Chapter 2-15 : A Competition


(Ughh… What the heck is this fruit!? It’s too spicy for humans! What a trap…)

Mylia, who just chewed the fruit that most people avoid, took out a skewer of grilled Dabola meat from her magic bag and quickly ate it with teary eyes.

She thought that eating Dabola meat probably could reduce the spicy taste remaining in her mouth.

The silver-haired twins, Aria and Diana, were completely taken aback seeing Mylia eating Dabola meat like a monkey, while Violetta giggled a little, thinking that Mylia was funny.

As for Chloe, she grabbed another glass of water and gave it to Mylia.

「There’s no pepero fruit in the Atwood territory, so it’s natural if you don’t know about it… Poor Mylia…」(Chloe)

「Uuu….. Thank you, Onee-chan.」(Mylia)

Mylia took the glass of water from Chloe’s hand, drank it all at once and glared at her plate.

(What an evil fruit… I will never forget this for the rest of my life!)

She stuck out her tongue and started blowing.

(Ahh… It’s getting better.)

She looked really dumb while doing that.

「…Did Her Majesty really give this girl a Dragon Slayer emblem and a star badge…? She must have misunderstood this girl…」(Diana)

Diana shoved her twintails with both hands while staring at Mylia with a confused face.

「Honestly, I wish that was just a misunderstanding.」(Chloe)

Chloe turned her gaze on Diana.

「But Mylia’s magic talent is real. Before I left my home two years ago, she could even use magic at the same level as third-year Magic Department students.」(Chloe)

Chloe recalled the time when Mylia used Wind Blade as she said that.

Of course Chloe knew that Mylia was way stronger than third-year Magic Department students at that time because Mylia could use clairvoyance, teleportation, and many other nonstandard spells, but Chloe wanted to keep it a secret to avoid trouble.

「People are using wind magic to levitate that banner, right? That’s the type of magic Mylia is good at. Your sister will never win.」(Chloe)

「Who cares if she’s good at wind magic! My Aria will definitely win!」(Diana)

Diana pouted her pink lips as she declared that.

「Aria is the pride of the Griffith Family. There’s now way she will lose to that stupid-looking girl! Right, Aria?」(Diana)

「Eh? Y-Yes, of course, Onee-sama.」(Aria)

Suddenly being called by her older sister, Aria hurriedly took her eyes off Mylia and nodded to Diana.

After listening to Aria’s reply, Diana put her hands on her hips and nodded with a satisfied face.

Meanwhile, Mylia took out the second grilled Dabola and ate it without knowing what was going on.

(Thanks to Dabola-chan I can barely taste the spiciness from that cursed fruit now. Oh, right. I almost forgot to sprinkle salt!…… Sprinkle~ sprinkle~…. Mmm~ It’s delicious but I kinda want to change its taste a little… Oh, there’s still spaghetti sauce left on my plate. Let’s see how it tastes with Dabola meat… Hmm~ It’s spicy but not too hot. Looks like my tongue is back in shape!)

Mylia was thinking about making the sauce for yakiniku from pepero fruit just like the spaghetti sauce. Of course, she now knew that she should be careful not to eat the fruit directly.

She thought of taking revenge on pepero fruit by taking advantage of it. After all, she was the type of person who turns her mistakes into profit.

「……Mylia? Mylia, are you listening?」(Chloe)

When Chloe tapped Mylia’s shoulder, Mylia raised her face and looked at Chloe.

「What’s wrong, Onee-chan?」(Mylia)

「Go over there with Aria-san and compete to see who can keep that banner floating the longest.」(Chloe)

「Eh? Go with Aria-san?」(Mylia)

She didn’t pay attention because of the pepero fruit, but after she listened to Chloe, she looked at the group of students who were using wind magic to keep a big banner floating.

「This woman… Why does she call my sister with “-san” but never calls me like that…?」(Diana)

Meanwhile, Diana murmured to herself while glaring at Chloe with dissatisfied eyes.

「Yup. Go to that group of Magic Department seniors.」(Chloe)

「I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks fun! Let’s go, Aria-san!」(Mylia)

Suddenly being called again, Aria stiffened for a moment and looked at Mylia.

「A-Alright, if you really want to compete, let’s do it then!」(Aria)


When Mylia replied with a smile, Aria turned her slightly blushing face away.

They didn’t look like two people who were going to compete against each other at all.

「…..Let’s go.」(Aria)

Aria started walking with an indescribable expression on her face.

Mylia then walked beside her, followed by Chloe who put her hands on Mylia’s shoulders as she walked. Diana and Violetta were also following them from behind.

Regardless of their dormitories, several senior students from the Magic Department were cooperating to keep the banner floating in turns.

「It’s tilting! Be careful!」(reliable senior)

「I think the left side is a bit too high!」(tired senior)

(Hoo… It’s big and it keeps fluttering violently. It seems quite difficult to keep it steady.)

Mylia looked up at the banner floating above her.

The senior students were using wind magic to make it float, but if they couldn’t control their magic well, the banner would start tilting and the message on the banner would be unreadable.

Therefore, normally two people were needed to keep the banner floating so that they could maintain both sides of the banner at the same time.

Students who were confident in their abilities could challenge themselves by keeping the banner floating alone, but usually people can only maintain the banner in a beautiful shape for ten to fifteen seconds if they do it alone. After all, this task required a lot of concentration.

Diana approached a Magic Department student who seemed to be waiting for her turn and saidー

「Excuse me. I’m Diana, the second daughter of Duke Griffith. Could you please let my sister try to keep the banner floating? Also, that Dragon Slayer girl from the Atwood Family too. They are going to compete against each other.」(Diana)

「A, Ahh, I see… But…」(student)

The student then glanced at the teacher who seemed to be their supervisor.

The teacher looked at Diana and raised her hand, making a gesture as if saying, “Do as you please”. It looked like she just wanted to avoid trouble with a duke’s daughter.

Diana then smiled in satisfaction and turned to the two students who were currently keeping the banner floating.

They looked so tired. It seemed like they had been using magic for a few minutes.

「Your magical power control is unstable!」(reliable senior)

「I’m sorry, I think I’m at my limit…」(tired senior)

「I see. Don’t worry, I’ll try to fix it! Hnghh!」(reliable senior)

The reliable-looking senior put more magical power to the right side of the banner, making the slightly tilted banner to float in a straight position again.

「Good job, senpai!」

At the same time, the cheers from the surrounding students were heard.

「Guys, they just broke the record!」

After a moment, a smart-looking student shouted like that while looking at the clock.

Apparently, those two seniors were the students who currently could keep the banner floating the longest.

After they heard the shout, they turned to Aria and Mylia who were waiting behind them.

「You, take our place!」(reliable senior)

「Please, be careful not to drop the banner!」(tired senior)

「Understood. Leave it to me.」(Aria)

After replying to the seniors, Aria prepared herself and took their place.

Immediately after that, she took her magic wand from her waist and muttered.

「O’ wind, lend me your power.」(Aria)

Aria then started keeping the banner floating in a beautiful shape with her wind magic.

「My excellent little sister, show them that you can also break the recorー」(Diana)

「ーAria-san, I’m coming!」(Mylia)

When Diana tried to say something, suddenly Mylia jumped in and immediately activated wind magic.

(Like this, right? This seems easy.)

「Eh? What are you doing!? This is not your turn!」(Diana)

Diana yelled at Mylia but Mylia didn’t hear her because Mylia had started concentrating and the sound of wind blowing was quite loud.

「Aria-san, let’s do our best to break the record!」(Mylia)


Mylia smiled carefreely at Aria.

Because Mylia didn’t pay attention, she had no idea that the competition was actually against Aria from the beginning. She thought that she would work together with Aria to compete against the seniors.

(I hope we will become closer after we win this competition! Ahh~ I really want to make friends with a lovely girl like Aria-san!)

「Geez, what’s wrong with this girl!?」(Diana)

「Pfffft…! I have no idea either. Phu, phu!」(Violetta)

Diana turned around, looking somewhat upset, while Violetta tried to hold back her laughter.

「Ahh… Mylia… Why are you always like this…?」(Chloe)

Chloe put her hand on her forehead as she murmured.

Meanwhile, Mylia kept casting wind magic, enjoying her time working together with Aria to keep the banner floating.


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