Chapter 2-29 : Beyond The Maze (part 2)


Mylia immediately used levitation magic, flew toward the pedestal and tried to remove the Daemon’s Map.

However, she couldn’t remove it. The map was stuck on the pedestal as if it was glued with a strong adhesive.

Mylia then tried to destroy the pedestal with wind magic, but it didn’t even budge.

「Aria-san, I can’t remove the map!」(Mylia)

「I can’t open the door either! My magic doesn’t work on it!」(Aria)

While Mylia was trying to remove the map, Aria tried to open the door with magic but it didn’t work.

「Mylia-san, I think the paint will stop spurting out if you solve the mystery of the map now! If the situation gets worse, you should leave with your teleportation magic!」(Aria)

「No! I would rather blow up this entire maze than leave you alone! I don’t care if I will get punished later!」(Mylia)

「Mylia-san… Yeah, you may be able to do that…」(Aria)

Mylia’s words made Aria happy. She blushed for a moment, and then approached Mylia and looked at her with serious eyes.

「Anyway, let’s calm down. First, you should try to solve the mystery. If it doesn’t work, let’s find a way to get out of here.」(Aria)


Mylia looked into the map and tried to solve the crossword puzzle.

However, at that moment, a heavy bass sound suddenly echoed through the entire room, and then a transparent wall appeared between Mylia and Aria.

The wall had a faint iris color similar to a magic barrier, and it spread from the ground to the ceiling and walls without leaving any gaps, completely separating Mylia and Aria.

「What is this? Another trap!?」(Mylia)

When Mylia touched the wall, her hand was bounced back by a shock as a ripple occurred on the part of the wall where Mylia touched.

「Mylia-san, are you okay?」(Aria)

「I’m okay, but it’s better if we don’t touch this wall.」(Mylia)


(This is bad… We’re completely separated… Alright, I should calm down… First of all, I should try to examine this wall… Appraisal magic, activate!)

Mylia quickly focused her magical power in her eyes and started to examine the wall.

However, the fact that the wall was a magic barrier was the only information Mylia got. Nothing else. It was probably because the gimmick of the wall was too complicated for Mylia to examine.

「I don’t know what kind of magic barrier it is exactly, but I’ll try to destroy this wall. Aria-san, please stay back.」(Mylia)


After Aria flew a little away from the wall, Mylia shot an oversized wind blade at the wall.

「Wind Blade!」(Mylia)

The wind blade hit the wall along with a loud wind noise, but as soon as a ripple occurred on the wall, the wind blade bounced off and disappeared.

「Ugh, I know it won’t be easy… But I’m not done yet!」(Mylia)

Mylia then shot fifty wind blades in a row.

「Whoa… I’ve never seen someone using wind magic like this…」(Aria)

Mylia impressed Aria with her wind blades, but still, all her wind blades bounced off and disappeared as soon as they hit the wall.

「Seems like wind magic doesn’t work on it. This wall is too thick. I will try a stronger spell.」(Mylia)

「A stronger spell? Don’t tell me… You’re going to use the explosion magic you once told me?」(Aria)

「No. I might blow up this entire room if I use that. I’m going to use another speーー Aria-san, behind you!」(Mylia)


Suddenly, Mylia noticed something dangerous behind Aria.

『Gaahaha! I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for hundreds of yearsー!!!』(?)

As soon as someone’s hoarse voice was heard, a fireball flew toward Aria.

Aria, who noticed it thanks to Mylia’s warning, swung her wand sideways quickly.

「Wind Break!」(Aria)

Aria blocked the fireball with her wind magic.

The fireball then fell into the puddle of purple paint on the ground and disappeared along with a “psshhhhー” sound.

『Hm? Two girls…? I thought you were soldiers… Well, it doesn’t matter. I promised Daemon to make anyone who comes here regret coming!』(?)

Mylia and Aria were taken aback after looking at where the voice came from.

They saw a skull-headed ghost with a transparent body floating in the air. It was wearing a black robe and holding a large staff.

An incredibly strong and ominous-looking aura came out of its transparent body.

「Wh… What is that thing…?」(Mylia)

「That’s a magical ghost…」(Aria)

「A ghost? It’s a bad one, right…?」(Mylia)

「Judging from its aura, it’s a REALLY bad one…」(Aria)

「Seriously…? Aria-san, I’ll come to your side! ……… Eh?」(Mylia)

「What’s wrong?」(Aria)

「I can’t teleport to your side! ーーHnnggg!!! Ahh… It’s no use. I think the wall is preventing me from teleporting there.」(Mylia)

Mylia couldn’t do it no matter how many times she tried to teleport to Aria’s side.

Meanwhile, purple paint kept gushing out from under the pedestal and had flooded about 30% of the pedestal.

(Weird purple paint keeps coming out and flooding this place, a strange wall appeared and separated me from Aria-san, there’s a vicious ghost who is ready to kill us, and now I can’t use teleportation magic! Aaarrggh!!! Daemon! If I meet him, I swear I will stick a chili pepper into his nostril and thrust it deeper with my finger!)

Unfortunately for Mylia, Daemon died a long time ago.

『What’s wrong? You’re not going to solve the mystery of the map? That purple paint is a special paint that can melt the map. Don’t you know that?』(ghost)

As the ghost said that, its hollow eyes shone, and then it started attacking Aria.

『If you do not hurry, your partner will die!』

The ghost shot fireballs, ice bullets and earth spears continuously at Aria.

「Calamity Wind!」(Aria)

By combining the surrounding air with her magical power, Aria quickly built a strong barrier and blocked all the attacks.

However, Aria couldn’t maintain her floating magic and fell, but fortunately, she managed to land with her feet. Her body didn’t soak into the paint, but the paint ruined her shoes and knee shocks.

『Hohooー Not bad. You’re impressive for a little girl.』(ghost)

「Mylia-san, please solve the mystery while I’m fighting this monster!」(Aria)

Aria shouted while still deploying the Calamity Wind as her shield.


「Don’t worry about me! I want to fight for you, so let me handle this monster!」(Aria)


「Mylia-san, hurry up!」(Aria)

As she shouted, Aria glanced at Mylia who was behind her for a second, and then returned her gaze to the magical ghost.

(I see. So we have been sharing the same feelings all this time…)

Mylia was grateful to Aria for always being by her side, so she wanted to help Aria as much as possible.

Mylia felt so happy now that she realized that Aria had the same feelings as hers.

「Okay, hang in there! I will solve it as quickly as possible!」(Mylia)

Mylia immediately flew toward the pedestal and focused on solving the mystery of the map.



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  2. Yes!! This scene is what I’m looking for! I love it! Thank you so much for the chapter.. now I’m getting excited for the next chapter.

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