Chapter 2-7 : Magic Stove Ⅲ (part 2)


Even if the size of the magic stove you want to make is bigger than the normal one, the method of making it basically doesn’t change.

However, you need more magical power to make a big one.

You still can make a big magic stove even if you only have a little magical power.

You just need to take a break from time to time when you make it, so the amount of magical power is not a problem.

In my opinion, lack of stamina is more of a problem than lack of magical power.

When you’re drawing on paper, you can rotate the paper as you like, but you can’t do that when you’re drawing on a heavy iron plate.

Therefore, I put the iron plate on the big table in my workshop, and I moved around the table as I drew the magic circuit on the iron plate.

Furthermore, after I drew the magic circuit, I had to put two iron plates together in a box filled with special clay, and then put them altogether in the alchemy pot.

The weight of that magic stove slightly exceeded my weight.

Moreover, Diral-san ordered two of them.

This was a very tiring job…


I lifted up the big magic stove and slowly put it into my big alchemy pot, and gently leaned it against the side of the pot.

「Fiuh~…. It feels weird putting a big rectangular thing into this rounded pot.」

It would be easier if this pot was a little shallower like a frying pan.

Well, that would be inconvenient for making potions though.

Alchemy pots are very expensive, so it’s hard to have each one in different sizes depending on the purposes.

After I put the magic stove into the alchemy pot, next I just need to process it with alchemy.

It’s easy, but I need more magical power since it’s a big magic stove.

「Uhh… taking it out will be even harder than putting it in….. Hm? Wait a minute…」

I just got an idea.

I put down the alchemy pot on the floor and slowly laid it down horizontally.

And then I carefully pulled out the magic stove from the pot.

「Ahh, this is way easier. I should have done this when I put it in…」

Oh right! I think I can still process it even with the alchemy pot lying down like this.

Since I’m not using liquid to do it, I don’t think there will be a problem.

「Alright, from now on, I will use the alchemy pot this way when I make artifacts that don’t require liquid!」

I wonder if I can make potions this way.

Hmm, maybe it will work if I just make a few of them.

I’m a little short, so it’s kind of difficult for me to use this big alchemy pot.

「If only there were potions that could make people grow taller… No, it’s not impossible that such a potion exists… Hmm, but I’m not sure…」

Even full fledged alchemists don’t know about all artifacts and potions that exist.

Normally, you only know about artifacts and potions that are in the Encyclopedia of Alchemy and it’s limited to how many volumes you can read.

There are a lot of strange items in the Encyclopedia of Alchemy.

For example, I’ve heard from Master that there’s a potion called “Bald Potion” that can make people lose their hair in an instant in volume 10.

Yes, as I said before that volume 10 of Encyclopedia of Alchemy was filled with useless and weird items.

According to Master, the Balding Potion was born from a failed “Hair Growth Potion”.

…I feel bad for the person who had become the test subject to test this potion…
They were expecting their hair would grow, but boom! They went bald instead…

However, the demand for the Balding Potions was surprisingly high.

Most of the people who bought that product were people who were too lazy to shave their hair and beard, people who shaved their hair for religious reasons, and people who felt more comfortable without hair.

It was a business that was denoting products that appeal to a small, specialized section of the people.

If such a weird potion even exists, I think there’s also a potion that can make people grow taller.

I’d like to grow taller, but honestly… I feel like I would hesitate to use it considering that my body was given to me by my parents…

Well, being short is not the end of the world.

Rather than using a potion to grow taller in an instant, I think letting my body grow naturally is better.

「Woops, I have no time to think about weird things. I should continue working.」

After I took out the magic stove from the alchemy pot, I started applying the rust-proofing and waterproofing liquid to the magic stove.

I applied the liquid very carefully because this magic stove will be used frequently to cook a lot of dishes in the dining hall.

「Ah, I should apply it on the back of the stove too.」

My magic stove that I made the other day has been installed into a base in the kitchen, so its back side won’t get dirty so easily, but Diral-san’s magic stove is different.

She will put the magic stove on her kitchen range in her dining hall, so I carefully apply the liquid on all the surfaces of the magic stove.

「Yosh! Now I just need to let it dry! I think it’ll be dry by tomorrow.」

While waiting for the liquid to dry, I used the remaining time of the day to prepare the magic stones for Diral-san’s magic stoves and work on my magic oven little by little.



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    1. It’s simple. The alchemy pot is just an alchemy catalyst and channelling device to do alchemy with. It doesn’t always have to involve liquids. So Sarasa can just do it even sideways if it doesn’t spill anything. As long as it channels her magical power and catalyzes the alchemy.

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