Chapter 1-8 : Let’s Make A Futon! (part 1)


「Can’t be helped. I’m not good at this, but…」

I slowly adjusted my breathing and let my magical power circulate throughout my body.
In that state, I prepared myself and then lifted the kettleー


Woops. I made an ungirly noise.

I walked slowly to the sink carrying the big alchemy pot, and then poured the water out until it was empty.


As I exhaled, I canceled the muscle strengthening.
I only used it for a short time, but I was quite tired.

Well, it can’t be helped.
I’m not very good at physical strengthening-type of magic.

If I only use it for increasing my muscle strength a little, I won’t get this tired.
But it’s a several hundred kilogram pot!
It required a fairly high level of magic control.

Master said, “It’s also useful for self-defense, so learn it!”
I had no problem using it in a short fight, but of course, I couldn’t beat Master.

Because muscle strength is also required to prepare some alchemy materials, I think I’ll have a lot of trouble in the future if I don’t get used to it.

「Maybe I’ll eventually get used to it as I’m doing this kinda work. Anyway, I have to take care of this first.」

I took out the cloth and washed it.

The brownish color of the cloth gradually turned into a beautiful sky blue as I washed the cloth to remove the remaining chemicals.

「Un! Nice color! Just as I expected!」

What I did was just a simple dyeingー nah, kidding. Of course not.
I’m an alchemist not a dyehouse lady.

This cloth was actually turned into an artifact called an ‘environment adjusting cloth’.
It could adjust its surroundings’ temperature and humidity to make people who used it comfortable.
You will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep with this!

By the way, the color is my preference.

Normally, the color of the environment adjusting cloth was brown.
It will cost you more if you want to add the color.
But since I will use it myself, it not only needs to function, but I also want it to be more colorful.

After washing it, next would be drying it under the sun.

If I hung my clothes in front of the store, it would be kinda awkward, but this is just a cloth, so I think it’s fine.
Moreover, the color was beautiful, so there would be no problem.

I squeezed the cloth, put it in the wooden basin and moved it to the front.

I tied a string between two trees and hung the cloth there.

「Yosh! Un, Un! What a beautiful cloth.」

The beautiful sky blue cloth fluttered by the wind.
This is nice!

The weather was good today, so it might be dry in a few hours.

When I was nodding because I was happy to be able to dye it my favorite color more beautifully than I expected, I heard the rattling sound of a cart from the road.

「Hooー That’s a pretty cloth.」(Geberg)

「Ah, Geberg-san」(Sarasa)

I looked at the street and found Geberg-san who was pulling a cart.

On that cart were pieces of woods that looked like a bed.

「Is that… my bed?」(Sarasa)

「Yup. I finished it so I brought it here」(Geberg)

「But the shape is…」(Sarasa)

「I didn’t assemble it so that I could bring it here easier. So, where should I put it?」(Geberg)

「Ah, I see! My room is on the second floor.」(Sarasa)

I guided Geberg-san, who was carrying a big board, to my room on the second floor.

After I showed him the place where I wanted the bed to be placed, Geberg-san carried the other parts up and quickly assembled it in a few minutes without my help.

I tried sitting down on the finished bed.
It was very firm. Not rattling at all.

「It’s a normal bed, so I think it will be just fine, but if you find something wrong with it, come to my place.」(Geberg)

「Thank you very much! But even though you made it in a hurry, this quality is great! You can even sell something like this in the royal capital, you know?」(Sarasa)

「Even though I made it quickly, I didn’t make it haphazardly, you know? And actually, I have a bonus for you.」(Geberg)

We went down the stairs to the store space.
And then Geberg-san brought a chair from his cart to the store space.

「You can’t run a store without a chair, right?」(Geberg)

It was a simple chair without a backrest (a stool), but it will surely help me a lot since I didn’t have a single chair.

I’m really grateful, but…

「Geberg-san, are you sure?」(Sarasa)

「I don’t mind. It’s just a simple chair after all. Children shouldn’t be hesitant towards elders.」(Geberg)

「Thank you very much, Geberg-san!」(Sarasa)

Geberg-san waved his hand lightly and went home.

Although he said it was simple items, the bed and the chair were carefully chamfered and filed.
The material used was also a solid wood with a smooth surface that was gentle to the touch.
The oil that was applied to the wood was clear and bright.

Even though I just met him yesterday, he made these for me wholeheartedly.
They were just simple items, but I could feel gentle warmth in these items.

「Geberg-san… He’s a real pro! I have to learn from him!」(Sarasa)

Suddenly, my stomach made a protesting sound because I had ignored it even though it was already noon.

「Aa. I forgot to have lunch. I’ve been engrossed in making the cloth since morning… 」(Sarasa)

I was happy with my new workshop until I forgot about time.

I want to go to Diral-san’s place to eat. I also want to return her pot I borrowed yesterday.

「Will the cloth be okay if I leave it like that…?」(Sarasa)

The people I met were good people, but there were not many houses around here.

Although it looked like a normal sky blue cloth, actually it was an environment adjusting cloth.
It was quite an expensive item, so I was a little worried to leave it alone.

「Uumm, what should I do? Should I just take it down? Hmm.. but it’s not dry yet…」(Sarasa)

When I was wondering what I should do, I heard a voice calling from the front door.

「Sarasa-san~ Are you there~?」(Lorea)

When I went outside, there was Lorea-san.

「Ah, Lorea-san! Good afternoon」(Sarasa)

「Good afternoon, Sarasa-san. Umm, you just moved here, so I was wondering if there’s something I can do to help.」(Lorea)

「Really!? Yes, there is!」(Sarasa)

A helpful security guard came just at the right time!

Ahh~ the kindness of humanity really touched my heart.
Lorea, who I just met yesterday, came to help.
What a nice person!

「Lorea-san, have you had lunch?」(Sarasa)

「Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t. As soon as my mom came back, I immediately came here.」(Lorea)

Said Lorea-san, a little embarrassed.

「If that’s the case, can you watch this for a moment? I’ll go buy food for both of us」(Sarasa)

I pointed at the cloth as I said that.

Lorea-san nodded, but then tilted her head.

「I don’t mind, but… is this the cloth you bought from my store yesterday?」(Lorea)

「Yup. I dyed it a little. What do you think? I think it’s a pretty good color.」(Sarasa)

「Yes! It’s so beautiful! So Sarasa-san can also dye?」(Lorea)

Lorea-san asked me with a dazzling smile, but I answered her with a bitter smile.

「Ahaha. No, I used alchemy. Well then, I’ll go buy our lunch, so please wait here for a moment.」(Sarasa)

I rushed to the cafeteria with the pot I borrowed from Diral-san.



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