Chapter 4-6 : Preparation Before Escorting Ⅰ


「I see… So, if something goes wrong, I need to break the Resonance Stone to notify you?」(Iris)

「Exactly. After that, I’ll check your situation with the Homunculus. However, whether I can help or not depends on the situation.」(Sarasa)

「Alright, I understand. After all, there’s the chance that you won’t be able to save us. If… If we were killed during this job, Store Owner-dono, I hope you won’t mind too much about it.」(Iris)

Hearing what Iris-san said, Lorea-chan suddenly stood up from her chair and looked at Iris-san with a serious face.

「E, Eehh!? Is this a very dangerous job? But Sarasa-san said you will be fine…」(Lorea)

「Calm down Lorea. It’s just a bare possibility. However, I prepared myself to die the moment I left my house and became a Collector because I knew this is a risky job. In fact, I already almost died once. I’m here now thanks to Store Owner-dono and Kate.」(Iris)

After saying that, Iris-san stood up, put her hands on Lorea-chan’s shoulders, and gently pushed her downward to make her sit back on her chair.

Kate-san then stroked Lorea-chan’s back to calm her down.

「She’s right. She would have been dead if Store Owner-san didn’t save her life. Being a Collector is a risky profession, but we have prepared to take the risk.」(Kate)


Lorea-chan’s face turned a bit pale when she truly realized that being a Collector was a risky job.

Seeing Lorea-chan’s pale face, Kate-san shrugged and laughed to change the mood.

「Fufu. Don’t worry. We will return like nothing happened during our work as usual.」(Kate)

「Yeah, we will say, “We’re home~” and we’ll have dinner together like always.」(Iris)

「U, Umm… You’re right.」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan smiled a little. Perhaps she was imagining us having dinner together.

「Lorea-chan, you don’t have to worry so much. Like I said, this is indeed a risky job but the risk is low. It’s unlikely they’ll encounter any kind of danger. Besides, this escort job is nothing compared to when we went to hunt a Salamander. Fighting a Salamander is way more dangerous, you know?」(Sarasa)

「But you were with them at that time, right? I realized how strong you are the moment I saw you kill two Hellfire Grizzlies in a second. I knew you would be able to protect them, so I’m not so worried if you are with them. However, this time they’re going to do this job by themselves.」(Lorea)

Ah, I see…

Lorea-chan has never seen a Salamander, so she doesn’t know they’re way more dangerous than Hellfire Grizzlies.

Besides, we didn’t tell her that Iris-san almost got killed when we fought the Salamander…

「Knowing how strong Store Owner-dono is, I can understand Lorea’s feelings.」(Iris)

「But Salamanders and Hellfire Grizzlies are incomparable in terms of strength…」(Sarasa)

「Yeah, but from a normal person’s point of view, they both are equally dangerous.」(Kate)

「Uhh, I see…」(Sarasa)

If we continue this topic, we will only make Lorea-chan feel more uneasy, so I think we should get back to the main topic.

「Anyway, I will do whatever I can to help you, so please don’t hesitate to use a Resonance Stone if you think you’re in danger. Even if I can’t help directly, I may be able to give you some advice.」(Sarasa)

「Ah, you will talk to us through the Homunculus, right? If you can share your senses with a Homunculus, then why don’t you keep watching us? If you do so, we don’t have to use Resonance Stones, right? Is it because you need to continue using your magical power to keep your senses linked with the Homunculus?」(Iris)

「Exactly. It’s not easy to do, you know? Besides, I have to do my job, and I need to use my magical power to make potions and other stuff.」(Sarasa)

I haven’t made a Homunculus yet but from what I heard, it seems that the magical power required to share senses with a Homunculus will increase depending on the distance between the user and the Homunculus.

Moreover, it will be very difficult to do while doing other work that also requires magical power.

I can’t see how Iris-san and Kate-san are doing through a Homunculus while making potions and other stuff.

「I see. By the way, do you have everything to make a Homunculus? If not, Kate and I will get it for you.」(Iris)

「No, you don’t need to. Fortunately, I already have most of the things I need.」(Sarasa)

To make a Homunculus, you need materials that contain a lot of magical power.

Materials that contain magical power are pricey and most of them can’t be easily obtained, but luckily, I have Salamander scales and Hellfire Grizzly eyeballs.

If I use both, the fire attribute will be too strong, but I can adjust it with Ice Fang Bat fangs.

Well, since they will be climbing a volcano, it will be better if the Homunculus has a strong fire attribute, but I will adjust it anyway just to make it more balanced.

「”Most of the things”? Then there are still some materials you need, right?」(Iris)

「Yeah, but they are relatively easy to obtain. For example, human hair.」(Sarasa)

By the way, you can also use blood. There will be no difference but hair is easier to collect.

Aside from those two, actually, you can also use your urine, but I’m a maiden. There’s no way I’ll use my urine to make an artifact…

「Umm… I think I will use Lorea-chan’s and my hair. Lorea-chan, can I have some of your hair later?」(Sarasa)

「I don’t mind. How much do you need?」(Lorea)

「Thank you. I just need a couple strands. You can give me the ones that are stuck on your comb.」(Sarasa)

「Alright. But, Sarasa-san… Does that mean… the Homunculus will be born from my hair and yours…?」(Lorea)

When Lorea-chan asked me that, her face turned red for some reason.

「Well, yeah. What’s wrong with that?」(Sarasa)

「A-Ah, it’s nothing… I was just thinking that the Homunculus will be like our baby then… Hehe…」(Lorea)

Saying that, Lorea-chan smiled shyly at me.

Sh… She’s so cute…!

「W, Well… Y, You can say that.」(Sarasa)

「By the way, Store Owner-dono, is there a reason why you use human hair as a material?」(Iris)

「Instead of an artifact, a Homunculus is more like an artificial living being. You need human hair to give it a personality that matches the owner of the hair.」(Sarasa)

If the hair of a restless person is used, the Homunculus made is also restless. If the hair of a quiet person is used, the Homunculus made is also quiet. Just like that.

I heard that it will also affect Homunculus’ appearance, but it doesn’t matter to me since I’m not going to make a humanoid Homunculus. I’m going to make an animal-type one and I will make it as cute as possible!

「I see. But… Why did you choose Lorea’s hair? Why didn’t you choose mine?」(Iris)

「Iris, you’re a reckless person. If she uses your hair, the Homunculus will be hard to control and will do whatever it likes.」(Kate)

「What did you say!?」(Iris)

「By the way, Store Owner-san, what would happen if you used hair from several people with different personalities?」(Kate)

Ignoring Iris-san, Kate-san turned her gaze toward me and asked.

「From what I heard, the personalities will erase each other and the Homunculus will end up having almost no characteristics. I heard that it’s safer this way because the Homunculus will be easier to control.」(Sarasa)

「I see. Then isn’t it better if you include Iris’ and my hair too?」(Kate)

The four of us have different personalities, and if the information I heard was true, then…

「Hmm… Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’ve never made a Homunculus before but I kinda want to try it.」(Sarasa)


After I said that, Kate-san awkwardly turned her gaze to Lorea-chan who looked kinda sulky for some reason.

「Lorea… I’m sorry.」(Kate)

「W, Why are you apologizing…?」(Lorea)

Umm… I think I know why she’s apologizing…



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