Chapter 19 : Teleportation Magic


A month later, after Mylia handed a chunk of rock salt to her mother, Ella, the entire family changed the way they look at Mylia.

Almost every day, Robin forcefully told Mylia to teach her how to find rock salt.

Today was no different as she approached Mylia in the living room.

「Just tell me how you find them already!」(Robin)


「The rock salt! There’s no way you found them by accident!」(Robin)

「….Umm… I don’t know what you’re talking about…」(Mylia)

Robin’s face turned red in anger as Mylia said that with an absent-minded expression.

「This pipsqueak! Come here!」(Robin)

When Robin was about to grab Mylia’s ear, their mother stopped her.

「Robin, stop it. Don’t you feel sorry for Mylia?」(Ella)


「You’re going too far. Can’t you behave more like a lady?」(Ella)

「….! ……!!!」(Robin)

Robin looked like she was about to explode in anger.

She left the house with loud footsteps.

Mylia, Chloe, Penelope, Jasmine, and their mother watched her back as Robin left.

(Mother never saved me from Robin, but today is different. Maybe it’s because Aaron is in a good mood thanks to the rock salt I gave.)

After Robin was gone, the tense atmosphere relaxed a bit.

Then, everyone silently left the living room to work.

(Maybe it was a mistake to hand over the rock salt early in the morning… I should have consulted with Chloe onee-chan first…)

Mylia thought that next time she would hand over rock salt to her mother when her mother was alone.

「Mylia, let’s go!」(Chloe)


While holding hands together, Mylia and Chloe left the house, heading for the lavender field.

Lavenders grew naturally in the Atwood territory, and the villagers built the village alongside the lavender fields.

(It’s more like private farms than fields.)

Mylia looked at the scenery that she saw every day.

When she had just reincarnated, she thought that it was very beautiful, but now she wasn’t so impressed.

Even though Atwood territory had beautiful lavender fields, it didn’t have any land that could be used to grow wheat.
It was like a curse for the people living in this territory.

「Are you going to your master’s place today?」(Chloe)

「Un. I just called her using telepathy.」(Mylia)

「I see. Guess my lavender picking today will be a little quiet… If something happens, please use magic right away. I don’t want something bad to happen to you. Understand?」(Chloe)


「Do you really understand…?」(Chloe)

「I understand. Don’t worry, Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

「Ahh… Today’s work will be tough without you by my side…」(Chloe)

Chloe gently stroked Mylia’s head.

Mylia felt so comfortable that she almost fell into the dream world.

(We will just be apart for a few hours, and she stroked my head like this. I wonder how she will stroke my head when she leaves for the Royal Girls’ Academy…)

Mylia left the worrywart Chloe and moved to the north.

She walked slowly with an absent-minded face.

(Sonar magic activated… Alright, looks like there’s no one around… Concealment magic activated…)

After confirming there’s no one around her, Mylia activated concealment magic Titania taught her.

You could make your body disappear with this magic if you mastered it.
But unfortunately, Mylia wasn’t suited for using that kind of magic, so she couldn’t do it.

(For now, I can only make it harder for others to notice me. I have to be careful.)

Titania scolded her many times because of this.
She said, “Why are you so bad at hiding your presence!?”

She said that because she was just worried about her disciple, and it made Mylia happy for some reason.

After activating concealment magic, Mylia continued walking while paying attention to her surroundings.

(Jabel is…. Looks like he’s not following me today…)

Mylia had been followed by Jabel several times when she went out.

Maybe he wanted to find out how Mylia found rock salt.

(If there was police in this world, I would have reported him 100 times!)

Mylia could detect him with sonar magic.

(He doesn’t follow me that often lately. Is it maybe because he’s been busy? Whatever the reason, I should’t let my guard down because he might follow me again…)

Although Mylia is an easy-going girl, there’s now way she would let a suspicious man stalk her.
Besides, it would be bad if he saw Mylia using magic.

After walking for a while, Mylia arrived at the entrance to the northern forest without meeting anyone on the way.

(Magical power circulation… Gravity control…【Fly】!)

Mylia’s body floated in the air.

She spent a month practicing levitation magic.

(Autopilot mode ONー To Master’s house!)

As soon as she released her magical power, her body moved in the air, threading through the trees.

She was able to fly automatically because she had set a magical path beforehand.

(Ahh~ Magic is so convenient~)

After a while of flying and enjoying the scenery, Myia arrived at Titania’s house.

「Master, good morning!」(Mylia)

「Fwaahh~…. G’ mornin’~ I just woke up…」(Titania)

Titania, who looked quite sleepy, was already in the front yard when Mylia came.

She seemed to have been sunbathing in the front yard right after she woke up.

「What kind of practice will we do today?」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia landed on the ground, approached Titania, and fixed Titania’s wrinkled shirt.

「Mmm… Thank you….」(Titania)

「You look so sleepy. Ah, by the way, did you see me flying? I’m getting good at it, aren’t I?」(Mylia)

「Of course. Because you have a good teacher!」(Titania)

「Haha, you’re right.」(Mylia)

Mylia sincerely smiled at Titania.

With her face still drowsy, Titania crouched and hugged Mylia.
She then buried her face in Mylia’s hair.

「Suuuhaa~…… suuuhaaa~…..zzzzzz…..」(Titania)

「Geez. Master, I told you to stop sniffing my hair! And stop falling asleep on my shoulder!」(Mylia)

Titania has been doing that to Mylia a lot lately.

Mylia tried to shake Titania’s body off her, but she couldn’t do it because of the height difference.

「Ha…! Did I fall asleep on your shoulder again?」(Titania)

「You did!」(Mylia)

「I’m sorry, but your body is so comfortable. Say, Mylia, would you want to be my pillow? Let’s go to the bed!」(Titania)

「No way! Did you forget I once got scolded by Chloe onee-chan because you hugged me on your bed so long that I ended up going home too late!?」(Mylia)

「Ahaha… Well, it’s natural she scolded you because she was worried about you. But, don’t worry! I’ve made a magical alarm clock so that I don’t oversleep!」(Titania)

「Still, I don’t want to be your pillow anymore! When I told Chloe onee-chan you treated me as your pillow, Chloe onee-chan also asked me to let her do the same thing. She smelled good and her body was so soft, but her big breasts suffocated me and I didn’t get enough sleep because of that…」(Mylia)

Being Chloe’s pillow was tough, but Mylia bore with it in order to feel Chloe’s soft body all night.

(That feeling… Uhehe~ Actually, I wouldn’t mind being Chloe onee-chan’s pillow again.)

Even though she was suffering from suffocation, Mylia was happy being hugged by Chloe.

(I think it’s okay if I don’t get enough sleep once every three days as long as I can sleep with Chloe onee-chan.)

「Thinking that you are quite a sleepyhead, I don’t think you will wake up even though you made an alarm clock, so I refuse!」(Mylia)

「Hiks… Mylia is so cruel… How can you refuse to be this cute elf girl’s pillow?」(Titania)

「Girl!? Said the 170 year old elf…」(Mylia)

As she heard Mylia’s tsukkomi, Titania released Mylia from her embrace.

「What are you talking about? I’ve slept for 150 years, so I’m technically 20 years old now!」(Titania)

(Body strengthening activated!)

As soon as Titania released her, Mylia used body strengthening and jumped back quickly to keep her distance from Titania.

「Heeー Good move. As I expected from my disciple.」(Titania)

Titania praised Mylia, but she looked a little sad.

「So Master, what are we going to do today?」(Mylia)

「Hmm, let’s see…」(Titania)

「Ah, actually, there’s something I want to learn.」(Mylia)

「What is it?」(Titania)

「Teleportation magic!」(Mylia)

Mylia could use transfer magic to move objects from one place to another place, but she couldn’t move herself.

Teleportation magic was really hard to learn.
There were only about 10 magicians in the Kingdom of Adrashelm who could use it.

An expert magician could move several people at once with teleportation magic.
It was no exaggeration to say that all the aristocrats in the kingdom wanted this power so badly.

「Teleportation magic, huh…? Maybe it’s about time for you to learn it.」(Titania)

Titania stood up and scratched her head as she said that.



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