Chapter 1-8 : Let’s Make A Futon! (part 2)


I bought two takeaway lunches from the dining hall and went home.

When I was home, Lorea was sitting at the front door, waiting for me.

「Aaー I’m sorry, Lorea-san. I should have let you wait inside」(Sarasa)

「No, it’s okay. Besides, the weather is nice today」(Lorea)

「I see. Well then, let’s have lunch. Ah. Since the weather is nice, how about we eat here?」(Sarasa)


Lorea-san nodded and showed me a bright smile.

I came inside to take a mat and spread it in front of the entrance.
After that, I went to the back of the store to draw water from the well, and poured it into the cups I just bought yesterday.

Properly buying a cup and tableware in case there will be a visitor, good job, me!
Well, the drink is just water though.

「Sorry it’s just water. I don’t have tea yet…」(Sarasa)

「Ah, no, it’s okay. We also only serve water at my house. Besides, the water in this village is delicious. There’s a well in this house, right? Because I always use the public well, it’s kind of troublesome to fetch water.」(Lorea)

「Well, it’s because alchemy requires water. So, normally, everyone uses the public well?」(Sarasa)

「Yes. In this village, the only places that have a well are the inn, blacksmith, and a few others」(Lorea)

It seems that the water itself was abundant since there was the Great Sea of Trees next to this village, but it seems that people didn’t dig a well for their house because it was costly.

Besides, the water in the public well should never run out, so there was no need to increase the number of wells.

「I see. How about tea? People often drink tea here?」(Sarasa)

「It depends on your preference and finances. In this village, we often drink ‘suya’ tea that is made from leaves of suya tree which you can find in the nearby forest. But, if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to buy another tea」(Lorea)

「Suya tea… Maybe the tea Ells-san served me yesterday was that tea. How about you, do you like it?」(Sarasa)

「Well, I don’t hate it, but my mom doesn’t seem to like it.」(Lorea)

「I see.」(Sarasa)

“The food on the table reflects the preferences of the person who prepared it”, huh.
I wondered if Ells-san liked the tea, so she served me that.

By the way, I basically drink plain hot water.
Well, because in the royal capital, tea was something to buy, and the price wasn’t cheap.
Tea was also a luxury item after all.

But, I knew what a good tea tasted like, because I sometimes drank it at Master’s store.

Thanks to that, I didn’t feel like drinking cheap tea anymore, because I would compare it with the delicious tea I drank at Master’s store.

But, if it’s a completely different tea, I may enjoy it.

What is it called again? Suya tea?
When I drank it at Ells-san’s house, it was easy to drink, and above all, it’s free!

If I have free time, I may go to the nearby forest and pick some suya leaves.

「But, what a beautiful cloth, really. I rarely see such a bright colored cloth around here. We also don’t stock something like that because it’s expensive.」(Lorea)

「Well, it’s difficult to dye bright colors with an ordinary dyeing method after all…..Oh, right! After this, I’m going to make a futon. Would you like to help me, Lorea-san? I’ll give some of this cloth to you later. I made quite a lot.」(Sarasa)

Lorea-san came to help me with my moving, but there’s no need to clean the house anymore, and I only had my backpack for luggage.

Well, I still need to deal with the jungle in the backyard, but I can’t make a person I just met yesterday to help with such troublesome work.

「Eh? You will give me some of that beautiful cloth!? I’ll gladly help you! But… all I can do is sewing. Is that okay?」(Lorea)

Lorea-san made a happy expression, but then it became a troubled expression.

But, there’s no problem. In the making of a futon, most of what we need to do is sewing after all.

「Ah, don’t worry. As long as you can sew, it will help me a lot!」(Sarasa)

While saying that, following the custom of this village, I slapped Lorea-san’s back.


After we finished our lunch, we went to my room to make a futon.

Lorea-san said that she had never made a futon, but her sewing skill was pretty good, so we proceeded with the work while I’m teaching her little by little.

The difficult part of making a futon is stuffing the cotton well.

After we were done sewing the cloth into a shape of a futon, next would be stuffing the cotton in.
Lorea-san would be the one who held the cloth and I would stuff the cotton into the cloth.

Gyuー Gyuuー

I pushed the cotton into the finished fabric neatly, and immediately sewed it so it didn’t shift.

「Heeー So this is how you make a fluffy futon…」(Lorea)

「Lorea-san, so this is your first time seeing how to make one?」(Sarasa)

「Yes. I feel ashamed to say this, but we don’t use futons stuffed with cotton this much at my home」(Lorea)

「I see.」(Sarasa)

Lorea-san said that while laughing bitterly a little, but yeah, you usually don’t make a futon by stuffing plenty of cotton unless you can afford it.

When I lived at the orphanage, my futonー no, our futon didn’t have much cotton either.
We usually slept close to each other in the orphanage.

And when I was about to enter the dormitory, I made a futon with the orphanage caretaker, because the caretaker said, “You’re going to a great school, so you have to prepare everything so that you won’t bring shame to yourself!”.
That’s why we made a fine futon with a lot of cotton that time.

Well, to be honest, I don’t really care if it’s “embarrassing” or “not embarrassing”.
No one would come to my dormitory room to see my futon after all.

By the way, I had entered my aristocrat senpai’s room several times, and she was using a fine bed.
That’s an aristocrat for you.


After we finished making the futons for the mattress and comforter, next, we were making the bed cover.

All we had to do was sewing, so we could sew while chatting.

Lorea-san said she could only sew a cloth, but she looked very skillful with her fingers, and to be honest, she was better than me.

Was my sewing skill, which I thought I was good at, actually average…?

However, thanks to my ‘average’ and Lorea-san’s ‘pro’ sewing skill, the futon set was completed by evening.

「Yay~! Thank you, Lorea-san! Now I can sleep comfortably tonight!」(Sarasa)

I jumped to Lorea-san and hugged her.

Honestly, I didn’t expect it would be finished in a day, so I was prepared to sleep in a blanket again tonight.

This is all thanks to Lorea-sama!

「Hehe~ glad to help. I’m here to help after all, so it’s only natural」(Lorea)

She was a little embarrassed to be hugged by me and said so, but I’m sure, her fingers actually hurt, because my fingers also hurt a little after hours of sewing.

What a kind girl.



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  1. 8 really love sewing too. I learned all kinds of stitches and anchorings from my pro mom who could see her own dresses and clothes that other women admired and even asked her to sew stuff for them but she refused because it was too time consuming. I learned enough from her to get an A for sewing in school. Lol. She’s just that pro.

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