Chapter 2-35 : Basilisk Hunting


After having lunch with Titania while listening to her talk about Basilisk’s weaknesses, Mylia decided it was time to leave. She then used magic to fly to the northernmost part of the Griffith territory.

She was using a shield that was created with magic to protect herself from the wind while she was flying, making the travel feel comfortable.

「Master, can you hear me?」(Mylia)

『I can hear you~』(Titania)

While Mylia was on the move, the two were talking with telepathy.

「Let me review what you have told me. Basilisk has a forty meter long body. It will cast a petrification curse the moment its eyes meet with mine. It can shoot exploding magical bullets. It may be a powerful dragon but I can easily beat it as long as I keep attacking from the sky. Are these correct?」(Mylia)

After a big yawn, Titania answered Mylia who was asking for confirmation.

『Yup. Don’t worry. For you, it’s just a big dragon with no power because its petrification curse is not effective against magicians with a lot of magical power.』(Titania)

「So I will be fine, right?」(Mylia)

『Yes. Basilisk’s petrification curse had no effect on me when I encountered them a long time ago, so I’m sure it has no effect on you either.』(Titania)

「I see. Still, I think I need to be careful just in case… Oh? I see birds!」(Mylia)

Mylia was a bit lonely when she was flying alone, so she decided to catch up with the flock of birds that were flying a little far ahead and joined them.

The birds kept flying without breaking their formation when Mylia was joining, probably because they didn’t mind her.

『Mylia, don’t forget to make sure that you’re flying in the right direction.』(Titania)


Mylia activated her compass magic, and then a translucent compass made of her magical power appeared in front of her face. She then confirmed that she was flying in the right direction.

「I’m heading in the right direction.」(Mylia)

『Good. Keep going then. By the way, do you remember Basilisk’s weak spot?』(Titania)

「Its neck, right?」(Mylia)

『Yup. And you know what? Its neck meat is pretty tender and juicy!』(Titania)


『Yeah, its white meat tastes so refreshing and it goes well with wine~ So make sure you bring it back with you.』(Titania)

「Roger that! I want to try to grill it with soy sauce and make a kabayaki* from it!」(Mylia)

*/grilled eel

(I’ve never seen Basilisk meat but I think it will taste like eel since its meat is white. Well, I’ve never eaten eel in my previous life though, but I’m sure it’ll be delicious! Wait for me, Basilisk-chan!)

When Mylia made a sloppy face while imagining herself eating Basilisk meat, the birds started making “Aho! Aho!” sound.

*/Aho means idiot

「Wh, What!? Are you guys making fun of me!?」(Mylia)

The birds meant no harm. They normally cry like that, but the timing was just perfect.

(…But thanks to these birds, I remembered that I’m looking for Basilisk to get its blood, not its meat, so I have to prioritize the blood. I lost myself when it comes to food. I need to focus more!)

『Mylia, please remember. When you fight that dragon, first, you need to strike it hard with your offensive magic, and when it weakens, cut its body in half your Wind Blade.』(Titania)

「Understood. I can’t cut off its head right away because of the hard scales, right?」(Mylia)

『Exactly. Basilisk’s scales run vertically, so it’s best if you try to cut its body vertically too. Magicians who don’t know about that usually aim for the neck right away, and have their attacks blocked by the thick scales.』(Titania)

「I see. After I defeat it, I will immediately use gravity magic to make its body float and prevent its blood from flowing out.」(Mylia)

『Looks like you know what you have to do, but Mylia, if you fly with the birds, the sun will set by the time you arrive at the destination, so it’s best if you leave them and fly at full speed.』(Titania)

By the way, Titania was watching over Mylia with clairvoyance.

「Ah, you’re right. How much longer until I arrive?」(Mylia)

『If you fly at that speed, it will take five hours.』(Titania)

「Geh! …Well then, farewell guys~」(Mylia)

Mylia started focusing more of her magical power into her body and imagined that she was a jet aircraft, and then she started flying straight at a very high speed, leaving the birds behind.

(Ughh… Am I flying too fast?)

It hadn’t even been five seconds since she left the birds, but she could no longer see them.

The scenery of forests and mountains below her was moving really fast.

『What a speed… What did you imagine to get that speed?』(Titania)

「A jet aircraft… Ah, never mind. I will tell you the trick when I return.」(Mylia)

『Alright then. I think my telepathy will no longer be able to reach you soon, soーーleaseーーcarefulーーlyaーー』(Titania)

「Master? …Looks like her telepathy can no longer reach me… Don’t worry, Master. I will return as soon as possible with Basilisk’s blood and meat!」(Mylia)




After flying for a while, Mylia arrived at the northernmost part of Griffith territory.

There were so many cherry peach trees. They spread and covered the area like a big pink carpet.

(They look like sakura trees in Japan… Having a barbeque party under a cherry peach tree seems fun…)

While thinking about that, Mylia activated her Sonar Magic to look for Basilisk.

(I can feel a fairly strong magical power, but it looks like it belongs to a different monster… Alright, next location.)

Mylia kept moving about several kilometers away at a time and activating her Sonar Magic, and after a while, she caught another strong magical power reaction.

(Oh? It looks like this monster is a snake-type monster and has a forty-five meter body… Is it Basilisk…?)

Mylia flew toward the place where she felt that strong magical power to confirm what monster it was.

When she arrived, she saw the cherry peach trees start shaking one after another. Apparently, there was a monster with a long body moving northward while hiding under the trees.

(The trees are blocking my view… Thermography Magic, activate… Uwahh… It’s huge… It’s crawling on the ground… As I thought, it’s a snake-type monster…)

Mylia kept following the giant snake while flying in the air, and five minutes later, they reached the end of the cherry peach area, and the giant snake came out of the trees, revealing its entire body.

「It’s more like a giant snake than a dragon, but no doubt about it… It’s Basilisk…」(Mylia)

Mylia spontaneously muttered as she saw the entire body of the monster.

There was a pair of huge horns that shaped like a reindeer’s horn on its head, vicious fangs in its huge mouth that were likely to easily crush large boulders, and thick whiskers on its face that looked like catfish whiskers. However, the most terrifying part of Basilisk’s body was its eyes.

(I can feel danger in its reddish-black eyes…)

A huge amount of ominous magical power was drifting from Basilisk’s eyes that had the power to petrify whoever it saw.

Mylia took a deep breath to calm herself.

Titania told her that if her mind was disturbed, her magical power would also be disturbed.

(…I should calm down… If it goes out of control, I can always escape with teleportation… Alright, Master told me to keep attacking it with magical attacks until it weakens before I can cut it in half… Then, this spell should be perfect…)

After calming herself down, Mylia started gathering her magical power in her chest.

She could use explosion magic which she was good at, but she didn’t want to damage Basilisk’s body too much, so she decided to use Magical Ray instead. It was the powerful spell that she used to fight Peter yesterday.

After connecting her hands with her chest with imaginary tubes, Mylia started compressing her magical power in her chest, and made a sound like an engine as she did that.


At that moment, Basilisk noticed the enormous energy that came from Mylia. It looked at Mylia, who was flying above, and released the petrification curse as it made eye contact with Mylia.


(Oh, shoot!)

Mylia was surprised when Basilisk suddenly stopped moving and stared at her. She then accidentally looked into Basilisk’s eyes.

However, she only felt something like a mysterious energy went through her body. She didn’t turn into stone.

(That energy wave… Was that the power of the petrification curse…? Master was right, it doesn’t work on me.)

Now that there was nothing to worry about, Mylia started transferring her magical power from her chest to her hands to prepare for the attack.

(Filling rateーー70%… 80%…)

After realizing that the petrification curse didn’t work on Mylia, Basilisk recognized her as a strong enemy.

The giant snake coiled up and jumped swiftly to the air like a spring with its mouth open wide, trying to swallow Mylia.


Mylia was surprised but she managed to dodge. She then flew a bit higher just in case.

(That was close! Master didn’t tell me that it could jump!)

Right after landing, Basilisk concentrated its magical power in its whiskers and launched magical bullets from them.

Mylia then immediately flew around at a high speed and managed to dodge the magical bullets. The magical bullets then exploded behind Mylia right after she dodged them.

Boom! Boom! Booooomー!

(Uwahh! They’re exploding! They’re not as powerful as Master’s magical bullets, but I’m sure it will hurt if I get hit…)

Basilisk’s magical bullets were actually powerful AoE magical attacks, and they couldn’t be blocked even with the power of thirty royal magicians.

Chloe would definitely faint if she were to see this fight.

Still, even though Basilisk’s magical bullets were powerful, they wouldn’t be able to hurt Mylia because she had the cat barrier.

Basilisk shot magical bullets at Mylia again, and Mylia dodged it while continuing compressing the magical power in her chest.


When Basilisk screamed in frustration because none of its attacks hit Mylia, the magical power in Mylia’s chest became full and she was ready to shoot her beams.

(First, I’m going to keep attacking with beams until it weakens, and then kill it with a huge Wind Blade… Aria-san, wait for me!)

「Filling rateーー 100%! Eat this! Magical Ray!」(Mylia)

Mylia stuck out her right hand and shot the first beam.


Like a beam cannon, Mylia’s beam hit the middle part of Basilisk’s long body and penetrated it.


Basilisk then started squirming in pain on the ground.

「Eh? It went through its hard scales? Alright, one more time!」(Mylia)

Mylia stuck out her left hand and shot another beam, but this time was several times larger than the first one.

It hit the same spot as before and cut Basilisk in half. It also melted the ground below Basilisk and made a hole deep in the ground.


(Master said Basilisk’s scales were very hard, but I guess my beams are too powerful for them…)



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  1. Mylia is the type of overleveled player who just re-started the tutorial boss after being veteran with the same account.

    1. She’s kind of like my high priestess build from Ragnarok Online that can’t be killed even if an Assassin Cross, Lord Knight, High Wizard and a Hunter or a Whitesmith gangbanged it all at the same time, and the HP and SP would always remain full with 10k+ HP.. lol

  2. I guess basilisk is not actually its name but rather just a species name for this type of dragon. Otherwise how would people know that they’re yummy? Collecting blood is one thing, but eating them outright is another.

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  4. So magic can do anything she images as long as she have enough magic power… based on the fact she can imagine a fighter jet that means you don’t even have to understand the things you imagine… Truly a ridiculous magic system, I mean the only which doesn’t have a limit is imagination…

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