Chapter 5-27 : Taking Measures For The Future Ⅰ (part 1)


While I was resting, Madison-san, who had finished instructing his subordinates to prepare for leaving, approached me and bowed deeply to me.

「Miss Alchemist, I really appreciate your help. Thank you. Now all my subordinates can return to their homes…. Well, we still don’t know what will happen to us when we get home though…」(Madison)

「We can talk about it on our way back. First, we need to focus on descending this mountain safely. You can never underestimate snowy mountains after all.」(Sarasa)

「You’re right… Umm, by the way… About the cost of treatment, how can we…」(Madison)

「Ah, about that…」(Sarasa)

It’s quite difficult for me to decide how much they should pay for the treatment I provided.

First of all, we’re not in a safe place. That means medicines and potions are precious, so I should set the price a bit higher than normal. Moreover, I almost used all my magical power to treat these people’s wounds.

If they were Collectors, they could pay with materials they had collected along their way up here, but they’re not. They’re soldiers.

From the size of their bags, I could already tell that they ignored all the alchemy materials they could collect. Or maybe, they didn’t collect materials because they don’t have knowledge at all about them.

Anyway, I don’t think they can pay for the treatment right here, right now.

「If you have money or alchemy materials, you can pay me with that, but… you don’t, do you?」(Sarasa)

「Yeah… I’m sorry… I have little savings at home I can give you when we safely return, but… I don’t think it will be enough…」(Madison)

Madison-san is a captain of a troop, but I think his income is almost the same as the other commoners in town.

I don’t think he would be able to pay for the treatment.

In the first place, we still don’t know if they can even return to South Strugg safely without alerting Baronet Kirk.

「Can I at least do something for you to express my gratitude?」(Madison)

「Hmm, if that’s the case, then… Can you help me dismantle that giant centipede and transport its materials?」(Sarasa)

There are almost no valuable materials you can get from Giant Snow Centipedes, but I spent some energy to kill one. I just don’t want to waste my efforts.

The materials from Giant Snow Centipedes are cheap but I can still get some money if I sell them, right?

Since Madison-san and his men don’t have much stuff in their bags, I think they can help me carry some materials even though the value of the materials won’t be enough to cover the cost of treatment.

「Alright, I’ll gladly help you with that. If there’s anything else we can do to help, please tell us.」(Madison)

「Actually, there is. I want you and your men to cooperate with something important.」(Sarasa)

「Like what…?」(Madison)

「I want your testimony to help me deal with Baronet Kirk.」(Sarasa)

I don’t know if their testimony will be enough to weaken Baronet Kirk’s power, but we need as much evidence as possible.

「I see. Of course, we will cooperate! He may be our boss, but now, he’s also our enemy.」(Madison)

「Good. Anyway, shall we dismantle the centipede before leaving?」(Sarasa)

「Alright. I’ll go get some men who can help.」(Madison)

Madison-san went back for a while and returned with a few men who can help us dismantle the giant monster.

The reason why Giant Snow Centipedes can slide on the snow really fast is because the carapace on their legs is shaped like a long, thin boards.

First, we took that board-like carapace off the legs and made some sleds from it to carry our luggage and the people who can’t walk.

Since we didn’t have enough materials, the sleds seemed a bit fragile, but I think they will hold until we get to the town.


◇    ◇    ◇


Thanks to the sleds we made of the Giant Snow Centipedes’ legs, we managed to descend the snowy mountain without a problem.

Currently, we are in the forest near the bottom of the mountain.

Because it will get dark soon, we decided to set up a campsite here.

After setting up tents and preparing food for dinner, we gathered around the campfire and talked about what to do while eating.

「Madison-san, if you return to South Strugg, Baronet Kirk will notice for sure. He will execute you and your family if he knows that you have failed. So… I don’t think returning to your home is the best choice in your current situation.」(Sarasa)

「But… Where else should we go then…? Should we hide in your village for a while?」(Madison)

「No. Yok Village is a part of his region, so there’s no point in hiding there. Hmm…」(Sarasa)

While I was thinking, Iris-san looked at me and raised her hand.

「Store Owner-dono, I have a suggestion.」(Iris)

She then glared at Madison-san for some reason.

「But first, Madison-san, let me ask you this once again… Can I trust you and your men?」(Iris)

「You can trust us. We’re not your enemy.」(Madison)

Madison-san then replied with a serious face.

「…I see.」(Iris)

Responded to Madison-san’s serious answer, Iris-san closed her eyes and nodded to convince herself.

「Alright. This forest is not far from my family’s region. You and your men can hide there for a while.」(Iris)

「Hey, Iris, are you sure?」(Kate)

「Don’t worry, Kate. I know my family’s region is not as prosperous as other regions. Therefore, Madison-san, you and your men might be guests, but you’ll have to work to feed yourselves.」(Iris)

「Of course. We will do anything to survive.」(Madison)

「Alright. I was the one who suggested it, but it’s my father who will decide whether or not you’re allowed to enter his territory since it might trigger a conflict between my family and Baronet Kirk’s. So, I have to see my father first to get his approval before I can guide you there.」(Iris)

「I see. I leave it to you then. Thank you.」(Madison)

Madison-san bowed to Iris-san as he thanked her.

「I will go tomorrow morning. I think I can get home in half a day if I run while using body-strengthening magic.」(Iris)

「Iris, are you sure you want to go alone?」(Kate)

「Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m good at body-strengthening magic after all. Right, Store Owner-dono?」(Iris)

「Yeah, you have an aptitude for that. But remember to keep watch on your surroundings while running, okay? You’re fast, so you might hit a tree branch or slip over a rock or something.」(Sarasa)

「Hehe~ I’ll keep that in mind.」(Iris)

Iris-san looked happy. Probably because I said that she was fast.



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