the petrification curse. Right, Aria-san?」(Mylia)



「H, Huh!?」(Caroline)

「Did she seriously…」(Diana)

「Hohoo~」(school director)

「Ahh… Mylia…!」(Chloe)

At that moment, everyone except Aria was surprised and showed different reactions.

Chloe knew that Mylia went to fight Basilisk, but still, her worrywart personality made her heart beat faster when she heard it from Mylia herself.

(After this, I have to tell her that she needs to let me know before doing anything reckless again!)(Chloe)

When Mylia felt an intense gaze from her beloved older sister, she smiled at her with an awkward smile as if saying, “I’m sorry, Onee-chan”. Chloe then sighed and shook her head in response.

At the same time, Aria took out the vial that she got from Peter and proudly presented it to her father.

「Father, this is the potion. I was finally able to obtain it thanks to Mylia-san, who brought the blood from Basilisk, and a friend of ours, who made it for us. I trust him so I can guarantee that this potion will work.」(Aria)

「I see… We finally can save her… Thank you…」(Wolff)

When Wolff held the vial dearly on his chest, his wife hugged him while still wiping her teary eyes.

Even Diana, who had a strong heart, started crying in joy.

Apparently, their grandmother, Elizabeth de la Ruzé Griffith, is a very important person to them, and finally, their long-cherished wish to save her would soon come true.



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    1. Maybe the Queen will order the school to not deduct a star badge since restoring a major magically-skilled vassal of duchess level is important to the Kingdom’s security.

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