Chapter 2-14 : Silver-haired Sisters


They decided to stop talking about the Daemon’s Map and changed the topic. They were now talking about Mylia.

「Vii, just so you know, Mylia’s magical power is extraordinary, so please remember it. Oh right, she also lacks common sense.」(Chloe)


As she said that, Chloe put her hand on Mylia’s shoulder and drew her brows together, looking worried.

「Just who would have thought this girl is the one who defeated Zirnitra… Ahh, I’m so worried that I feel my blood drain from my face…」(Chloe)

「Umm… Onee-chan, I don’t know why you’re so worried, but that dragon wasn’t a big deal, you know? Master said that I’m still not good at manipulating magical power. I was able to defeat that dragon because it was weakened.」(Mylia)

As usual, Mylia said something unbelievable with an easygoing tone.

Zirnitra was actually in its best shape at that time, but because Mylia didn’t feel like she had a hard time fighting, she thought that Zirnitra wasn’t feeling well.

「I see, so that’s what happened. It wasn’t feeling well, huh?」(Violetta)

Violetta nodded. She was convinced somehow.

For her it was hard to believe that the girl who was eating a mouthful of spaghetti with a blissful face in front of her managed to defeat an elder dragon with her power alone.

「By the way, what kind of magic did you use when you fought it?」(Violetta)

「*gulp* I used…」(Mylia)

After Mylia swallowed her spaghetti, Chloe wiped off the sauce around her mouth.

「Thank you, Onee-chan. I used a cat barrier, explosion, and wind blade.」(Mylia)

「Ca, Cat barrier…? Explosion…?」(Violetta)

Violetta was confused. She blinked and tilted her head.

She was the third best student in the Magic Department, but she had never heard of that magic before.

「Yep. I blocked the dragon’s attack with my cat barrier and countered it with a cat punch! After that I used explosion magic on its neck. Ah, my explosion magic can focus the force from the explosion inward, so the damage was very devastating. That was my first time using it on a living being. It made a very loud sound!」(Mylia)

Mylia explained while excitedly moving her hands, making gestures.

However, Violetta didn’t understand at all.

「Chloe… can you interpret what she just said?」(Violetta)

「Ughh… Do you think I understand what she talked about?」(Chloe)

「Eh? Is my explanation hard to understand? Alright, let me explain it again. Ahem! First, Zirnitra attacked me with a beam cannon from its mouth. Bwooshー! But I blocked it with my cat barrier. Right after, a giant cat appeared, and with a cat punch, the cat sent a strong uppercut to Zirnitra’s chin. Dokaanー! like that. When Zirnitra was lying on the ground and couldn’t move its giant body, I used the explosion magic on its neck. BOOMMー!」(Mylia)

After she explained, Mylia puffed out her chest with a face as if saying, “How’s that?”

Violetta and Chloe looked at each other with even more confused faces.

「…Ummm….. I don’t know how I should react to this…」(Violetta)

「Me neither… But explosion magic sounds very dangerous. Mylia, please don’t use it here at school, okay?」(Chloe)


When Mylia replied to Chloe with a smile, a cute voice was heard from behind.

「Hey, you. You made people confused again with your explanation, huh? Onee-sama, look, she’s just like what I said, right?」(Aria)

Mylia, Chloe and Violetta turned around and saw two beautiful girls with silver-haired pigtails.

One of them was the third daughter of Duke Griffith, Aria de la Ruzé Griffith, who met Mylia at the entrance ceremony.

The other silver-haired girl who seemed to be her older sister stepped forward and stared at Mylia.

「Chloe, I never knew that your little sister is a weirdo.」(?)

Just like Aria, she had long silver-haired pigtails extending to her thighs, smooth white skin, well organized pretty face and beautiful green eyes, but unlike Aria, she had a body figure of a mature lady.
She wore a Commerce Department beret and a red ribbon that indicated that she was from Rose Maria.

(Whoaaー Cute silver-haired twins appeared! Uhyuuu~! They look gorgeous! Aria-san is very cute, but her sister is as beautiful as an outstanding model! This is amazing!)

While Mylia was looking at the twins with shining eyes, Chloe stepped forward to defend Mylia.

「Hello, Miss Diana de la Ruzé Griffith. What kind of business does the second daughter of a duke have with us? Did you come to challenge me in the holy duel, “Judgement” again? Well, well. I will gladly take another star badge from you then.」(Chloe)

When Chloe said that in a mocking manner, Diana wrinkled her eyebrows, looking upset.

「Are you sure you want to talk with me, the second daughter of a duke, that way, Miss sixth daughter of a poor family?」(Diana)

「Fufu. Don’t you know that the difference in status doesn’t matter in this school? I’ve told you this many times, but I never thought you were this ignorant.」(Chloe)

「We’ll see who will laugh after we graduate. You want to be a merchant, don’t you? I will make you know what you will get for being disrespectful toward a duke’s daughter.」(Diana)

「Ara, it looks like you will be the first graduate who will try to destroy someone’s dream by using your power as a duke’s daughter. Don’t you know that the information network of this school is very wide? If you do something unreasonable, it will be propagated immediately. Well, that will be entertainment for me, so I might look forward to it.」(Chloe)

「Huh? What are you talking about? There’s no way I will do something like that. I’m going to destroy your business in a genuine and fair way!」(Diana)

「Is that so? Well, you can do whatever you want. I won’t lose to you anyway.」(Chloe)

(Uwaa… This rivalry atmosphere is going to kill me… I wonder if Chloe onee-chan can win against her…)

Thinking that the conversation between them would be long, Mylia looked at Aria and smiled at her.

Aria was surprised for a moment and turned her blushing face to the side.

(Aria-san is so cute~ Is she a shy person?)

While smiling at Aria, Mylia stabbed her fork to a red fruit in her spaghetti.

「My Aria is famous in our territory for having a rare magical talent. She can even float that banner without breaking a sweat!」(Diana)

「Still, I’m sure she is nothing compared to my Mylia. Floating a banner is just a child’s play for her. After all, she is a Dragon Slayer!」(Chloe)

Before anyone knew it, Chloe and Diana had started fighting over who the best little sister is.

Chloe, who was very proud of her little sister, definitely didn’t want to lose.

She turned her sight to the huge floating banner in the air that was operated by Magic Department students in turn.

「Mylia, you can do that much, right? ……Mylia?」(Chloe)

「…Mmm? Did you say something, Onee-chan?」(Mylia)

「Do you see that floating banner? Can you float it with your magic?」(Chloe)

「Easy peasy~」(Mylia)

As she replied with an easygoing tone, Mylia brought the red fruit on her fork to her mouth.

And then… She was frozen…

「Aria, go take the victory! Don’t let that self-proclaimed Dragon Slayer win!」(Diana)

「Understood, Onee-sama.」(Aria)

The moment the silver-haired twins exchanged like that, Mylia suddenly jumped with her face as red as a tomato.

「GwAaaAAaAAAaaAaaAAー!!!What is this!? This is so spicyyyyyー!Water! I need wateeeeerrrー!!」(Mylia)

「Mylia!? Did you eat pepero fruit in your spaghetti!?」(Chloe)

Chloe hurriedly took water and helped Mylia drink.

Pepero fruit is very, very spicy, especially if you eat it without other ingredients. It was common sense in this world, but unfortunately, Mylia didn’t know it.




Aria, Diana and Violetta were looking at the Atwood sisters while wondering if the girl whose lips were swollen in red really defeated Zirnitra.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!! AHH now that I caught up the waiting game begins, you guys are amazing for translating this 😀

  2. Mylia doesn’t lack common sense. She was trained from the very beginning by an extremely powerful elven mage even by elven standards. What she lacks is HUMAN common sense. What she HAS is ELVEN common sense.

    1. Actually, more precisely, Mylia has ELVEN common sense + Modern TERRAN common sense, where heavy. Metallic objects fly in the sky, or in space, or zoom across train tracks at ultra high speeds, and where AI and robots do things for you, and where you can get new replacements for certain old body parts, and where people can live till past the age of 100 healthily, and where Lupus can be cured, etc. Or you can get an artificial eye, and where a mere headset can read information from your brain.

      Try combining modern Earth’s technology and common sense with Elven common sense and see what kind of out-of-this-world common sense you get. It’s only natural for an otherworldler like Kanami Miria. Especially when her only real reference is also an out-of-this-world super powerful elven mage like Titania.

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