Chapter 2-31 : I Surrender!


『Congratulations, you talented witches. You have shown me your beautiful bond…』(ghost)

The magical ghost who had been silently watching over them suddenly came forward.

『Now that the mystery of the Daemon’s Map has been solved, let me deactivate this barrier for yーー』(ghost)

「ーーAria-san, please move back! I will destroy this magic barrier!」(Mylia)

(I have to save my dear friend from that ghost!)

Seeing the ghost suddenly start talking, Mylia quickly put the Daemon’s Map in her magic bag and flew toward the barrier.

While purple paint was dripping from her clothes, Mylia focused her magical power in her chest.

(I might be able to destroy this barrier if I use explosion magic, but I’m afraid it will hit Aria-san too… Looks like I have no choice but to use ‘that magic’ that I saw in a movie. Master told me not to use it ever again, but I’m sorry, Master. It’s for saving my precious friend!)

Without hesitation, Mylia started concentrating on manipulating her magical power.

When she filled her chest with magical power, her chest began to shine brightly.

『Eh? Are you listening to me? You have successfully solved the mystery of the map, so let meー』(ghost)

「ーAria-san, please move away further. This one will be dangerous!」(Mylia)


Aria flew away from the barrier with levitation magic. She was kinda excited to see another weird spell from Mylia.

Mylia knew how strong the magic barrier was, but this time she was enthusiastic that she would be able to destroy it.

(I need to destroy this annoying barrier, exterminate that ghost and get out of here with Aria-san!)

While thinking so, Mylia glanced at Aria.

Seeing Aria smiling shyly at her when their eyes met, Mylia nodded and looked at Aria with a face as if she was saying, “I’ll save you!”

『H-Hey, please listen to me! I willー』(ghost)

「ーYou, ghost over there! How dare you tried to hurt my precious friend! Prepare yourself!」(Mylia)

Mylia imagined her chest as a tank of magical power and kept concentrating her enormous magical power into it.

She then imagined that her arms were tubes that connected the tank with the palms of her hands, and then started transferring her magical power from the tank to her palms.

(Alright, I’m doing really well but to destroy that strong barrier, I need more power… more!)


Mylia’s chest shone brighter and brighter as she concentrated her magical power in it.

The ghost, who felt an enormous magical power from Mylia, started shaking. He realized that Mylia’s attack would definitely obliterate him in a single blow if it hit him.

『W-W-Wait! Please wait! Don’t kill me, please! I was just asked by Daemon to test anyone who enters this maze!』(ghost)

Mylia was concentrating really hard. She didn’t hear what the ghost said.

As for Aria, she was fascinated by the tremendous amount of magical power she felt from Mylia.

「Mylia-san… What a strong magical power…」(Aria)

(Filling rateーー 70%… 80%… 90%…)

This was a powerful offensive spell that Mylia created by taking reference from a science fiction movie she once watched in her previous life.

The main character in the movie had the ability to gather energy in their chest and shoot the energy as a destructive beam from the palms of their hands.

(Filling rateーー100%!)

『Please wait! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt your friend, so please forgive me!』(ghost)

When the ghost kneeled as he begged for forgiveness, Mylia stretched her right hand forward.

「Eat this! Magical Rayー!」(Mylia)


A destructive beam came out of Mylia’s palm and penetrated the magic barrier that separated her from Aria.

Actually, Mylia was trying to shoot the ghost as well, but she missed because of the recoil.


The beam only grazed the ribs of the ghost and went through the wall behind the ghost. Because the beam was so powerful, it continued penetrating the walls behind until it reached the edge of the maze.

It melted the walls and created holes, and the edges of the holes were glowing red due to the high temperature of the beam.

「Tsk, I missed! One more time!」(Mylia)

『Ho, Hold on! Pleaseー!』(ghost)

This time, Mylia stuck out her left hand and shot the beam from her left hand.


It penetrated the magic barrier again and kept going toward the ghost, but the ghost quickly dodged it, so the beam only grazed his skull.

After that, the magic barrier shattered like a broken window and fell into the pool of purple paint, perhaps because it could no longer withstand the damage after being penetrated by Mylia’s beam for the second time.

That magic barrier normally couldn’t be destroyed unless it was attacked by ten or more great magicians, but Mylia was able to destroy it with only two beam attacks.

「Mylia-san, I knew you could do it!」(Aria)


Now that there was no longer a wall separating them, Aria could finally fly toward Mylia.

「It’s dangerous, so you can hide behind me. I will handle this ghost.」(Mylia)

「Okay. Please be careful.」(Aria)

Aria nodded and hid behind Mylia.

「By the way, that was a very powerful spell! You looked so cool!」(Aria)

「Ehehe~ Is that so? Actually, I’m just imitating the main character in a moviー Aa, never mind.」(Mylia)

Mylia felt embarrassed for a moment, but then she focused on attacking the ghost with her beams.

Right hand. Left hand. Right hand. Left hand.

Zwiing zwiing zwiing zwiiiingー!


However, the ghost moved too quickly. He managed to dodge all the beams.

While desperately dodging the beams, the ghost realized that the purple-haired girl in front of him was probably more scary than Daemon who always forced him to do unreasonable things hundreds of years ago.

『ーーI surrender! Please stop shooting! Pleeease! I beg you!』(ghost)


When the ghost did a dogeza and started begging, Mylia stopped shooting.

『Ah… Aaaahh! Finally! Finally you’re listening to me! Please forgive me! I was just asked by Daemon to test anyone who comes here!』(ghost)

「Is that so…?」(Mylia)

『Y, Yes! So please!』(ghost)

The ghost lowered his skull even more as he said that.


Mylia stared doubtfully at the ghost.

Solving the mystery of the Daemon’s Map wasn’t easy, so it was natural if she was doubtful.

「Mylia-san, be careful. It may be another trap.」(Aria)

「Yeah, I know.」(Mylia)

『No! It’s not a trap! I promise!』(ghost)

The ghost kept lowering his skull to the limit, and because of that, his body started rotating while still floating in the air.

『Please, forgive me! I beg you! Pleeease!』(ghost)

After seeing the ghost keep begging for forgiveness while making a funny movement like that, Mylia and Aria realized that the sinister atmosphere from the ghost had disappeared.

The ghost looked so pitiful in their eyes now.



Mylia and Aria looked at each other.

「…Shall we at least listen to his excuse?」(Mylia)

「Yeah, I agree…」(Aria)



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  1. The attack magic is like a powerful laser attack. Fyi the laser weapon is actuaĺly developed by military in the real world.

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