Chapter 2-13 : Violetta


While holding hands, Mylia and Chloe walked alongside a long table with dishes toward a group of students with light blue ribbons.

On the table, there was boiled chicken salad, spaghetti, freshly baked bread, and many more which made Mylia drool.

(Whoaa… All these dishes look gorgeous… They are completely different from the pathetic meals I had been eating in Atwood’s mansion… It’s too bad that there’s no yakiniku here. Do people not usually eat beef or pork in this school…?)

「Geez, Mylia, I’m about to introduce you to my friend, so can you stop looking at the food for a moment?」(Chloe)

「A, Ahaha… I’m sorry, Onee-chan.」(Mylia)

「So, this is my roommate, Violetta la Vibria. She is a third-year student in the Magic Department. And… this is my little sister, Mylia.」(Chloe)

Chloe introduced her roommate and Mylia to each other while stroking Mylia’s head.

Because Mylia was looking at the food, she didn’t realize that there was a girl standing in front of her.

The girl had bob-cut black hair and a sharp impression.
She was slender and seemed to be around 165 cm tall.
The jumper skirt around her waist looked a bit tight, making her curves stand out.

(She looks like a model… For some reason, I feel calm looking at her. Is it because she also has black hair just like Onee-chan?)

Because Mylia was Japanese, she felt familiar with people with black hair.

Violetta smiled and extended her hand to Mylia.

「Nice to meet you, my name is Violetta. I’m the eldest daughter of a poor knight family, so our situation is kind of similar. I’ve heard about you so much from Chloe.」(Violetta)

「I see. I’m Mylia, nice to meet you too!」(Mylia)

Mylia took Violetta’s hand and shook it.

「Vii, you don’t have to say anything unnecessary.」(Chloe)

When Chloe called Violetta by her nickname, Violetta pulled her robe with a slightly embarrassed face.

「I know, but I’ve been curious about your little sister because you always talk about her every night, saying “Mylia is so cuteー Mylia is so lovelyー” and so on.」(Violetta)

「Eh? Is that so…?」(Mylia)

Mylia took her hand off Violetta’s and looked at Chloe.

「Yeah, imagine being told that every night.」(Violetta)

Violetta sighed and looked at Chloe too.

「W-Well, I’m sorry about that, but… you see, it’s like I have seeds of worries in my mind that will rapidly grow if I don’t tell someone… You don’t know what she will do if you take your eyes off her, and I had been enduring that feeling of anxiety for two years ever since I left my home!」(Chloe)

「Okay, okay. I’m just kidding, Chloe. Fufu, you really love your sister, I see.」(Violetta)

「Geez, stop teasing me like that!」(Chloe)

Chloe pouted at Violetta who was giggling.

「Just so you know, all your friends know that your weakness is your little sister, so don’t worry about it.」(Violetta)

Apparently, Chloe often talked to her other friends about Mylia as well.

When Violetta shrugged her shoulders as she said that, Chloe swelled her cheeks even more.

「Mylia, listen, Vii is my friend but she is a terrible person who always teases me. There was a time when she teased me by shouting while looking out the window saying, “Look, isn’t that your little sister!?” I then rushed toward a window and desperately searched for you. I should have known that she was lying because it was long before the entrance ceremony, but… Hahh…」(Chloe)

(Mm, mm! Chloe onee-chan’s angry face is kinda cute~!)

Mylia was happy to see Chloe’s rare pouting face.

「So in other words, Onee-chan and Violetta-san are very close, right? I’m glad for you!」(Mylia)

Mylia smiled innocently at Chloe as she said that.

Seeing Mylia’s smile, Chloe couldn’t resist the urge to hug her little sister.

「Aa-ahh, Mylia, why are you so cute? I have to thank Celis-sama for bringing you to this world and making you my little sister…!」(Chloe)

「Hmmpp…! Onee-chan, the star badges on your chest are stabbing my cheek…」(Mylia)

「Fufu, I see… Now I understand why Chloe really loves her sister.」(Violetta)

While smiling, Violetta looked over the two with warm eyes.

After Chloe hugged Mylia while stroking her head for a while, the three of them started enjoying the party.

What piqued Mylia’s interest the most in the party was, of course, the food.

While enjoying her spicy spaghetti, Mylia listened to Chloe and Violetta’s story about the school.

Some students were looking at the three with interest. They seemed to want to join their conversation but couldn’t because Mylia, Chloe, and Violetta seemed to be talking seriously.

Mylia was a Dragon Slayer, Chloe was the best student in the Commerce Department, and Violetta was the third best student in the Magic Department, and because of that, they had a somewhat overwhelming aura compared to the other groups of students.

「Vii, I have something to ask you…」(Chloe)

Suddenly, Chloe asked Violetta with a low voice.

「Hm? Why are you lowering your voice?」(Violetta)

「Because I don’t want other people to hear this.」(Chloe)

「Okay. So, what’s the matter?」(Violetta)

「Do you know anything about Daemon’s Map?」(Chloe)

「Why are you asking that…? Don’t tell me… The reason why the school director called Mylia to his office is…!」(Violetta)

Violetta was a sharp and smart person. She didn’t become the third best student in the Magic Department for no reason.

「Ssshh…! Keep your voice down.」(Chloe)


Chloe moved her eyes, glancing around at the surroundings.

「Yes, he called Mylia to his office to make her the next owner.」(Chloe)

「I see… But unfortunately, I know little about that map. You can’t see anything on that map unless you’re the owner. Actually, the senior who was the previous owner once showed me the map.」(Violetta)

「Really? Why did you never tell me about that?」(Chloe)

「Well, I saw nothing on the map, so I wasn’t interested. I remember she always wrote something and talked to herself while looking at that map.」(Violetta)

「Hmm… I wonder what is written on that map…」(Chloe)

「Well, only the owner knows.」(Violetta)

While the two were talking seriously, Mylia was busy eating the party dishes. She didn’t think seriously about the Daemon’s Map.

For a moment, Chloe and Violetta looked at Mylia who was dexterously manipulating the fork in her hand to eat the food, and then looked at each other again with awkward faces.

「A-Anyway, we have no choice but to let Mylia-chan see the map herself. You can tell me if something happens. I will help as much as I can.」(Violetta)

「Thank you. Since it’s given by the school director, I don’t think anything bad will happen, but still…」(Chloe)

「Don’t worry, Onee-chan. I will do something with magic if something bad happens. More importantly, do they not serve any beef here? The only meat I can see here is chicken.」(Mylia)

「Hahhh…. Mylia, why are you always like this…?」(Chloe)

With a troubled face, Chloe patted Mylia’s head.

「I’ll take a look at the map when I get back to my room.」(Mylia)

「Eh? You want to do it alone? Butー」(Chloe)

「ーOnee-chan, you’re worrying too much. I will immediately go to your room if something happens, so please show me your room laterー」(Mylia)

As she said that, Mylia brought her face close to Chloe’s ear and continued talking with a low voice.

「ーso that I can teleport there anytime.」(Mylia)

Chloe smiled and replied to Mylia with a nod.

Mylia was told by Titania not to use teleportation magic in public, so she had to do it as secretly as possible.

「Alright… Just don’t do anything reckless, okay?」(Chloe)


「Say, Chloe. Is Mylia-chan a carefree type of girl?」(Violetta)

Violetta put her hand on her slender waist while watching the interaction between the sisters.

「Fufu. Kinda.」(Chloe)



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      1. A Yobai is when a lover generally the male sneaks into a woman’s room at night for some lovin. That’s what a Yobai is.

        1. Yes! Yes she did.

          But you can’t blame her, she’s been missing her sister’s “mature” charms and “stroking techniques” for two years now.

      2. Yo (夜) for “Night” + Bai (這い) for “Creep” = Yobai (夜這い) for “Night creeping” or basically “Night visit”, usually a man visiting a woman’s room at night.

  1. Boiled chicken?!! What a terrible way to cook food. Boiling. Boiling is only for making soups and stews, and for people who can’t cook, because boiling food turns the food bland. It’s a big waste of ingredients. At least steam it or something. You’ll get way more lovely and tasty juices out of it that way.

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