Chapter 2-30 : The Answer


The sound of paint gushing out from the floor and the walls made Mylia feel impatient. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and focused on the Daemon’s Map.

(Alright, I should calm down… If I can rearrange these letters in the correct order, perhaps I’ll be able to fill the blank squares and find the answer…)

Mylia took a pen and a note book from her magic bag and started to transcribe the unsolved answer.

Meanwhile, the paint has flooded about 40% of the pedestal, making Mylia feel even more impatient.

Beyond the magic barrier, a battle between Aria and the ghost has begun.

The ghost continuously shot magic at Aria, and Aria kept blocking the attacks with her Calamity Wind. The splashing sound echoed in the room as Aria ran around in the puddle of purple paint.

(Aria-san, hang in there!)

Mylia glanced at Aria for a second and then returned her gaze to her note book.


(Umm… TE▢▢THE… Ugh, this is so confusing. Perhaps I should rearrange all the letters in the correct order first…)

Mylia hurriedly rearranged the letters in her note book while a sound of metal hitting each other was heard from behind.

When Mylia glanced back, she saw Aria use the Calamity Wind to repel the ghost’s melee attack.

The ghost who tried to attack Aria with its staff, was blown away by the force.

(Whoa… That shield can be used as a weapon too? Awesome! Aria-san truly looks like a magical girl in an anime!)

As the ghost was blown away, Aria used the opportunity to jump backwards with floating magic to take some distance from the ghost and take a breather.

Calamity Wind was a spell that was developed by the first head of the Griffith Family who was a great wizard. It was a defensive and an offensive spell at the same time which was a combination of wind and a magic barrier.

The user could make it thicker and use it as a shield, or make it sharper and use it as a blade. It also could be turned into a spear to pierce enemies.

Because this spell was so versatile, it required a lot of concentration to use it. That’s why it was really difficult for Aria to use it while using floating magic at the same time.

『Hoo… Looks like you’re not just a little girl… This is getting interesting!』(ghost)

The ghost recovered. The force from Aria’s Calamity Wind wasn’t enough to take it down.

(That ghost is strong… If the situation gets worse, I will try to destroy this magic barrier once again and save Aria-san!)

While still floating with levitation magic, Mylia moved sideways a little so that she could see both Aria and the Daemon’s Map.

After rearranging the letters for a while, Mylia tried to answer the mystery again.


(Let’s see… TE▢▢THESE▢▢ET… “Tell the secret”, right? Nice, it’s looking good. Next… OF▢HISM▢P… “Of this map”… Eh? …TOYOURT▢UEFRI▢ND… “To your true friend”…?)

Mylia was taken aback. She really didn’t expect that.

(The answer is… TELL THE SECRET OF THIS MAP TO YOUR TRUE FRIEND…? Wait a minute…)

Mylia finally found the true answer of the crossword puzzle, but she was so confused because the rules said that she couldn’t tell the secret of the Daemon’s Map to anyone.

(No way…)

She looked at Aria, who was fighting the ghost, with a pale face.

(My true friend….. Aria-san…… But…)

Thinking about “true friend”, the only person that came to Mylia’s mind was Aria.

Mylia had a kind older sister and master, but she never had a friend.

In her previous life, she had never made friends. She only exchanged greetings with her classmates and never hung out with them. In other words, Mylia and her classmates were nothing but strangers.

When she was in high school, she once took the courage to ask her classmates to hang out with her, but they refused. They hated Mylia just because Mylia dumped the most popular guy in the school. They always stared at Mylia with cold eyes full of envy.

Suddenly recalling her past, Mylia felt a bit miserable.

She wasn’t sure if it was okay to tell the secret of the map to Aria.

「Mylia-san, did you solve the mystery!?」(Aria)

Aria glanced at Mylia and asked after she blocked a fireball from the ghost.

The paint kept flooding the room. It reached Aria’s thighs, making it difficult for Aria to move around. Also, the part of her skirt and robe were dyed purple thanks to the paint.


(Aria-san… Does she think of me as her friend…? If she doesn’t, perhaps the rules will apply and I won’t be able to enter this school anymore… There’s also the possibility that I might be killed…)

Of course Mylia thought of Aria as her friend, but she didn’t know exactly what Aria thought of her.

(I met her at the entrance ceremony. I thought she was a magical girl like in an anime at first… After that, we worked together to keep a big banner float at the welcome party. I accidentally made her sister float in the air with gravity magic, but because of that, I started teaching her magic… She was kinda cold toward me at first, but then we got closer and closer to each other… We began to spend our time together. We practice magic in the courtyard every morning and do some research at the library after school… After a while, I learned about her past. I was really happy that she opened up to me, but at the same time I also felt sad… I couldn’t even forget the moment when she was crying in front of me…)

She didn’t know why but tears started flowing from her eyes while she was recalling her days with Aria.

This one month she spent with Aria had truly become irreplaceable memories.

(Aria-san is a lady from a duke’s family… I may not fit to be her friend… But still… For me, Aria -san is a precious friend…)

Mylia always wanted to say that, but she couldn’t put it into words because she was afraid.

「Mylia-san, are you okay!? Don’t tell me… Is the map a trap!?」(Aria)

Aria was really worried when she saw Mylia start crying.

She should be worried about herself because the ghost kept attacking her and pushing her toward the wall.

After hearing Aria’s voice, Mylia wiped her tears with her sleeves, raised her face and looked at the answer on her note book once again.

“Tell the secret of this map to your true friend.”

(I can’t tell because I don’t have the courage… Aria-san… She is my precious friend… But…)

Mylia deactivated her floating magic and went down to the pond of purple paint. Because she was quite short, she soaked into the paint up to her waist.

Mylia then put her hands on the Daemon’s Map that was stuck on the pedestal.

(Even if I would be considered breaking the rules and be expelled from this school, perhaps I could still help Aria-san… But I…)

Mylia wasn’t afraid of breaking the rules. She was afraid that Aria would reject her.

While remembering the cold gazes from her classmates in her previous life, Mylia started trembling.


『Hey, young witch, you should worry about yourself!』(ghost)


The ghost rushed toward Aria and swung its staff at her, but Aria managed to block it with her Calamity Wind.

Aria then compressed her Calamity Wind and made it sharper and sharper, and tried to strike back at the ghost.

As the sound of wind rotating at a high speed was heard, the ghost quickly jumped backward several meters away from Aria.

「Mylia-san, if it’s a trap, then please retreat immediately! You can teleport outside this room, right? Don’t worry about me. I will find another way!」(Aria)

(Aria-san… No. She is totally different from my classmates… She is a kind and caring person unlike those cold people… We have spent our time together… I’ve even been to her bed… She is my precious friend. I should believe in her! Say it, Mylia! What are you afraid of!? Just say it!!!)

Mylia clenched her teeth and fists, turned toward Aria and shouted.


Aria was surprised that Mylia suddenly shouted, but then she smiled at Mylia.

「Yes, Mylia-san?」(Aria)

Mylia raised her face and looked Aria in the eyes.

Even though tears began to blur her sight and her body began to tremble, Mylia decided to tell Aria her earnest feelings.

「Aria-san, you are my dear friend! I don’t know what you think of me, but I think you are a wonderful and lovely girl! For me, you are the first friend I’ve ever made! You are my precious, precious friend!」(Mylia)

「Mylia… san…」(Aria)

Mylia then took a deep breath in and shouted.

「ーーAria-san, the content of the Daemon’s Map is actually a crossword puzzleー!!!」(Mylia)

(Please, please, pleeease!!!)

Aria was a bit confused, but on the other hand, Mylia was so nervous.

「Eh? It’s a crossword puzzle…?」(Aria)

The moment Aria got the idea what Mylia said, the pedestal started shining brightly.


Because the light was so bright, Mylia spontaneously covered her face with her hands.

Meanwhile, the Daemon’s Map started floating in the air and folded in quarters by itself.

「Mylia-san, what is happening to the map?」(Aria)

「I’m not sure but… could it beー」(Mylia)

Mylia hurriedly grabbed the map that was floating in the air and spread it.

「The puzzle… it turned into a map! Aria-san!」(Mylia)

What She saw on the map was no longer a crossword puzzle, but a map of the Daemon Fort which now was known as the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy.

(Yes, yes! It turned into a map! That means I can stay in this school and officially become friends with Aria-san!)

Mylia raised the Daemon’s Map in her hands in joy as happy tears began to flow out from her eyes.

「Mylia-san! You did it!」(Aria)

「Un! I’m so happy!」(Mylia)

「But… Aa-ahh… Actually, I was planning to say it before you did…」(Aria)


Aria’s chest was aching when she saw Mylia who was crying in joy beyond the magic barrier. She was so happy when Mylia said that she was her precious friend.

Aria wanted to answer Mylia’s feelings but she was too embarrassed to say it clearly that she couldn’t even look directly at Mylia.

She once glanced at the ghost, but there was no sign that the ghost would attack.

She then turned her face toward Mylia and decided to tell her true feelings.

「Mylia-san… Me too… For me, you are the first friend… I’ve ever made… in my life…」(Aria)

However, she couldn’t say it loudly. While being stared at by the ghost, Aria murmured while blushing.

「Aria-san, I can’t hear you!」(Mylia)

「U, Umm…」(Aria)

Mylia looked Aria in the eyes, but Aria could only blush and glance at Mylia.

She then inhaled deeply and took the courage to look straight into Mylia’s eyes and say her feelings to Mylia.

「Mylia-san! Me too! For me, you are my precious friend! I’ve always wanted to say it, but I didn’t have the courage… Mylia-san, please be my friend!」(Aria)

Aria’s confession echoed through the room.

Perhaps, it was the moment when Aria’s blushing face became the reddest it had been in her entire life.

「Aria-san… Un! Let’s be friends!」(Mylia)

Mylia nodded vigorously as she replied and made a big circle with her arms.

Aria responded with a nod too. She then smiled as her eyes became teary.

(Aria-sanー My cute and lovely friendー!)

It had been years since Mylia reincarnated to this world, but this was the first time she had officially made a friend.



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    1. That would have surprised me too had I not tried to solve the puzzle myself. The fact that there was only one verb (tell) made it so only one type of sentence makes any sense: an imperative one.

    1. Don’t feel too bad; the word “secret” was well hidden! I wasn’t expecting a 6-letter word to be obscured like that either.

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    Still though, I got the reaction from Mylia that I was hoping for. Thank you for the chapter and the awesome translation of the puzzle!

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