Chapter 2-12 : The Upside-down Tower


「So this is the Upside-down Tower? I feel uneasy just looking at its structure… 」(Mylia)

「Fufu. I felt the same and didn’t want to go in when I saw it for the first time.」(Chloe)

Mylia looked up at the Upside-down Tower with an amazed yet uneasy face.

It was like a stone tower in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The first floor was as big as a house, but the upper floor was like an apartment building. It got bigger and bigger as you looked up, and seemed very unstable.

「Mylia, we’re not done talking yet, okay? Come to my room and take those gold coins later. Got it?」(Chloe)

「U-Un, got it… I’m sorry, Onee-chan.」(Mylia)

Mylia had explained that she was scared to receive two thousand gold coins from the queen so asked the queen to send them to Chloe instead.

Chloe was glad that Mylia wasn’t raised to be a greedy girl, but two thousand gold coins was just too much for her to handle.

「Also, please show me your navel later. You have a bad sleeping habit showing your navel while sleeping. I want to check if you still have that habit. If you do, there should be some gunk in your navel.」(Chloe)

「U, Ughh… I don’t think you need to do that…」(Mylia)

「No, this is my job as your older sister.」(Chloe)

When Chloe said that while looking at Mylia’s belly, Mylia thought of cleaning her navel secretly with cleansing magic before showing it to Chloe later.

By the way, Mylia forgot to tell Chloe that she rejected the title of Knight from Queen Kushana and made Amnesia’s face turn pale because of that. It was fortunate that Mylia didn’t tell her, because if she did, Chloe would probably have had a heart attack.

「Mo, More importantly, I think we should go inside the tower now.」(Mylia)

Around them, the new students started to enter the Upside-down tower while being amazed by its structure.

After looking at the surroundings, Chloe nodded to Mylia.

「You’re right. Let’s go.」(Chloe)


After Mylia successfully changed the subject, Chloe and Mylia continued walking to the Upside-down Tower.

「Ah, you two are the sisters everyone’s been talking about, right? Welcome~」(receptionist)

A senior from the Commerce Department who was standing behind the reception desk at the entrance welcomed Chloe and Mylia with a smile.

Chloe and Mylia returned her smile and nodded, then they entered the tower and climbed the stairs to the second floor.

After they climbed the stairs, they arrived at a large hall where students were divided into four groups, forming four lines where each line represented their respective Dormitory.

At a glance, there were about a hundred people in this hall.

The interior was dimly lit by the light of candlesticks attached on the walls, and from the atmosphere, it didn’t look like a party at all.

「Onee-chan, are we waiting for something? The party is supposed to be in this place, right?」(Mylia)

「Fufufu. You will know soon.」(Chloe)

While giggling, Chloe lined up in the Aqua Sophia line. Mylia followed her and lined up behind her.

(This building is really strange… It’s like an attraction in an amusement park or something…)

Mylia, who had never been to an amusement park, recalled the scene of an amusement park on a television show she watched in her previous life.

Suddenly, hundreds of thick strings fell from above and were hanging in front of the lines of students.

(Strings…? Whoa! They’re disappearing!)

The students started to pull the strings in turn and disappeared in an instant.

The senior students seemed to be accustomed to it, but the new students looked a bit hesitant to pull the strings.

(Oh, that’s amazing! Are those strings some kind of magic tools?)

Being curious about the strings, Mylia focused her magical power on her eyes, activated appraisal magic and observed the strings.

She could see magical power flowing in the strings. It seemed that the strings were connected to the upper floor.

(There’s no doubt that they are teleportation-type magic tools, but… why are some of them connected to different places?)

There were several strings with different colors, thicknesses and materials, and at the end of those strings, there were small sign boards saying,[Please don’t pull this string. If you pull it, we will confiscate all of your star badges!]

(Uwaa… what kind of punishment is that…? That’s too much… I’m curious about where those strings lead, but I feel like I shouldn’t do anything weird with them…)

Mylia didn’t want to lose any star badges. After all, she was aiming for the ticket to eat sweets made by top-class magician chefs.

「Mylia, it will be our turn soon. Be ready.」(Chloe)


As Chloe stepped forward, Mylia also moved her legs forward.

「It’s my turn now. I’ll see you there.」(Chloe)


Chloe pulled the string in front of her and disappeared.

(Whoa… I wonder if I can make a magic tool like this… I’m sure Chloe onee-chan would be happy if I give her one just like when I gave her the Shampoo and Conditioner bracelet. {ch 1-28 part 2} But before that, I need Master’s help…)

Mylia was thinking of making another magic tool as soon as she could contact Titania, but she didn’t realize that it would only make Chloe even more worried.

Now that Mylia’s turn came, she stepped forward with an excited face.

(Alright, let’s do this!)

She grabbed the string in front of her and pulled it.

Soon after, her sight became white, and she felt like she was floating for a moment, and before she realized it, the scenery around her had changed.


She ended up in a very large hall that was about the size of a huge gymnasium for national competitions in Japan. The ceilings were very high too.

In the hall, there were students playing musical instruments; golems that seemed to have been invented by Industrial Department students, walking around carrying juice in their hands; senior students from the Magic Department showing off their magic talents; and many other students laughing, talking with each other, and doing some kind of activities.

There were also many long tables with various dishes lined up in the hall. Everyone was free to eat and drink.

(This is amazing! I didn’t expect the welcome party would be this extravagant! As expected from the aristocratic society!)

Mylia was smiling, fascinated by the party atmosphere.

She even wondered if it was okay for her, a girl who was born in a poor family, to be there.

「Mylia, what do you think? This school’s welcome party is wonderful, isn’t it? We students had been planning this party for a while now, starting by raising money to hire cooks, buy food ingredients and many other things.」(Chloe)

While approaching Mylia, Chloe said that a little proudly.

「Yes, this is wonderful! Compared to the everyday dinner when we were still at the Atwood’s mansion, this party is truly like a paradise!」(Mylia)

「Right? We students of Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy are rivals, friends, and also family. I hope you will meet good people here. Can you see that banner?」(Chloe)

Chloe pointed at the banner that was floating in the air by the magic of Magic Department students.

「Yes, I can see it.」(Mylia)

(Something is written on it… Umm…)

On the banner, there were letters in four colors: red, yellow, white and light blue.

It said, “Rose Maria seeks beauty and passionーー Crescent Moon seeks friendship and patienceーー White Lagoon seeks humility and kindnessーー Aqua Sophia seeks wisdom and knowledgeーー”

(Is that the motto of each Dormitory or something like that? It said, “Aqua Sophia seeks wisdom and knowledge”, but I didn’t enter this school because I want wisdomー)

「Mylia, let’s go. I will introduce my friend. Take my hand, or you will get lost.」(Chloe)


(ーYes, I don’t want wisdom. I entered this school because I want cute friends and to have a yakiniku party with them!)

While thinking about her goal, Mylia took Chloe’s hand and started walking through the crowd of students with Chloe.



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