Chapter 3-18 : Unexpected Visitors Ⅰ (part 2)


「Fa, Father!?」(Iris)


「「………..Eh?」」(Sarasa & Lorea)

Lorea-chan and I were surprised.

Father…? Mama…?

Are they Iris-san and Kate-san’s parents?

They’re not married, right? Iris-san and Kate-san never told me that they were siblings and Iris-san doesn’t look like half human/half black elf either.

Actually, there’s another thing that surprises me… Kate-san’s mother looks so young!

Is it because she’s an elf? No matter how I look at her, she looks more like Kate-san’s sister than mother.

「Iris, Kate, I knew you were here!」(Iris’ father)

「Why did you guys come here…?」(Iris)

The man looked relieved as soon as he saw Iris-san.

Iris-san, on the other hand, was in confusion.

Seems like she and Kate-san didn’t know that their parents would come.

I never asked where Iris-san and Kate-san’s hometown is, but it’s probably far away from here.

「Of course we came because we have something to do here.」(Iris’ father)

「Something you have to do…? A-Ah, Store Owner-dono, this is my father. Would you let us talk inside?」(Iris)

「Yes, of course. My house is a bit small but please come in.」(Sarasa)

「Thank you, Sarasa-dono.」(Iris’ father)

「We’re sorry for bothering you.」(Kate’s mother)

「Please don’t mind it.」(Sarasa)

I let them enter my house, but since I don’t have a living room, I guided them to the dining table in the kitchen where we were having breakfast.

I feel like the number of guests visiting my house is increasing recently. I think I should make a living room soon…

I have two spare chairs so the six of us can sit together but my kitchen is kinda small for all of us.

「Ah, so you guys are eating? I’m sorry for disturbing your breakfast…」(Iris’ father)

After seeing the plates and the remaining food on the table, Iris-san’s father bowed to me and apologized.

「No, we just finished our breakfast, so it’s okay.」(Sarasa)

Actually, we haven’t finished eating yet, but it’s not the time to eat.

I cleaned up the table quickly and prepared two chairs for both of them.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t have a living room. Please take a seat.」(Sarasa)

「It was we who suddenly visited, so don’t worry about it. 」(Iris’ father)

「We’re grateful enough for letting us in.」(Kate’s mother)

When they both nervously sat on the chairs, Lorea-chan served them tea and then whispered to me.

「Sarasa-san, I’m going to open the store.」(Lorea)

After I replied to her with a nod, she bowed once at Iris-san and Kate-san’s parents and left the kitchen.

Now there are only the five of us sitting at the dining table.

「Let me introduce myself. My name is Adelbert Lotze, Iris’ father, and she isー」(Adelbert)

「I’m Katerina Starven, Kate-chan’s mother. I serve the Lotze Family.」(Katerina)

I see. So she works for Iris-san’s father, huh?

Iris-san’s father, Adelbert-san, looks like a gentleman with a mustache who has the atmosphere of a kind uncle. He looks a bit old, perhaps he is around forty.

On the other hand, Katerina-san looks very young. She really looks like Kate-san’s sister but instead of being half human half black elf like Kate-san, she is completely a black elf.

Kate-san looks just like a human unless she shows her ears that are a bit long, but Katerina-san looks completely like a black elf because of her dark skin and obviously long ears.

Although she looks young, considering that she is an elf, a race who has a long lifespan, she is probably around forty just like Adelbert-san.

「As you know, I’m Sarasa, an alchemist and the owner of this store.」(Sarasa)

「We heard that you are taking care of our daughters, so we came to show our gratitude. Thank you, Sarasa-dono.」(Adelbert)

While saying that, Adelbert-san stood up, put his right hand on his chest, and bowed elegantly.

「N-No, no. It’s not a big deal. Besides, they’re my friends, so it’s only natural that I help them. 」(Sarasa)

「I see… I’m glad you said that. You’re such a kind lady.」(Adelbert)

From his behavior, somehow I can tell that Adelbert-san is a noble.

Iris-san never told me that she was from a noble family but somehow I had a feeling that it was the case.

When I glanced at Iris-san curiously, she waved her hand and shook her head in panic for some reason.

「I-It’s not that I don’t want to tell you! It’s just… I don’t want you to be polite toward me, so…」(Iris)

I didn’t say anything though…

In the first place, I don’t think I will behave politely toward her just because she is a daughter of a noble.

Back when I was working at Master’s store, I often saw people who seemed to be nobles being kicked out of the store by Master.

As expected from a master-class alchemist. She is not afraid of anyone.

「In the first place, although my father is a noble, he’s not a person with great power or anything. He’s just a knight who governs two small villages! He’s an unimportant noble who governs an unimportant region!」(Iris)

I know she doesn’t want me to think of her as a daughter of a noble, but that’s too much!

I kinda feel bad for her father…

「Oi, Iris. I won’t deny it, but… It hurts my feelings, you know…?」(Adelbert)

「I-I’m sorry, Father! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I just don’t want Store Owner-dono to be polite to me just because my father is a noble…」(Iris)

This time, Iris-san anxiously waved her hands at her father and made an excuse.

Seeing her daughter’s behavior, Adelbert-san couldn’t help but giggle.

「I know, I know. Just don’t say it and embarrass your own father in public, okay? Otherwise, I will completely lose respect from other people, and you may make other knights angry.」(Adelbert)

He has a point. If Iris-san said that in public, it’s the same as telling people that knights are not important in this country.

Realizing her mistake, Iris-san looked at her father with an apologetic face.

「I’m sorry… I’ll be careful…」(Iris)


Kate-san, who was giggling next to Iris-san, straightened her posture and looked at Adelbert-san.

「So, Adelbert-sama, would you like to tell us the reason why you came here?」(Kate)

「Oh, right. I haven’t told you. Actually…」(Adelbert)

Before answering, Adelbert-san looked at Katerina-san, and then they nodded at each other. He then turned his gaze toward Iris-san and for some reason, looked her in the eyes with a serious face.

「Iris, I came to take you back home.」(Adelbert)



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