Chapter 2-8 : Magic Stove Ⅳ (part 1)


-The next day-

After dealing with customers who usually come in the morning, I’m planning to deliver Diral-san’s magic stoves.

I don’t have a cart, so I stacked the stoves and carried them on my back.

「Store Owner-san… I feel like those big stoves will crush your body at any moment…」(Kate)

「Let us help you!」(Iris)

「Don’t worry. I’m using body strengthening, so I’ll be fine. You two should go to work.」(Sarasa)

「But, are you really sure you don’t need our help?」(Iris)

「I’m sure. Don’t worry.」(Sarasa)

「Umm… Alright then, we’ll be going to the forest.」(Iris)

「Un. Be careful on your way~」(Sarasa)

They weigh more than 100 kg, but it’s not impossible for me to carry.

But… They’re heavy after all…

「Should I borrow a cart from Ells-san…?」(Sarasa)

But if I carry these fragile stoves with a cart through this village’s rough roads, I’m afraid they will break on the way.

I think carrying them on my back is the safest way.

Besides, Diral-san’s dining hall is not that far from my house.

But I should be careful and stay focused.

If I canceled my body strengthening by accident, there’s no doubt that these heavy stoves would crush my small body.

After walking carefully for about 10 minutes, I arrived at Diral-san’s dining hall.

On the way, many villagers were surprised seeing me carrying these heavy things.

They were like, “Sarasa-chan, are you okay!?”, or “Let me help you!”, but I told them not to worry and kept walking.

「Diral-sanー It’s me, Sarasa. I came to deliver your magic stovesー」(Sarasa)

When I entered the dining hall as I shouted like that, Diral-san came out of the kitchen.

「Sarasa-chan, welcoー Whoaa! Hurry, put them down here!」(Diral)

As soon as she saw me carrying the heavy stoves, Diral-san hurriedly pointed at an empty table.

I carefully lowered the magic stoves and put them on the table.

As I heard the squeaky sound from the table, my back became lighter.

「Aaahhh~~~ Even though I used body strengthening, it’s still really tiring…」(Sarasa)

When I took a breather while wiping the sweat on my forehead, Diral-san put her hands on her hips and looked at me.

「Sarasa-chan, if you told me, I would have asked several young Collectors to go help you carry these stoves.」(Diral)

「Haha… But since I received your order, it’s my responsibility to deliver them to you.」(Sarasa)

If Diral-san asked other people to carry them, I would feel bad for them if they accidentally broke these expensive stoves on the way.

「So, where should I install these stoves?」(Sarasa)

「No, I’ll do the installation myself. I only have to line them in my kitchen, right?」(Diral)

「But, they are really heavy. They are even heavier than you.」(Sarasa)

「Heavier than me who has the body of a heavyweight wrestler? Ahaha, that can’t be!」(Diral)

Diral-san laughed casually. Perhaps she thought I was joking.

「No, seriously. They are extremely heavy. You can try to lift them if you want, but please don’t force yourself and end up hurting your back.」(Sarasa)

「Don’t worry, I won’t make such a mistake.」(Diral)

I stepped back and let Diral-san approach the table.

Perhaps she thought that there’s no way she couldn’t lift them while a small girl like me could carry them all the way from my house..

Uhh, I’m kinda worried…
Just in case, maybe I should use body strengthening so that I’ll be ready to support her any time.

「Alright, here you go… Hmmmpphhー!!!」(Diral)

Diral-san tried to lift both stoves, but they didn’t even move an inch.

「They’re heavy, right? They’re over 100 kg after all.」(Sarasa)

「Aaahh! 100 kg!? That’s really heavy!」(Diral)

Even though Diral-san has the body of a sumo wrestler just like Ells-san, she’s just an ordinary woman, so it’s only natural that she can’t lift these stoves.

「Dud, come over here!」(Diral)

After Diral-san called out, Dudley-san peeked his head through the kitchen door.

Dudley-san is Diral-san’s husband who is usually in charge of cooking the dishes in this dining hall.

He looks kind and his cooking is very delicious, but he’s not talking that much. I rarely talked with him.

Dudley-san came out of the kitchen and approached us.

He looked at the magic stoves and tried to lift them.

「Hmmphh…! Ahh… They’re so heavy… Sarasa-chan, did you really bring them here by yourself?」(Dudley)

「I did, so don’t worry, I’ll carry them to your kitchen.」(Sarasa)

When I lifted one of the stoves, Dudley-san looked at me in awe.

「You really can carry it… Impressive.」(Dudley)

「Well, I’m using body strengthening magic after all. So, can I enter the kitchen?」(Sarasa)

Dudley-san nodded at me, and then I brought the stove to the kitchen.

This is my first time entering Diral-san’s kitchen.

There were two stoves that were larger than ordinary stoves for home use, lined up in the kitchen.

On top of the two furnace openings, there were holes with trivets installed.

Because there weren’t many customers at this time, the fire has been turned off.

「Where should I install it?」(Sarasa)

When I turned to Dudley-san, he quickly removed the trivets and laid two thick boards on top of the furnace openings.

「Sarasa-chan, can you put the two stoves here side by side?」(Dudley)


Because they usually used huge pots, there was enough space to put two large magic stoves in this kitchen.

After I installed the stove I carried, I returned to the dining hall to get the other one and installed it next to the first one.


Alright, my job to deliver Diral-san’s magic stoves safely is complete!



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