Chapter 2-16 : Working Together


Aria was confused when suddenly Mylia jumped in and helped her keep the banner floating.

「Wh, Why are you…」(Aria)

Aria used wind magic at full power because she thought she would do it herself, and because Mylia suddenly used wind magic too, Aria lost control of the banner.

「It’s tilting!」
「The right side is lower than the other side!」
「You two, control your magic well!」
「You, the freshman with the pigtails! you need to focus more!」(seniors)

While looking at the banner, the Magic Department seniors started giving instructions to the two.

The seniors were wearing ribbons with different colors, indicating that they were from different dormitories.

However, their thoughts were the same : “Do not let the banner fall until the welcome party is over”.

By the way, the ones who had this insane role of keeping the big banner floating during the welcome party every year were usually the Magic Department second year students.

Because Aria and Mylia were the first year students, the students from other departments were interested and started gathering to watch them.

「Aria-san, leave the left side to me! You can focus on the right side!」(Mylia)

「A, Alright…!」(Aria)

After realizing that the competition against Mylia had changed to a cooperative battle against the seniors, Aria quickly moved to the right side and adjusted her magical power.

「Khh…! Can’t be helped… Aria, work together with that girl and break the record!」(Diana)

Aria nodded to Diana who looked somewhat frustrated.

No matter if they were working together or not, the banner must keep floating so that the seniors’ efforts so far wouldn’t be in vain.

With that in mind, Aria decided to fully cooperate with Mylia.

「I think I’m getting the hang of it! How’s my wind?」(Mylia)

「It’s a little too strong! Please weaken your magical power a bit!」(Aria)

「Aye aye, Captain!」(Mylia)

(Aye… what? Is it a dialect? I don’t understand this girl…)(Aria)

While focusing on the banner, Aria tilted her head, wondering. She didn’t know that kind of joke because she grew up in an aristocratic environment.

After a moment, the left side of the banner lowered a little. It looked like Mylia managed to control her magical power.

Keeping the banner floating might look easy, but it was actually way harder than it looked. While blowing wind with wind magic to the front side and the back side of the banner at the same time, they had to keep the banner in a beautiful shape for a long time.

However, unlike the second year seniors, Aria is a genius child from the Griffith Family and Mylia is a Dragon Slayer. They made this task look easy. They didn’t even break a sweat after a while of keeping the banner floating.

The seniors who were watching over them got excited and started cheering for them.

「Both of you, you’re doing really well!」
「Yes, yes! Keep blowing the wind like that!」
「Isn’t the girl with twintails the genius from Rose Maria?」
「Her partner is the rumored Dragon Slayer-chan, right?」
「By the way, she joined the same Dormitory as me. Fufu~」
「Aqua Sophia, was it? Ahh, I’m jealous…」
「That’s how you keep the banner floating!」
「Do your best! We’re cheering for you!」(students)

Not only the Magic Department seniors, the students from the other department who gathered to watch them also started cheering for them.

「Aria-san, they said we’re doing well!」(Mylia)

Mylia smiled at Aria. She looked so happy.

「Yeah, it seems so!」(Aria)

Aria’s ability to control her magical power had been recognized by royal magicians. It was said that she would definitely become a great witch in the future. Because magicians were precious in this kingdom, genius children who can use magic like her quickly became rumors.

Not many people knew about this but there was actually a struggle for power between aristocrats. However, luckily for Aria, she didn’t get involved in that power struggle thanks to her overprotective family. Her family believed that she would be the strongest magician in the kingdom in the future. Aria herself believed that as well.

However, Aria didn’t expect that there was a girl her age who could defeat an elder dragon. Moreover, that girl came from a poor aristocratic family who ruled a remote territory.

At first, Aria thought that that girl must be uneducated and had a bad personality. Aria made a mental note that she couldn’t lose to such a girl.

However, after meeting that girl, Aria was surprised because that Dragon Slayer girl was actually just a cute girl who was a little airheaded.

Aria looked at that girl as a rival, but after talking with that girl several times and seeing that girl having fun cooperating with her to keep the banner floating, Aria started to feel a feeling she had never felt before. She felt her cheeks were getting hot somehow.

While trying to ignore her feelings, Aria took her eyes off that girl, looked up at the banner and continued concentrating on controlling her magical power.

On the other hand, that girl, Mylia, kept focusing on the banner. She had no idea what Aria thought of her.

After keeping the banner floating for a while, Mylia finally got the hang of it.

Compared to clairvoyance or teleportation magic, using wind magic to keep a big banner floating was way more simple.

Rather than trying to control her magical power, Mylia was trying not to use too much magical power.

(I just need to use a little magical power… Just a tiny little bit… I feel like I will blow the banner away if I lose my concentration… This is my cooperative battle with Aria-san. I can’t let her down!)

Mylia pouted her lips out and concentrated even more.

(Umm… It’s hard to keep the banner flat… It keeps fluttering… Well, we’re using wind magic, so it can’t be helped, I guess.)

Even though the banner was fluttering, the letters on it could be read because Aria and Mylia pulled it from both sides and maintained the shape as straight as possible. Still, it wasn’t as straight as if the banner was supported by iron bars.

(Hmm… I wonder why they use wind magic… I’m sure there’s more efficient magic for this… Oh, that’s right! I think gravity magic will do better!)

Now that she suddenly came up with that idea, Mylia wanted to try it immediately.

「Chloe onee-chan.」(Mylia)

Mylia took her eyes off the banner and looked at Chloe who was watching over her from behind.

「What’s wrong?」(Chloe)

「Can I use different magic?」(Mylia)

「I don’t know… Vii, you know the rules, right?」(Chloe)

Chloe turned to Violetta who was watching over Mylia and Aria while smiling.

「Uhh… Your sister can even chat while doing such a difficult task, huh…?」(Violetta)

「It’s not a big deal, you know?」(Mylia)

「Not a big deal, huh? Fufu. Anyway, there’s no rule saying that you can only use wind magic. Everyone uses wind magic just because it is the most efficient way.」(Violetta)

「I see, thank you!」(Mylia)

「No problem.」(Violetta)

Violetta nodded and smiled at Mylia. She thought that Mylia asked simply because she was curious.

However, Chloe on the other hand, had a bad feeling about it, but before she could tell Mylia not to do anything to stand out, Mylia turned her face to Aria.

「Aria-san, I want to make the banner a little more straight, so I’m gonna use gravity magic!」(Mylia)

Aria, who began to look tired, looked at Mylia with a confused face.

「Gravity…? Mylia-san, what are you trying to do exactly?」(Aria)

「You’ll see!」(Mylia)

(Alright, turn my wind magic into gravity magic… and then focus it on the upper and left part of the banner…)

Mylia began to imagine gravity pulling the upper part of the banner upwards and pulling the left side to the left to make the banner stop fluttering and look more neat.

However, because she switched her magic, she lost control of her magical power for a moment and made the banner floating a little off.

The one who first noticed it was Diana.

「Hey, Dragon Slayer, the banner is tilting!」(Diana)

The seniors were also starting to notify Mylia.

「Dragon Slayer-chan, your side is too high!」
「You should suppress your magical power a bit more!」
「Stay focused!」(seniors)

「I’m sorry! I’m trying to switch my magic right now! I want to use gravity magic!」(Mylia)

「Huh? Gravity magic, you say? There’s no way you can use such an advanced magiー Hm? Wha…? What is happening!? Uwaa!?」(Diana)

Diana, who was standing closest to Mylia and Aria, started floating for some reason.

It looked like she received a slight effect from Mylia’s gravity magic.



「Waiー Uwaahh! I’m floating, I’m floating!!」(Diana)

Unable to resist the force, Diana’s body was gradually floating higher. Her beret came off and floated as her body rotated.

The surrounding people were watching her with amazed looks. They had no idea what was going on.

At first, Diana was moving her limbs violently in shock, but after she calmed down a little, she grabbed her beret that was floating nearby and looked at Mylia.

「This must be your doing! Put me down quickly!」(Diana)


「Mylia-san, control your magical power! You’re using too much! Ughh!」(Aria)

Because Mylia stretched the banner to the left side too much, Aria had a hard time controlling the right side, and the banner tilted about thirty degrees because Mylia also pulled it upwards too much.

(Eh?? Waiー did I just… Eeeehhhh!?)

Mylia’s brain was in chaos.

She tried to keep her magical power as minimal as possible when she switched magic, still, she had trouble controlling her enormous magical power.

「Wow. As expected from an upper-class aristocratic lady. She’s wearing white lace undergarments.」(Violetta)

「Phu! Ahaha!」(Chloe)

「You! Stop looking up my skirt! And you, stop laughing at me!」(Diana)

Violetta put her hand near her eye, making a gesture as if she was using a scope, while Chloe was just laughing next to her.

「Arrghh! What’s wrong with you people!?」(Diana)



TL : I like this Violetta girl.



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