Chapter 5-26 : Collecting Information Ⅲ


Before we can move away from this place, first, I need to treat the people with broken legs.

「Madison-san, we will need some wooden sticks or something that can be used as splints and crutches. Can you find them for me?」(Sarasa)

「Right away!」(Madison)

Without delay, Madison-san dashed toward the place with a few trees not far from here.

「Patrick-san, was it? I’ll start with you. Can you lie down?」(Sarasa)

Patrick, who was begging me to heal the vice-captain, was sitting next to me, so I decided to start with him.

「A, Alright.」(Patrick)

「And, you two. Can you hold him down?」(Sarasa)

I asked two Madison-san’s subordinates who were not injured; Carter and a person whose name I don’t know to hold Patrick down for me.

「「Y, Yes, Ma’am!」」(Carter & his friend)

Although they were still puzzled, the two immediately held Patrick’s foot and hip down so that I could adjust the position of his bones easier.


As soon as I started massaging his broken leg, Patrick screamed.

Unable to bear the pain, he tried to move his leg, but Carter and his friend were doing their best to hold him down.

「Don’t move! You’re a soldier, right? A soldier should be able to endure this much pain!」(Sarasa)

「B, But… Ghhh…!! It hurts so much…!!」(Patrick)

「I know it hurts but it will hurt more if you don’t stop moving! Here, you can bite this. It will make you feel a bit better.」(Sarasa)

I took out a clean cloth from my bag, rolled it, and put it in Patrick’s mouth.

「I’m gonna press it harder. I hope you can endure it.」(Sarasa)

「Hhnngh!! Hhngghh!! Hngghhh!!!!」(Patrick)

Patrick bit the cloth as hard as he could when I put more strength in my hands while massaging his leg.

Just like when he was begging me to heal the vice-captain, his eyes were filled with tears, but this time, he was crying from enduring the pain.

I kinda feel bad for him, but we still have several patients left, so I need to do it quickly.

Iris-san and Kate-san, who were standing behind me, frowned while watching Patrick suffer in agony.

「Uhh… Store Owner-san really has no mercy when treating heavy injuries…」(Kate)

「I know, right…?」(Iris)

「Well, I can fix his leg with less pain but it will take a very long time. We need to hurry, you know?」(Sarasa)

After massaging Patrick’s leg for a while, I was finally able to put the broken bones together and adjust them into the right position.

Luckily for Patrick, Madison-san came back at the right time with some durable-looking twigs and long wooden sticks.

Immediately, I took a few of the twigs, put them around Patrick’s leg, and wrapped them all together with a bandage.

After that, I applied a thick transparent liquid to the bandage.

「Sarasa-san, what is that?」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan seemed to be curious about the liquid.

「It’s the liquid for hardening bandages. If you apply it on bandages and leave it for a while, the bandages will stiffen. It can help you stop the bone fractures from moving too much.」(Sarasa)

After applying the liquid while explaining to Lorea-chan, I cast healing magic on Patrick’s leg with a little bit of magical power just to ease the pain and speed up the healing process a little.

「Alright. It’s done!」(Sarasa)

「Ahh… Thank you… very much…」(Patrick)

「Don’t move your leg too much, okay?」(Sarasa)

「A, Alright…」(Patrick)

Patrick sighed in relief, knowing that his suffering was over.

「Phew… I’ll go see another patient.」(Sarasa)

I left Patrick behind and approached another soldier with a broken leg who was lying down in another tent.


◇    ◇    ◇


Fortunately, the other patients with bone fractures were more stoic than Patrick. They were able to endure the pain and didn’t move too much while I was treating their injuries. As a result, I finished their treatment quicker than I expected.

Thinking that we still have time, I went to check the condition of the person with the most serious injuries, Llyod, the vice-captain.

He still hasn’t regained consciousness yet. He was hardly breathing due to the broken ribs.

Aside from broken ribs, he also has some bad lacerations, a broken arm, and broken thighbones.

It will be very hard to move him with all those injuries, especially the broken ribs. If we move him carelessly, his broken ribs might puncture his internal organs and endanger his life.

I put my index finger and thumb on my chin and started thinking.

「Anyway, moving him will be very risky with those broken ribs, so… I think I will try to heal his ribs with healing magic for now.」(Sarasa)

「Eh? But, Store Owner-donoー」(Iris)

「I know. I won’t be able to heal his ribs completely with my remaining magical power, but I think I still have enough to at least stick his ribs together even for a bit so that we can move him more safely.」(Sarasa)

I’m a bit worried because it will drain his physical strength, but if his ribs heal even a bit, he should be able to breathe easier.

I gently put my hands on his chest and started concentrating my magical power in my hands.

「Hahh… Haahh… *breathing heavily*」(Sarasa)

As I expected, it was quite tiring because I had to use almost all my remaining magical power to stick his ribs together. However, Lloyd-san could breathe more smoothly a while later.

「Hahh… Alright. I think his consciousness will return after a while. Madison-san, we need to keep him warm.」(Sarasa)

「Got it… Oi, Carter, bring all the blankets you can find!」(Madison)

「Right away, Sir!」(Carter)

Carter and his friend who still can move immediately started rummaging through the bags and brought as many blankets as they could find. I then slowly put the blankets on Lloyd-san.

After that, I came out of the tent. I washed my hands, stretched out, and took a deep breath.

「Aaahh… What a busy day…」(Sarasa)

「Sarasa-san, you look tired. Are you okay?」(Lorea)

「Yeah, but don’t worry. I almost used up all my magical power but I will recover after resting for a bit.」(Sarasa)

「Not only are you tired physically but also mentally, right? Are you sure you’re really okay?」(Lorea)

「Well, I’m not a doctor after all. But, I’m fine.」(Sarasa)

Alchemists can also heal people, but our main job is to make potions and artifacts, so you can say that we are less experienced than doctors.

Nevertheless, now that I’ve treated their injuries, we should be able to descend this mountain soon.



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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Sarasa did say that in villages alchemist doubles as doctor but with Iris and Kate case my perception was among the lines of witch offering an expensive healing potion. Now I know it more like a nurse in doctor’s absence. No wonder kingdom treats them so well, alchemist are like fantasy McGyver!

    1. Did you really just call sarasa a witch she explains why she charged what she did for a reason and iris and Kate accepted it she’s a running a business if she just gave that potion for free one she’s losing money she barely had and people would have taken advantage of her

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