Chapter 2-31 : Cleaning Up Ⅰ


「I’m home~」(Sarasa)

「Welcome home, Sarasa-san.」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan welcomed me when I got home.

Right after, Iris-san and Kate-san came out from the back room. They are not working because I asked them to stay at home before I left for South Strugg yesterday just in case Yok Baal sent people to attack my store.

「Store Owner-san, welcome back.」(Kate)

「So, how was it?」(Iris)

Iris-san asked me with a somewhat excited face.

「I can say our plan is going well. That merchant seems to be in a panic. He even sent a group of bandits to attack me on my way home.」(Sarasa)

「He sent bandits!? That jerk… Did they hurt yー No. I bet they couldn’t do anything to you.」(Kate)

「It’s hard to imagine Store Owner-dono getting hurt by mere bandits.」(Iris)

「Uhh… What is this lonely feeling…? No one worries about me…?」(Sarasa)

「But that’s true, right?」(Kate)

「Well, yeah… Lorea-chan, there are no more bandits in this area, so you don’t need to worry about Daruna-san.」(Sarasa)

「Thank you, Sarasa-san! My dad will surely be happy to hear that!」(Lorea)

Originally, the area between this village and South Strugg is relatively safe thanks to the feudal lord’s army who actively hunts the bandits in this region. Moreover, there are many Collectors in this area, and attacking them will be very risky for bandits.

「But honestly, I’m quite surprised that that merchant hasn’t given up yet.」(Kate)

「Well, I guess he just can’t stop. He has spent a lot of money after all. Well, if he keeps going, he will surely go bankrupt though.」(Iris)

「Actually, that’s what I’m aiming for. By the way, he looked so happy when I told him that I was running low on Ice Fang Bats’ fangs. Phu phu!」(Sarasa)

When I laughed with a mischievous face, Lorea-chan looked at me with a bitter smile.

「Ahaha… In truth, we still have tons of them, right?」(Lorea)

「Yup. If I use them for myself, I think it will last for ten years.」(Sarasa)

Of course, by “use them for myself”, I mean use them to make Cooling Hats and other stuff.

In other words, no matter what that merchant is doing, the industry of the Cooling Hats in this village is safe. The villagers can keep making hats without any problem.

「So that means that merchant is completely dancing in the palm of your hand, huh? I feel a little sorry for him.」(Iris)

「Iris-san, that makes it sound like I’m the bad guy… It’s not just me. Leonora-san is also involved, okay?」(Sarasa)

After that, I told Iris-san and the others what Leonora-san told me about Yok Baal. In addition, I also told them about the plan Leonora-san and I came up with last night.

「ーTherefore, Leonora-san and I agreed to ruin that merchant’s business. We can’t let that kind of person do whatever they want.」(Sarasa)

「I see… So he is trying to force you into debt with him… He even sent bandits to hurt you… Alright, let’s ruin his businessー No. Let’s ruin his life!」(Iris)

「Yeah. No need to be merciful toward him.」(Kate)

「What a terrible person! What he has been doing is unforgivable!」(Lorea)

Looks like I have support from these three.

「Of course, that’s my plan from the beginning after all.」(Sarasa)




Ten days later, a fat man visited my store.

「Welcome. Ah, Yok Baal, was it? How can I help you?」(Sarasa)

Yup. That fat man is the man in question. Yok Baal.

Actually, I was expecting him to visit my store sooner or later. That’s why I’m watching over the store today in Lorea-chan’s stead.

「Hello, Sarasa-san. You said you were running out of Ice Fang Bats’ fangs, so I was wondering if you need them now.」(Yok Baal)

「Ahh, you remembered? Thank you for your concern, but don’t worry. I bought Ice Fang Bats’ fangs from my acquaintance cheaply the other day.」(Sarasa)

I replied to him with a smile, but he returned my smile with a fierce look.

「…Is your acquaintance the alchemist in South Strugg?」(Yok Baal)

「Yup. Do you know her? Sometimes I visit South Strugg since it’s the closest town from this village.」(Sarasa)

「B, But if you purchase a lot of Ice Fang Bats’ fangs from that town, it will be difficult to transport them to this village, right? But if you purchase them from meー」(Yok Baal)

「ーNo, I usually buy other materials too, not only Ice Fang Bats’ fangs. The fangs are just an extra. After all, I don’t need many of them for my store.」(Sarasa)

「I… I see…」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal looked so disappointed.

Nice, it seems like he is about to reach his limit.

Actually, I’ve heard from Leonora-san that if Yok Baal doesn’t get a certain amount of money by tomorrow, he will be in serious trouble.

I wonder where Leonora-san got such information… She seemed to know a lot of underground information…

「Actually, I’m thinking about leaving this village soon…」(Yok Baal)

「Is that so? That’s unfortunate. Thanks to a merchant like you, this village became more lively.」(Sarasa)

「Hahaha… Well, I also have other business in other towns after all…」(Yok Baal)

So he’s trying to keep the loss as minimal as possible by leaving this village. Finally… Well, I think it’s too late though.

「So… If you don’t mind, could you please buy my Ice Fang Bats’ fangs before I leave?」(Yok Baal)

Phu phu! He looks so desperate.

I feel like I’ve been working hard just to see this face.

「But, like I said, I’ve bought Ice Fang Bats’ fangs from my acquaintance. I don’t think I need more.」(Sarasa)

「Oh, come on, don’t be so cold. Please!」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal started begging me.

I crossed my arms and groaned, trying to show him how unwilling I was.

「Ummm….. Anyway, can I see your Ice Fang Bats’ fangs first?」(Sarasa)

「Alright! Hngg!」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal lifted his big leather bag and put it on the counter in a hurry.

I took out a handful of fangs from the leather bag, arranged them on the counter and carefully inspected them one by one.

After that, I sighed at Yok Baal who was watching me with an impatient look.

「Hahh… Yok-san.」(Sarasa)

「Wh, What’s wrong?」(Yok Baal)

「Looks like you didn’t store them very well.」(Sarasa)

「What!? No way! Ice Fang Bats’ fangs are materials that don’t deteriorate even without any special treatment, right!?」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal yelled while leaning his body forward on the counter with a mixed expression of surprise, confusion and anger.

I took a couple steps back to take a distance from this disgusting man.

「No, no. You have the wrong idea. It’s not that they don’t deteriorate, but they are ‘hard’ to deteriorate.」(Sarasa)

「Then whー」(Yok Baal)

「ーBut only if you store them well. I bet your storage is not in a good condition. If you store them in a bad place for a long time, their value will drop significantly.」(Sarasa)

I’m not lying actually.

People usually use the market price as the standard price when buying or selling them because inspecting the fangs one by one is too troublesome.

「Then, my Ice Fang Bats’ fangs are…」(Yok Baal)

「They are not in a good conditionー No, to put it bluntly, most of them are probably worthless. Moreover, it will take a lot of time to consume this large number of fangs.」(Sarasa)

Well, they are in a bad condition, but I can restore them with a special treatment. Lucky for me, it looks like he doesn’t know about it.

「N, No way…」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal’s face began to sweat. He looked so pale.

Are you okay, sir~? Phu phu!

「Well, it’s not that I don’t need them at all, so I will buy at least ten of them if you want.」(Sarasa)

「Only ten!? There are more than ten thousand fangs in this bag, you know!?」(Yok Baal)

「I bet. You have been purchasing a lot of them from Collectors after all.」(Sarasa)

Seeing all the fangs in his big leather bag, I recalled the days when we went to the cave and hunted Ice Fang Bats.

Ahh~ All our hard work finally paid off…

「But…! Are you kidding me!?」(Yok Baal)

「Whoa, calm down, sir. You don’t need to yell at me like that. You can sell them in another town if you want, but I don’t think there will be anyone who wants to buy this large amount of fangs. Moreover, the value of the fangs will gradually drop during the trip. I wonder how much these fangs will be worth when you find someone who wants to buy them~」(Sarasa)

I actually thought that he probably knew a place to sell all these fangs, but from his frustrated expression, now I’m sure that he doesn’t.

「Ugghhh…!」(Yok Baal)

「Hmm… Alright, because I’m a kind-hearted girl and because you’re insisting on selling them, I can buy all these fangs if you want.」(Sarasa)

「Re, Really!?」(Yok Baal)

Yok Baal made a face as if he was saved by my words.

But of course, I have no intention of saving him.

「Yes, but I will pay cheaply, obviously.」(Sarasa)

「Khh…! Alright. As long as you buy them, I’m fine with that!」(Yok Baal)

「Understood, but I need time to appraise all of them, so… can you come again four days later?」(Sarasa)

「…Huh? Four days, you say!? Why will it take so long!? I won’t make it in time!」(Yok Baal)

Being angry. Being disappointed. Being confused… What a busy man…

「Well, I’m sorry, but do you think appraising all these fangs will be easy?」(Sarasa)

「Ghh…! Can’t you do it faster!?」(Yok Baal)

「I’m a human, so I need time to rest, you know? If you don’t want to wait, I can buy these fangs right away, but…」(Sarasa)

「Can you? Then, please!」(Yok Baal)

「Alright. However, since I don’t know the exact value of these fangs, which most of them are probably worthless, I will buy them suuuper cheap.」(Sarasa)

「Kkhh…! Dammit! Alright, fine!」(Yok Baal)

「Okay then. Please wait a minute~」(Sarasa)

I nodded at Yok Baal who gritted his teeth in anger and frustration.

I then quickly counted the fangs while putting them in several wooden boxes one by one and did a simple calculation while arranging the coins on the counter.

I kept my smile, but Yok Baal’s frustrated face became redder when he saw the small amount of money I put on the counter.

He clenched his fists while shaking.

「Now the transaction has been completed~」(Sarasa)

「Dammit, dammit! All my money is gone… Arrrghhh!」(Yok Baal)

While cursing, Yok Baal grabbed the money on the counter, put it in his waist bag and walked to the exit.

He looked angry, but he also looked somewhat nervous, probably because there were some people waiting for him at South Strugg just like Leonora-san told me.

「Thank you, Yok-san~ I’ll be waiting for your next visit~」(Sarasa)

「Like hell I will come again!」(Yok Baal)

I waved my hand at him with a smile but he returned it with a yell while slamming my front door closed.

What a terrible person, really.



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